The Brilliant Fighting Master
819 The Nether World School
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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819 The Nether World School

"How queer. He is still so young, but they have already brought him back. Is there any problem with the Kill Talents project?"

"Probably. It's more and more peaceful in the Three Middle Realms. There hasn't been any war among the Spirits for a long time. The Kill Talents project will be terminated sooner or later."

"The sacred prince is so young, but he is already so strong. The Spirit is dreadful."

At the foot of Doctrine Palace Mountain, numerous people were shocked by Xia Tianqi's yelling. They all started to talk about it.

"Sacred prince? How arrogant. You are still wet behind the ears. How dare you talk so big like grownups?" Not long after hearing Xia Tianqi's yelling, Jiang Chen's voice rang out.

His response totally warmed up those at the foot of Doctrine Palace Mountain.

"Jiang Chen is here!"

Xia Tianqi, still walking along the street, was furious. As young as he was, he hated most being described as wet behind the ears, because it was true.

"I'm here. Move your ass over!" Jiang Chen's voice came again. Some people saw him standing on the roof of a pub.

A scarlet radiance soared into the clouds. Xia Tianqi flew into the air, staring at Jiang Chen.

"You are Jiang Chen?"

Xia Tianqi recalled he had seen this man at the pub.

"Of course!"

"You are more foolish than I thought." Xia Tianqi smiled coldly. He was surprisingly aggressive. At such a young age, he behaved as if he was the God of Carnage.

"Stop putting on airs, kiddo," Jiang Chen said.

"You will absolutely die today."

Xia Tianqi made up his mind to kill Jiang Chen. In his eyes, Jiang Chen was already a dead man.

"Do they have grudges between them?"

"No idea. Jiang Chen is a good friend of another prince of the Blood Shadow Dynasty."

"Then why does Xia Tianqi hate him so much?"

People felt curious, trying to figure out what was going on.

"A crap from the Three Lower Realms is in the limelight, as annoying as a clown!"

"I'll kill you today to show the world who is the strong one!"

There was a blood moon in Xia Tianqi's palm. On closer inspection, people saw it was actually a knife.

"What a baby," Jiang Chen said in a mocking tone.

"You're courting death!"

Xia Tianqi could not put up with him anymore. He was a great genius and was also called a sacred prince. At the age of 14 or 15, he was almost as good as the strong people from the Doctrine Palace.

Three months ago, he was brought back to the Blood Shadow Dynasty from the Realm of Milky. Young and arrogant, he had thought he would gain fame in the Three Middle Realms soon and get the whole world's attention. However, since the conflict between Jiang Chen, namely Young Master Wind, and the Jiangs started, he had never been the topic of conversation in the Three Middle Realms.

And that was only the start of things. Jiang Chen then killed a Celestial Venerable as a Spiritual Venerable – it was said to be incredible. Then he subdued the Alien Flame, killed Young Master Shenji, and basked in the limelight again in Heaven Divine City.

Xia Tianqi felt like Jiang Chen had absolutely stolen his thunder. He was so annoyed that he decided to go to the Doctrine Palace to have an adventure, just to get famous and kill Jiang Chen. This was the reason, as simple as that. What was different about this was, for others, they would end a fight by defeating their rival; for him, he would not stop until he had killed Jiang Chen.

He started to act. The Blood Moon Knife in his hand gave out a brilliant glitter. The day turned into night. A blood moon hung in the sky.

"A vision?!"

"This vision has a dreadful influence!"

At the foot of Doctrine Palace Mountain, everyone was shocked. They were all freaked out by what Xia Tianqi had shown. Then he took the blood moon back into his knife, and everyone could see the blade was aimed at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen drew both of his swords out of their sheaths, ready to confront his enemy. To his surprise, the space between them was distorted, as if through a lake surface. A holy sword that looked like the burning sun appeared when Xia Tianqi approached. The sword was thrown over toward him.

"Gosh. I wouldn't be surprised if you told me this attack was from a Great Venerable!"

"No. It is an attack from a Great Venerable."

"No! It's not from Jiang Chen!"

"Someone is going to assassinate the sacred prince!"

People soon found this sword attack had nothing to do with Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was confused too.

Everyone was shocked. Then the same thing occurred to them, the Kill Talents project – one of the cruelest things among the Spirits.

The sacred prince was really too young. He was only 14 or 15 years old. They had brought him back prematurely and he had been targeted.

He is hiding in the void. It's impossible to watch out for him. He is absolutely an elite killer! Jiang Chen thought to himself.


However, to everyone's surprise, Xia Tianqi was so arrogant that he did not even try to dodge. He confronted the blade directly. When the knife and the sword had hit, it was like the sun had set and the moon was rising. The world was suddenly shrouded in darkness, as if it had gone back to the chaotic status before the origin of the universe.


The sacred prince screamed. His palms and forearms were broken. As a Celestial Venerable, he could not change the way the world worked, but he was already very great. Killers never intend to exchange blows with their rivals. Once they fought, they would exert their killing move immediately.

Xia Tianqi had paid a big price to crack this fatal attack.

"Sacred prince!" Two old men flew into the air immediately. One of them pointed at the void where the killer was hiding. The radiance emitted from his finger whooshed across the air and hit some invisible thing. After a scream, a man appeared from nowhere. He fell from the air. In the middle of his forehead there was a bleeding hole.


Jiang Chen was impressed. Their exchanges of blows had involved the field of space. He was far from it.

"A killer from the Nether World School!"

"That's not good! The Nether World School doesn't do such sloppy work. They must have prepared a plan B!"

The two old men protecting the sacred prince were ready to confront a serious enemy.

"The Nether World School?!"

Jiang Chen was surprised too. 500 years ago, a killer organization was founded in the Three Upper Realms. It was called by the same name. Back then the Nether World School was quite a success. However, as a killer organization, it was destined to be eliminated soon.

Jiang Chen was shocked that it still existed 500 years later. It was really striking!

"That's not good!"

Jiang Chen turned pale. He retreated quickly.

It was not because he had been targeted. However, since he was too close to the killer's target, he could be harmed too. Not long after he had retreated, a fist-sized black hole appeared in the void, releasing a dreadful sucking force.

The houses on the street started to turn into sand and then they were sucked into the black hole. Even the innocent onlookers on the street were drained of blood. They ended up dry and dead.

More than 500 people died in an instant.

"Darn it!" Seeing the Nether World School's killer was so cruel, Jiang Chen flew into a rage. "Take the sacred prince to a safe place!"

The old men were still resisting the sucking force. They came up with one countermeasure. One of them would sacrifice himself and the other would escape with Xia Tianqi.

"The blood is the source. The shadow goes into nil!"

Grabbing Xia Tianqi's shoulders, the old man exerted a secret method. They turned into a pile of blood with a bang. In this way, they disappeared.

"Die!" The other old man looked rather resolute. He dashed toward the black hole instead of resisting the sucking force. Holding a shining blade between his fingers, the void was torn apart by the sword like a piece of cloth. The sucking force suddenly disappeared when the tip of the blade was close to the black hole. The black hole released an energy wave instead.


The old man closest to the black hole was killed immediately. His dead body was torn into thousands of pieces. The energy wave even made the ground under his feet sink!

"That's terrible."

Jiang Chen, looking on, could still feel the dread when he thought about what had happened. Those dead people just vanished completely without even leaving any trace.

One day later, news came. The Nether World School's killer chased the sacred prince of the Blood Shadow Dynasty for 900,000 miles. He killed and injured numerous people on his way. The sacred prince almost died. He was even disabled. However, in the end, he managed to flee back to his dynasty.

"It's a virtue to keep a low profile." Jiang Chen exclaimed after getting the news.


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