The Brilliant Fighting Master
815 Sacred Body!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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815 Sacred Body!

Jiang Chen had heard similar words many times, but, unlike others, Li Tianqun uttered them calmly and openly and didn't beat around the bush like others did. Hence, this was why he seemed even more overbearing than others.

"Just stop talking drivel. If you want to fight, let's fight, and let me see why you are so proud of yourself," Jiang Chen said. He had run into similar ordeals many times, and it could be said that he was experienced in this. Saying anything now was useless, and it was only one's fists which were the most convincing.

Li Tianqun was just at the Celestial Venerable stage, but he still wasn't any weaker than the Fourth Palace's geniuses, and perhaps was even stronger than them.

"Jiang Chen...." Chen Xi didn't know what she should say now, but she still stood between them and didn't step aside.

"Miss Chen Xi, you don't need to blame yourself for this. I had already considered this matter properly before attacking him," Jiang Chen said to her.

"Is he Jiang Chen? The person who triggered the Shaped Heavenly Lightning while still in the Celestial Venerable stage and damaged the Elixir Emperor's Ship?"

"I heard that he was still a follower of a Martial Sovereign, and he borrowed the Martial Sovereign's power to crush all the top geniuses."

"It's no wonder that he's fearless. It is because he has backing."

The people in the ship suddenly recalled something. They had come to the Three Middle Realms just a while ago, but they all already had heard stories about Jiang Chen. Since he was a disciple of a Martial Sovereign, he was really qualified to be this arrogant.

"Even if you are a follower of a Martial Sovereign, you will still die." Li Tianqun shook his head. His will didn't waver because of this matter. Followers weren't like disciples, which was why one could kill them.

"Brother Li, just set your mind at ease. His status as a Martial Sovereign's follower can be used just to scare off people, and you don't need to worry about the Martial Sovereign showing himself."

It was at this moment that another person walked out. It was a genius expert at the same level as Li Tianqun. He was a youth with star-like eyes, sword-like sharp brows, rosy lips, and silver teeth. His skin was fairer than even a woman's skin, and he had a mesmerizing, beautiful face. He was a man so beautiful that even beauties would envy him for his beauty, but it was a pity that his stature wasn't tall. He was now engulfed by raging flames, which protected his body. Jiang Chen noticed that he also had the Divine Fire Ring around his finger.

"We are both followers of the same Martial Sovereign, and I know that Martial Sovereign very well. The Martial Sovereign won't come out to help you," he said confidently. The crowd went into an uproar. Jiang Chen was aware that what he had stated wasn't false because this guy was the other disciple of the Flame Emperor, who he had just been looking for. The Flame Emperor's inheritance could only be left for a single person, and, for this reason, these two disciples would have to fight to the death for him.

"Brother Li, if you don't mind, let me fight him and kill him. He can't cheat at all while fighting me." He took a step forward, which seemed slow and long, although it was extremely quick.

Li Tianqun's expression was still as indifferent as before. He spoke coldly, "There isn't any need for it."

"Fine, but, after he dies, you should give his ring to me." The disciple revealed a faint smile. He was talking about the ring on Jiang Chen's hand. Moreover, he still raised his hand to let people see his own Divine Fire Ring. He wanted to inform Li Tianqun that the rings were related to each other; hence, why his request couldn't be considered unreasonable.

"Fine." Li Tianqun just nodded and agreed after he had mulled it over for a moment.

"Many thanks, brother Li." The disciple's smile became more bright, and he used once again the same mysterious footwork. The crowd felt just a blur flickering before their eyes as he disappeared. In the next second, both he and Chen Xi appeared at a distant place.

"Miss Chen Xi, this matter isn't related to you, so just let it develop by itself," the disciple said. Chen Xi was annoyed by the fact that he had brought her away without her consent, but she was aware that this guy's character was always like this so she didn't flare out.

"The Elixir Emperor's Ship can't stand any more destruction, so I will kill you outside the city." Li Tianqun cast a glance at Jiang Chen, before he left the Elixir Emperor's Ship and flew toward the outskirts of the city.

"You will suffer a miserable fate!" The boy exclaimed.

"Go back home and drink some milk, so that you can recover," Jiang Chen said in mockery.

"You!" What the boy hated the most were people mentioning this matter, and it was especially the case since his cultivation was already crippled. Now, he couldn't even use the Godslayer Bow.

"Who is this guy, and who is flying in Heaven Divine City once again?"

"Heaven Divine City's rules are being broken by people repeatedly." Heaven Divine City's citizens were confused by the actions of Li Tianqun, who was flying atop their heads. Moreover, this person seemed strange to them. He didn't wear an official robe and didn't seem like someone from the Blood Shadow Dynasty, yet no one came out to obstruct him, and they just turned a blind eye to his actions.

The crowd then witnessed Jiang Chen flying in the same direction. Just after that, Chen Xi brought all the strangers in the ship with her and followed behind them.

"There must be a good show to watch!" The busybodies' eyes lit up, and they quickly followed everyone else out of the city.

"Did you choose your burying ground?" After they left the city, Li Tianqun's gaze became ice-cold.

"I really want to know whether it is the Three Upper Realms' geniuses' tongues which are amazing or is it their power which is great," Jiang Chen mocked him. His words offended almost all the people who had come here with Chen Xi.

"If he knew how amazing Li Tianqun was, he would have already pissed his pants in terror."

"He is the Sacred Land's Sacred Body. He isn't a person he can talk to this rudely."

In their eyes, Jiang Chen had just taught a boy at the Martial Venerable Realm a lesson, and such a matter wasn't worth mentioning. As for his past battle achievements? He had just borrowed external power to achieve them, and he wasn't someone on the same level as Li Tianqun. He was already honored to get an opportunity to fight Li Tianqun, and, even if he ended up dead, it would still be a great honor for him.

"You will shortly know." Li Tianqun didn't get angry and just treated Jiang Chen like an ignorant lad. He was really looking forward to which expression he would reveal after realizing the great disparity between them.

"Let's start fighting." When his voice echoed this phrase, Li Tianqun clenched his fists, and boundless power surged out of them. A spectacular phantom image appeared behind him. It was a raging sea which seemed like it would submerge the land.

"He has such a phantom image! How strong is this guy, and who is he?" The Heaven Divine City's people, who had followed them to watch a battle, were all stunned. Li Tianqun had seemed mediocre and ordinary, and, moreover, he was still a new face here. Hence, they all assumed that he was just an insignificant and mediocre guy. Who could have expected that he would be this amazing once he got serious? A phantom image was just a metamorphosis of one power outside, and the stronger one was, the more spectacular it would be. The raging sea phantom image revealed by Li Tianqun informed Heaven Divine City's people just how powerful he was.

Li Tianqun took the lead and attacked Jiang Chen first. He thrust both his fists at Jiang Chen directly. The power he erupted with rivaled a divine war chariot, which could destroy even a mountain.


The people, who weren't familiar with him, couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

"Is this a power which a Celestial Venerable can possess?"

When the crowd had such a thought, Jiang Chen faced him head-on.

"This idiot!" The boy was carried here now by someone, and when he witnessed Jiang Chen courting death by himself, he couldn't help but sneer coldly.

"He wants to face Li Tianqun's fists head-on."

The other people noticed that Jiang Chen also clenched his fists.


When their fists collided, a strong vibration, which almost shattered the void, occurred.


Those two people didn't decide who was the strongest in this exchange, and they didn't back down. Their arms' muscles were bulging, and it was obvious that they had used their whole physical power.

"Impossible!" The Flame Emperor's disciple, who had been wearing a faint smile, couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

"He unexpectedly exchanged blows with Li Tianqun, and wasn't overwhelmed by him."

"Is this true? Li Tianqun is someone who has a Sacred Body!"


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