The Brilliant Fighting Master
817 Going Through The Doctrine Palace
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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817 Going Through The Doctrine Palace

"Two Doctrine Artifacts?"

"Jiang Chen is surely not an ordinary person!"

"The Martial Sovereign's follower is really extraordinary."

The Three Upper Realms' people finally realized that Jiang Chen wasn't someone they could look down upon. It was because he was more outstanding then they were.

"Did he already get a part of the inheritance? That shouldn't be the case." The Flame Emperor's disciple was confused. He couldn't believe that Jiang Chen was this amazing just because he was a follower of a Martial Sovereign. He was clearly aware of the Flame Emperor's inheritance state, but besides that, he couldn't find any other justifiable reason for Jiang Chen's power.

The moment that would determine the fight's outcome had finally arrived. The Wind and Fire Swords Wheel was Jiang Chen's strongest strike, and it concentrated his body's strongest power. Moreover, both the Heavenly Fault Sword and the Red Cloud Sword were Doctrine Artifacts, and the Human Emperor Seal had ended up inviting disaster upon itself by colliding with them head-on, which shattered the seal because of Jiang Chen's Wind and Fire Swords Realm.

Li Tianqun was left powerless after using his most powerful strike. His True Scripture's power disappeared completely, and he couldn't even escape now.

"Hateful!" Li Tianqun's expression changed drastically, and alarm appeared in his eyes.


"Don't even try to kill him!"

Two Almighty Existences' anxious voices echoed from the void, while two flying rays flickered just after, and saved Li Tianqun who had almost lost his life. The Wind and Fire Swords Wheel still didn't stop, and the wind and fire inside the swords wheel emitted a destructive aura, which startled even those two Almighty Existences.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen crossed his swords and threw them out toward Li Tianqun, who had already assumed that he was safe.

"How daring!" The Almighty Existences were infuriated, and they attacked one after the other. Their vigorous power bombarded the swords wheel. The swords wheels burst open, but it only became more dangerous, and many shards flew around randomly.

Ah! A miserable scream echoed from Li Tianqun's mouth, as one of his fingers was cut off by a shard. It was fortunate that the people who saved him reacted in time and managed to block all the other shards.

"Repulsive lad, you dare to try to kill even our Nine Extremities Sacred Land's Sacred Body?"

"You can't run amok just because you are a Martial Sovereign's follower."

The two Almighty Existences spoke out in anger. They were both top existences at the Great Venerable Realm, and they both seemed aged and old, as if they had lived for more than100 years.

"If you say another word, I will kill both of you too," Jiang Chen said calmly.

As his words echoed, this place descended into silence, and all the people next to Chen Xi wore odd expressions. They had seen arrogant people before, but, still, none was as arrogant as him.

"What did you just say?" An Almighty Existence was infuriated, and even the weather changed due to him.

"Just let it pass," the other Almighty Existence spoke gravely while staring at Jiang Chen's Divine Fire Ring.

"Li Tianhua's cultivation was crippled, and one of Li Tianqun's fingers was chopped off. Can we just let it pass like this?" His companion wasn't willing to let go of this matter. His gaze was ferocious and fierce. It was only after the other Almighty Existence muttered something to him that he noticed the Divine Fire Ring. His expression became odd then.

"The Seventh Realm will welcome you at any time," Li Tianqun said coldly. He had already caught his chopped finger, which was in the air and stored it with ice.

"I will surely come," Jiang Chen spoke, sneering.

"You cultivated a Divine Body. You are greedy and insatiable, hence you will come to a halt in the Celestial Venerable Realm," the Almighty Existence, who had asked the other to let go of this matter, spoke to Jiang Chen. Then he took Li Tianqun and Li Tianhua with him and left.

"The Nine Extremities Sacred Land's people were scared off by him!"

Upon witnessing the four people disappearing, Chen Xi could finally heave a sigh of relief, while all the other people were dumbfounded.

Li Tianqun had a Sacred Body, yet he still lost in the end. If the Almighty Existences hadn't intervened to save him, he would have been already been killed long ago. Moreover, even while protected by them, his opponent still managed to chop off one of his fingers.

"This guy has such a powerful body, yet has still mastered Sword Doctrine's power. He is really abnormal!"

"He still can control an Alien Flame; Li Tianqun didn't suffer an unjust defeat."

The crowd quickly realized that Jiang Chen still hadn't collected his sword, and he was looking at the Flame Emperor's disciple with his ice-cold gaze. The crowd quickly recalled that this disciple once said in the ship that he would kill Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen surely remembered what he had said and wanted now to pay him back.

"Didn't you want to kill me?" Jiang Chen sneered coldly while speaking.

The disciple's expression was unsightly. He curled his lips and said, "What are you so proud of? Since I said I will kill you, I will surely kill you." As he spoke, raging flames appeared all around him and formed a vortex. When the crowd had just assumed that a great battle would occur, the vortex devoured the disciple an he disappeared.

"He ran away?"

The crowd assumed that it was an attack technique, and it was only after they verified that his aura had disappeared from this region that they understood everything.

"He was scared away by him!"

The crowd was startled by this, and they all started discussing it spiritedly.

Jiang Chen shook his head. He didn't feel like hunting the disciple down. Moreover, he had just gone through a great battle and had many insights he must contemplate. He had not fought a great battle in such a long time, and every time it helped him grow stronger even more.

The next day, the battle that occurred in Heaven Divine City created a huge stir in all the Three Middle Realms. Even though people didn't know Li Tianqun, they still knew what was a Sacred Body, and the Nine Extremities Sacred Land.

According to what the people who had witnessed the battle said, it was a peerless battle between youngsters. However, many people couldn't accept that Jiang Chen possessed such power.

"Even the Three Upper Realms' disciples are divided into several categories. The fact that a weakling lost to a mediocre person doesn't demonstrate anything," Jiang Zhe said.

Li Tianqun was a total stranger so they just judged his power according to Jiang Chen. Since he lost to Jiang Chen, even if he was from the Three Upper Realms, he couldn't be very strong. It was fortunate that Li Tianqun, who was now in the Seventh Realm, didn't get to hear them or else he would surely have a fight to the death against them.

After half a month had passed, other news about Jiang Chen spread. After people who were already fed up with news about him heard what he was about to do, they became spirited and were full of expectations.

Jiang Chen wanted to challenge the Doctrine Palace before the start of the Title Battle. After his great battle in Heaven Divine City, everyone wanted to see what achievements he could get there.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was planning to go to the Doctrine Palace. He didn't forget to bid farewell to Chen Xi before starting his journey. Chen Xi had informed him that she couldn't wait for the start of the Title Battle because she had just gotten new instructions from the Elixir Emperor and must go back as early as possible to the Seventh Realm.

"Jiang Chen, you must be careful when you come to the Seventh Realm." Chen Xi felt quite sorry for him. He had just provoked the Nine Extremities Sacred Land, which had a powerful base there. Hence, she felt guilty due to this.

"It has nothing to do with you," Jiang Chen emphasized.

Chen Xi nodded, while she looked at him suddenly with a reproachful gaze. She sighed and said, " It seems like I won't get a chance to meet your master."

"It isn't certain, why don't you first inform me about the Elixir Emperor's questions, and I will then inquire from my master about them," Jiang Chen.

Chen Xi mulled over this for a moment, before she shook her head. She said, "I will just wait until you come to the Seventh Realm."

Afterward, Jiang Chen followed with his gaze the Elixir Emperor's Ship, which flew to the horizon and disappeared from his line of sight.

"The Doctrine Palace!" Jiang Chen's gaze became ardent. The fact that Ning Haotian managed to reach the Fourth Palace and leave his name among the top ten was like a provocation to him. As he thought about the expression Ning Haotian had worn then, he itched to get this done quickly.

For the last two weeks, he had contemplated the insights he had gotten in his fight against Li Tianqun, and he benefited from it greatly. He wanted to use the Doctrine Palace to raise his power by another level. He wanted to use the Enlightenment Tea there.

"If my Sword Doctrine's power can reach Great Master level, I won't need to worry about the Title Battle any longer."

As he thought of this, Jiang Chen became more enthusiastic. He said, "I wonder whether my senior sister will go there."
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》