The Brilliant Fighting Master
822 Having Gone the Wrong Way
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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822 Having Gone the Wrong Way

"You've gone the wrong way." Yao Yuntong's voice came from the arena's entrance. She was pulling a long face. Her bright eyes were full of sarcasm.

The Doctrine Palace was called the land of trial by contemporary people, but it was not the reason that it existed in this world. It only meant the Doctrine Palace was a dangerous place, but these dangers would not fall on everyone.

"You can't fly in the Doctrine Palace, and the arena is surrounded by cliffs. Aren't you stupid that you entered here?" Yao Yuntong went on.

The alien beast in the arena was about to come to life. Jiang Chen already perceived the pressure from its threatening dreadful energy.

"The right way is to go through the corridor and go deeper. You'll see the tactical formation of the First Palace there. And you'll have to go through the tactical formation to go to the Second Palace."

"Why are you telling me this?"

Jiang Chen was puzzled. He found the arena was blocked by an energy when he wanted to leave the arena.

"To make you feel worse." Yao Yuntong said frankly. "The Doctrine Palace used to be a force. They used the arena to train their disciples. Since you already activated the stone statue, you have to go through the difficulties here."


The alien beast growled. The casing on it had peeled off completely. It had flesh and blood. Its black scale had the quality of dark steel and a metallic luster. The pair of scarlet eyes on its dragon head was staring at Jiang Chen.

"The arena's difficulty level is between the difficulty level of the Third and the Fourth Palace. You intruded here recklessly. You deserve to be eliminated!" Yao Yuntong went on.

"You'll be disappointed then." It had been Jiang Chen's goal to take the challenge in the Fourth Palace, so he felt relieved after learning the strength of the alien beast. However, when he was going to draw his swords out of their sheaths, he found he could not draw the Heavenly Fault Sword or the Red Cloud Sword out; it was as if they had been sewed to their sheaths.

"The alien beast you activated has forbidden you to use weapons. You can only use your fists and your palms," Yao Yuntong explained.

Although this woman was gloating, Jiang Chen did appreciate her explanation.

The alien beast attacked. It dashed over quickly. The cliff where the arena was located was shaken by each step it took.

Jiang Chen, who could not fly, sensed a strong impact against his soles. Jiang Chen took a step and jumped quickly. He knew pretty well how strong the alien beast was, but he was sure it could not beat him in speed.

To his surprise, the alien beast moved like a fish swimming in water. It was totally against common sense, but it came up to Jiang Chen very quickly.

"What?!" Jiang Chen was shocked. Raising his arms, he struck the alien beast's head. The collision between them could have even exploded a furnace, however, the alien beast's head was totally fine. It went mad and kept dashing forward.

Jiang Chen's arm muscles bulged, but he was still retreating. He was at the edge of the arena in an instant. One more step, he would fall off the cliff. He would definitely die since he could not fly.

Besides this was a small world. These mountains probably were only a magnificent landscape painting, where creatures could not step in. If they stepped in, they would get lost. Jiang Chen shouted. His Holy Sea surged. He accumulated all of his strength in his palms. In this way, he managed to stop retreating.

"Bastard!" Irritated, Jiang Chen made an effort to lift the alien beast with his hands despite its huge weight. Then he tossed it backward.

The alien beast struggled for a while in the air. Then it fell off the cliff.

He is strong. Yao Yuntong was shocked. That was not what she had expected to see.

"Did I disappoint you?"

Waving his hand, Jiang Chen walked toward her. Suddenly, he saw an odd expression on the woman's face. She was gazing at something behind him. He turned pale. Looking back, he saw the alien beast floating in the air, exhaling hot air that looked like a white fog. It had been totally irritated by Jiang Chen.

"This is cheating." Jiang Chen found he still could not fly. However, this alien beast could.

"You have to shatter it to pieces to end all this," Yao Yuntong reminded him.


The alien beast had endless power, and it could move as quickly as lightning. Besides, it could fly. It was not easy to deal with.

Most important, the surroundings of the arena had put a limit on Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen had to use the power of thunder. He moved to the alien beast's rear using the Teleportation Method when it was dashing toward him.

"Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm!"

Jiang Chen's palm attack was surprisingly powerful. The irresistible force fell on the alien beast. However strong the alien beast was, it had a limit. Sent flying by this palm attack, it kept tumbling on the arena's ground like a football. Jiang Chen saw immediately that the alien beast was vanishing from the place where he had punched. He did not see any blood, not even any flesh. It turned out that this alien beast was formed by the energy of this world.

Jiang Chen did a victory rush. Thunder interlaced around the five fingers of his right-hand palm, and the Sky-burning Evil Flame gave a mysterious look to his closed left fist.

The hand palm and the fist fell on the alien beast at the same time and shattered it to pieces. The alien beast turned into numerous sparkles, sprinkled all over the arena.

Still standing there, at first Jiang Chen was afraid these sparkles could be harmful, but soon he found they were not. Standing among these sparkles, he recalled the whole process of the fight he had just experienced, but from a different angle. He could see every detail of it from different angles. It was not something he could see with his naked eye.

He observed the image in his head carefully. He could even control how fast each frame moved and adjust the visual angle. When each frame had been played, Jiang Chen murmured, "I see."

The arena was used to train people. A practitioner could learn lots of things from the battle after defeating this alien beast. However, Jiang Chen was much stronger than it. So, it was not actually very helpful for him. The restriction to the entrance of the arena had been lifted. Jiang Chen walked toward the archway where Yao Yuntong was.

"Can you really control the Alien Flame?" Yao Yuntong recalled the hearsay about him. The power of his fist attack had also shocked her. If this was the case, she probably would not be a suitable match for him.

"Of course."

"The Jiangs haven't killed you despite the big loss they suffered because of you. Are they too stupid or are you too great?" Yao Yuntong asked.

"That's the problem with those big forces. They think they can do whatever they want. They are too arrogant to take insignificant individuals seriously. I'm afraid the Jiangs still think they have everything under control."

"Or maybe they do. Jiang Zhe isn't an average man." As one of the best geniuses in the Three Middle Realms, Yao Yuntong knew all kinds of people. She knew more than Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen suddenly asked himself why he had started to talk with this woman, but he also wondered what was so great about Jiang Zhe.

"No one has ever seen him go all out," she said.

"Really?" Jiang Chen frowned. He was going to say what was so great about that. However, it suddenly dawned on him that Jiang Zhe had a foothold among the best geniuses, although he had never gone all out. That was dreadful indeed.

"Why am I telling you all this?" Yao Yuntong came to herself. She threw him an odd glance. Turning around, she left without bidding farewell to him.

Jiang Chen had learned his lesson. He followed her to walk around in the corridors. Finally he came to the place where the real challenge of the First Palace was.

Just as she had said, there was a tactical formation here. Jiang Chen did not take it seriously at the beginning, but after careful checking, he found there was something wrong.


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