The Brilliant Fighting Master
816 True Scripture
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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816 True Scripture

"What's going on?" Li Tianqun was shocked. His fist possessed indomitable power; none could rival it, and none dared to face it head-on.

"You are slightly skilled. It is no wonder you are so arrogant." Li Tianqun curled his lip. His arm shone in a bright golden light, and an explosive power erupted out of it suddenly and shook off his opponent. Jiang Chen drew back quickly. He lost control of his body for a brief moment.

"Reincarnation Fist!" Li Tianqun charged toward him, his fists shining golden as he thrust them at Jiang Chen.

"Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm!" Jiang Chen did not dare to take him lightly. He used his true power, and countless arcs of lightning erupted out of his palm. When their fists and palms collided, another deafening explosion could be heard echoing all around. It could be seen that a terrifying 100-mile-long vortex had appeared in the region around Jiang Chen. A powerful suction power erupted out of it, and it devoured all living beings. Even the mountain ridge below them was affected. The earth cracked open and broken rocks danced around in the sky.

"Even though Li Tianqun already used his Reincarnation Fist, he still didn't manage to defeat him. This person is really extraordinary!"

"Li Tianqun has a Sacred Body, and this is the first time he has run into someone who can face him head-on."

The two people next to Chen Xi, who were watching this fierce battle, changed their previous opinions of Jiang Chen. They were both surprised by the power displayed by him.

"Although I don't know what type of body you have, this fight still will come to an end here." Li Tianqun's punches were quick and violent. His arms seemed like flying dragons, who were shining with a dazzling golden light. However, Jiang Chen's body was protected by lightning, and Li Tianqun couldn't break through his defenses. Hence, they were seemingly locked in battle.

Li Tianqun had lost his limited patience. He drew back and raised his right arm high. All the golden radiance around him was extinguished, and it became concentrated in his fist. His fist started shining with golden light. It seemed like a dazzling sun hung up high, which none could look at straight on.

"Nine Suns True Scripture!" All of the Three Upper Realms' people were shocked.

"He will surely die! That guy will surely die!" The boy's face became flushed, and he seemed quite excited.

However, Jiang Chen just squinted his eyes. It seemed as if he had just recalled something. If he wasn't guessing wrong, Li Tianqun must have come from the Seventh Realm's Sacred Land. The human race had absolute control of the Three Upper Realms because they had countless inheritances that provided them with unimaginable power. The powerful factions, who had an ancient inheritance that was passed down for a long time, were called Sacred Lands. As for a Sacred Body? It was a special type of body. It was inborn and was like Holy Pulses.

Li Tianqun possessed a Sacred Body, and he depended upon his powerful body to cultivate ferocious attack techniques, which displayed his body's advantages. However, without this Sacred Body, he would be just a brute depending on brute power alone. He had a Sacred Land's most important inheritance because he possessed a Sacred Body. It was the True Scripture. It was a technique, which surpassed all martial techniques and cultivation techniques. It was like the Fire God Scripture and the Sword Scripture, but it was even more powerful than those.

True Scriptures were the Sacred Lands and Great Schools' inheritances. Even though they had some True Scriptures that weren't complete and were only partially intact, they still possessed boundless power. True Scriptures weren't recorded in books, and Jiang Chen didn't know about other factions' True Scriptures. He didn't even know the Overcloud Palace's True Scripture. Because he had inborn exhausted pulses, he couldn't cultivate and get a True Scripture's inheritance.

"It's close, it's already very close." Jiang Chen sighed. He had already come in contact with opponents possessing True Scriptures, which meant that he was closer to the Three Upper Realms and the Sacred Zone.

"Reincarnation Fist!" Li Tianqun made a move once again. It was the same as before, but because he used it with the True Scripture, his fist's radiance rivaled a blazing sun, and it seemed as if anyone engulfed by its radiance would be melted by it.

"Evil Fire, rise up!" Jiang Chen did not let himself be outdone. His lightning power invaded each of his body's cells, while the blazing Sky-burning Evil Flame erupted out.

"Reincarnation Tribulation!" Jiang Chen used the Divine Dragon Martial Technique's move, which he hadn't used for a long time. He still wanted to face his opponent head-on.

"He cultivated successfully the Fire God Scripture's Spark Layer." The Flame Emperor's disciple noticed this and was startled by it. He felt a great sense of crisis from Jiang Chen's body. As long as Jiang Chen was still alive, the Flame Emperor's inheritance would never belong to him.

"If I kill him, I can still get the Sky-burning Evil Flame." As he thought of this, the Flame Emperor's other disciple had a creepy smile.

On Jiang Chen's side, rumbling thunder echoed as Jiang Chen thrust his fists. The evil flame concentrating on his fists made them seemed splendid and radiant. Their fists collided once again as when they had just started the fight. The weather immediately changed and waves of energy ran amok everywhere. It was as if two divine stoves had collided.

The stone forest below them was wrecked, and raging flames were destroying everything in their paths. Jiang Chen and Li Tianqun were both engulfed by enormous waves of energy. Many people opened their eyes wide to see what was happening there. After a short while, Li Tianqun flew out. He was battered and exhausted, and his hair hung loose around him. However, he was still able to continue fighting.

It's exactly what we would expect. The Three Upper Realms' people thought to themselves. Even though the course of the event was thrilling, the outcome would still not change.

"However, Jiang Chen has been quite amazing," someone said. Many people agreed with his opinion, but there were still those who just snorted disdainfully at it.

"Jiang Chen is surely the top figure of the Three Middle Realms, while it must be known that Li Tianqun...." The person speaking didn't dare to continue because he was afraid of offending Li Tianqun.

"Look over there quickly!!" The crowd had assumed that the fight had come to an end, when, all of a sudden, Jiang Chen appeared once again in sight of the crowd.

"He still hasn't died!"

He wasn't just alive, he seemed in a better state than Li Tianqun. It was almost like he hadn't taken part in any fight at all.

"You don't amount to much." Jiang Chen was wearing a calm smile on his face, while his tall body stood erect. His body didn't seem sturdy and robust. Instead, it still seemed thin and frail. It was difficult to imagine that such a body could erupt with such great power.

"Who are you?" Li Tianqun couldn't help but ask such a question. The seemingly ordinary Jiang Chen was unexpectedly a formidable opponent.

"Is this important?" Jiang Chen asked.

Li Tianqun curled the corners of his mouth and shook his head. He replied, "It isn't important." He roused his True Scripture's power once again, and the dazzling golden radiance again appeared. He used his Sacred Body's whole vigorous power. His black hair danced in the wind. He seemed more tall and sturdy, and the bulging muscles hidden beneath his battle clothes seemed even more conspicuous.

"Li Tianqun will use his true power thoroughly."

"If this guy doesn't die, he will surely become famous."

"It is really difficult to judge this exchange's outcome because Jiang Chen's body isn't any weaker than a Sacred Body."

"Oh, my God! It's the Human Emperor Seal!"

A golden ray of light flew from Li Tianqun's forehead. It was a treasure that emitted a terrifying aura.

"A Doctrine Artifact?"

"That isn't right, it is just a Half-Step Doctrine Artifact." 

All Heaven Divine City's people were stunned.

"That isn't the true Human Emperor Seal. It is just a counterfeit object. But it still possesses great power."

"He didn't just use his whole power; he just took out his trump card!"

Chen Xi's face became filled with worry when the crowd's discussions reached her ears. She really didn't know what she should do.

Li Tianqun shouted loudly, and imbued the Human Emperor Seal with his True Scripture's power. This Half-Doctrine Artifact startled revolving around, and it flew toward Jiang Chen. This strike was Li Tianqun's most powerful strike, and it represented all the Three Upper Realms' geniuses' dignity

"You dare to act arrogant just because of a Half-Doctrine Artifact? Are all Three Upper Realms' people as ignorant and inexperienced as you?" Jiang Chen was unexpectedly relaxed while facing such a destructive strike.

When his voice finished echoing, two precious swords appeared in his hands.

"Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!"


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