The Brilliant Fighting Master
820 Yao Yuntong
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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820 Yao Yuntong

The sacred prince's wish was finally satisfied. He was even more famous than Jiang Chen. The news that he had been assassinated spread all over the Three Middle Realms. It did not only become people's favorite topic, but it also had a big influence.

"Don't think about living a good long life, if the dynasty's sacred prince can't even grow strong enough to stay alive!" The Blood Shadow Dynasty announced this to the world. Everyone knew how angry this ancient, historical dynasty was.

Some people read between the lines. Threatened by the dynasty, the Eight Spirits all hid their disciples well. They did not want them to be exposed to danger.

"It was impossible indeed for my apprentice sister to follow her heart and stay with me in such an environment." Witnessing all this with his own eyes, Jiang Chen finally realized what a huge interior problem the Spirits were having. His apprentice sister came from a special background. The Icy Spirit's fate was in her hands. Jiang Chen could even understand why the Icy Spirit had rejected him, but he could not accept the fact that they would make a political marriage with the Blood Shadow Dynasty.

I have to be stronger. I have to.

Jiang Chen thought that if it were him who had been targeted by the Nether World School, he would in no way have survived without the Divine Fire Ring. Fortunately, for the moment, no one was interested in paying a big fortune to kill him.

This was also the reason that he had only given Song Hao, Huo Zhengyu, and so on a beating in Heaven Divine City, instead of killing them.

This day, there were many people at the foot of Doctrine Palace Mountain. They had come to see the destroyed streets, after hearing what had happened the day before. Jiang Chen had come as well. The Doctrine Palace would be open this day. Quite a few people would enter the Doctrine Palace with him for adventures. All of them were very strong people. Some of them had been here before. They had come back to try and get a better result.

"I won't stop until I get to the Fourth Palace today!" Looking at the Doctrine Palace, a very ambitious youngster said, "If a guy from the Three Lower Realms can enter the Fourth Palace, so can I!"

Many people had the same thing on their minds.

"That's enough. Because of Ning Haotian, people think the Doctrine Palace is now a place that anyone can challenge. Do they really think it's a place for fun?"

However, some people were not very happy with the situation. Frowning at the young man who had just spoken, a woman said, "Let's see whether you can pass the First Palace first."

"What did you say?"

Disdained by a woman, the youngster was quite angry. He opened his eyes wide, but those beside him stopped him from acting out. They told him in a low voice who this woman was.

"Yao Yuntong! A genius who has entered the Third Palace!"

The youngster had claimed he would enter the Fourth Palace to pep himself up. He actually had never really thought he would go so far. However, the woman before him did have the strength to challenge the Fourth Palace.

"There are so many people here. You! Come next time!"

Glancing over those who were on the scene, Yao Yuntong's brow became furrowed in concentration. She was in fact quite pretty. She had a delicate oval face. Her features were like the work of a master sculptor, clear-cut and well-proportioned. She looked flawless. Her body was also well-shaped. Since she had come here to challenge the Doctrine Palace, she was wearing a battle suit, in which her waist looked even thinner and her breasts looked ampler. Her legs were straight and slim.

However, she was not in a good mood. To be precise, she was very angry.

"You! You! And you! Wait for another seven days. Don't take the challenge today."

Sizing up the 20-odd people who were going to take the Doctrine Palace's challenge, she pointed at some of them. She picked out about ten people. She regarded herself as the owner of the Doctrine Palace, who had the right to decide who could get in and who could not.

"Why?" Someone protested in a low voice, not convinced.

"What did you say?!" Yao Yuntong gazed at the man who had spoken aggressively. Her look was extremely sharp.

"You don't own the Doctrine Palace. Why don't you allow us to go in there?!" Pushed by her, the man plucked up his courage to shout at her. He had a temper too.

Yao Yuntong did not say anything. The sharp sword flew from her waist together with the sheath. Whooshing across the sky like a shooting star, it hit the man's chest. Others heard a scream. Then they saw the unlucky man's sternum was broken. He fell onto the ground. Lying there, he kept screaming due to the unbearable pain.

"What made you think you had the right to ask why?" Yao Yuntong said coldly.

The others picked out by her all lowered their heads instantly. They did not have the nerve to talk back. Seven days would pass fast. They just did not have the courage to go on this day.

Except one person – Jiang Chen.

The woman had pointed at him too, although he had no idea why.

"Why?" Jiang Chen suddenly said, when no one else had the nerve to speak.

Yao Yuntong, who had thought that she had everything under control, flew into a rage. The fact that he had spoken at this moment meant that he obviously did not take her word seriously.


Her sword was drawn out of the sheath. The shooting star turned into a flowing light, flowing around the crowd at high speed. It was moving so fast that no one could catch its trace with their naked eyes.

Suddenly, the sharp sword was thrown over toward the center of Jiang Chen's forehead. A smile appeared on Jiang Chen's face. He extended his hand to clutch at it.

"What is he going to do?"

Yao Yuntong's brow was knitted. Jiang Chen's unexpected behavior made her worried. She had only wanted to teach him a lesson. She did not want to kill anyone. However, if Jiang Chen insisted on courting death, she would not mind satisfying him.

The sharp sword did not slow down. A flash went by.


Jiang Chen grabbed the tip of the blade, as if his hand was not a human hand. It was as hard as iron, fearless of the blade. The sharp sword could not move any farther. The handle of the sword was still shaking due to the remaining power. The sword was chiming away loudly.

People were surprised. On closer inspection, they found the power of thunder was weaving between Jiang Chen's fingers.

"Jiang Chen! He is Jiang Chen!"

"It's him. I saw him when he was going to fight with the sacred prince the other day."

"Did Yao Yuntong intentionally forbid him to go inside?"

Yao Yuntong did not do it intentionally. She was not really looking while picking those people out. She simply picked those Celestial Venerables in the preliminary stage.

"Give the sword back to me!" Yao Yuntong said reluctantly, since she could not take her sword back even though she had made a great effort.

"You won't get it back so easily." Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen released the power of thunder. It whipped the sharp sword so that the sword lost its spirituality quickly.

"You!" Yao Yuntong pulled a long face. She said, "Don't think I'm afraid of you. I made a mistake. That's all. I will forget everything that happened if you give the sword back to me. But why you are pushing me!" She suddenly became more aggressive.

"Yeah, I'm pushing you. So what?" Jiang Chen was not very concentrated. He did not take this very seriously.

Yao Yuntong started to glitter in an instant. She also released thunder. They were flashing as if she was waving an iron chain. "You are not the only person who can control thunder!" Yao Yuntong's long hair was waving. There were electric arcs jumping in her hair.

"Tut. Tut. Tut. You are angry, aren't you? Why didn't you consider others' feelings when you insulted them arrogantly?" Jiang Chen threw her sword away. Taking a step forward, he was so aggressive that those around him were all forced to step back.

"You asked for this!"

Yao Yuntong's pupils contracted. The thunder on her gathered together at the tip of one of her fingers. She threw them over.

"Eh?" Jiang Chen turned serious. He had to take her seriously. And he had to admit this woman was strong! She gathered such a fierce power of thunder into a silk thread and exerted it from her finger. The thread was strong enough to break any hard stuff. It was overwhelming. Even the hardest thing could be pierced through.

"There is always someone greater." Jiang Chen murmured. His look became sharp. He knew it would not be easy to deal with this woman.


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