The Brilliant Fighting Master
813 The Disciple
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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813 The Disciple

"Jiang Chen is surely cultivating a demonic technique, and he ended up infuriating Heaven. Hence, it sent down a Lightning Punishment upon him."

"He probably has a peerless cultivation technique, hence why he managed to trigger Heavenly Lightning while still in the Celestial Venerable Realm."

"It is recorded in books about ancient history that Lightning Tribulation will descend just because someone is too powerful. Heaven must keep the balance and put the cultivator into a trial."

"The current Jiang Chen is extraordinary."

Many theories existed, and people discussed them spiritedly and ceaselessly. Other people suspected that this entire matter was fake, a kind of hoax.

If Jiang Chen hadn't just beaten Huo Zhengyi and the other geniuses and scared them away, some youngsters couldn't have borne it and they might have decided to challenge Jiang Chen to have a fight.

Jiang Chen also wanted to look for someone to have a fight with without using the Divine Fire Ring. He wanted to see how powerful his Flawless Nine Clouds Divine Body was.

"Lad, you are playing with fire." The Flame Emperor appeared suddenly. The Shaped Heavenly Lightning caused a great commotion, and he was disturbed by it. While Jiang Chen was crossing the tribulation, he had collected the Divine Fire Ring. Jiang Chen didn't understand what the Flame Emperor was referring to.

"The Heavenly Doctrine is balanced, and, by breaking such a balance, you will proceed against Heaven, and you will just bring trouble upon yourself," the Flame Emperor said.

"I don't understand what you mean," Jiang Chen said.

"You are now very powerful, but you will suffer greater obstructions while making breakthroughs. The Heavenly Doctrine won't allow you to grow any stronger," the Flame Emperor said.

"You are aware of my current state?" Jiang Chen was skeptical of his words and assumed that he was just trying to scare him off.

"You have Holy Pulses and Celestial Phoenix's blood. You shouldn't have fused them and created such a special body," the Flame Emperor spoke bluntly.

Jiang Chen was taken aback by this, and it was only now that he understood that the Flame Emperor wasn't just talking drivel. He quickly asked about the details.

"The Heavenly Doctrine's way is taking from those who have more and giving back to those who have less. By achieving such a special body, you will end up occupying countless natural resources. If I haven't guessed wrong, you will face Heavenly Lightning Tribulation every time you make a breakthrough. When you make a breakthrough to a Great Realm, the triggered Lightning Tribulation will be so powerful that it could destroy a whole piece of land. Moreover, the number of resources that you will need from now on will rise by several fold. You are now like a bottomless pit."

While the Flame Emperor spoke, he cast a glance at Jiang Chen and said, "The difficulty for your cultivation from the early stage of the Celestial Venerable until the late stage will be tantamount to the difficulty for other people to reach the Martial Emperor Realm. You will probably be just a Celestial Venerable for your whole life."

"Is it this outrageous?" Jiang Chen found it hard to believe. Did the Heavenly Doctrine really exist, or was this just an excuse used by incompetent people?

"He, he, youngsters like you are all hot-blooded and believe that your fate is dictated by you alone and not Heaven. However, as you continue growing stronger, you will discover that you can't go against Heaven."

The Flame Emperor didn't bother arguing with him about this, which also demonstrated how harsh was the truth stated by him.

When Jiang Chen was just about to inquire more about this, the Flame Emperor went back to the Divine Fire Ring. It was unknown why he had come to inform him of all this. Jiang Chen became lost in his thoughts, and his expression became grave. After a short while, he raised his head and looked into the distance. The confusion on his face had disappeared.

All paths leading to the Martial God Realm were not easy. If it were an easy journey, the title would not be this respectable. The Source Heaven Stone pointed a path to him, and, regardless of how difficult it was, he would still walk down it until the end. Moreover, even the Flame Emperor himself had stated that a special body like the Flawless Nine Clouds Divine Body was very powerful.

Jiang Chen went into a deserted place and summoned the Sky-burning Evil Flame into his hands.

"The Fourth Transformation!"

He still hadn't mastered even the Second Transformation, yet he still went right to the Fourth Transformation. The consequences of such actions were obvious, and he ended up failing as expected. The first target of the Sky-burning Evil Flame, who went out of control, would be him, and it would injure him. However, the Sky-burning Evil Flame was incapable of leaving serious injuries on his Nine Clouds Divine Body and just left light injuries on him.

"The Third Transformation!"

Jiang Chen tried the next best option and lowered the Sky-burning Evil Flame's might. This time, the Sky-burning Evil Flame seemed like a wild horse, who had just thrown off the reins and seemed like it would go out of control at any moment.

Jiang Chen managed to reach such a level through comprehending enough of the Fire God Scripture and bearing intense pain for a whole day by consuming a Fire Meteorite.

"I cultivated the Spark Layer successfully!" Jiang Chen was overjoyed, while the "wild horse'" in his hands started becoming more docile. He pointed his finger at a specific place, and the evil flames surged toward there and destroyed the stone forest in its way.

The Third Transformation used by him was different than the one used by the Jiang Family's unlucky lad. There was a great disparity between them because Jiang Chen had the Fire God Scripture.

"You managed to cultivate the Spark Layer this quickly? It's surely reasonable, with your special body, that you can mess around as you want." The Flame Emperor appeared once again. He should have been happy for Jiang Chen, but when he thought about his special body, he could only sigh helplessly. It would be difficult for him to reach even the Great Venerable Realm, while the Martial Sovereign Realm was probably an unreachable goal for him. So how could Jiang Chen get the Flame Emperor's inheritance?

"Flame Emperor, you don't need to feel gloomy about it. I have already considered it thoroughly, and I plan to walk down this path." Jiang Chen didn't utter these words in a bold fashion because his heart was calm and serene at this moment.

"If you can walk it down until the end, you will become a Martial God. There is only a single one for now, which is the Goddess of Empyrean. As for the one before her, it was so long ago it has been almost forgotten by all people."

The Goddess of Empyrean had disappeared 1,000 years ago. Such a time seemed very long, but that was only the case for human affairs, According to ancient records, the shortest period between the appearance of two Martial Gods was still 10,000 years.

"Another one of my disciples also came to this land. He isn't far from you. According to the rules, I can't show myself, and you also can't use the Divine Fire Ring's power against him," the Flame Emperor suddenly said.

Even after hearing him, Jiang Chen still hadn't come back to his senses until a long time had passed, and he couldn't help but stroke his Divine Fire Ring. Its energy sources were the Fire Meteorite and the Sky-burning Evil Flame. However, what really turned those two objects' energy into boundless power was the spirit symbols on the Divine Fire Ring. Jiang Chen was incapable of imitating and copying such spirit symbols because his Realm still hadn't reached a level high enough for it.

Heaven Divine City? The disciple is in Heaven Divine City? Jiang Chen was surprised by this. Wasn't this too coincidental?

When he went back to Heaven Divine City, he witnessed several people possessing powerful auras who were repairing the Elixir Emperor's Ship. Moreover, when he had just entered the city, he felt a powerful Holy Sense locking into him. It was also coming from the Elixir Emperor's Ship.

"Will Miss Chen Xi suffer any mishaps?" Jiang Chen wasn't sure about the situation there, and, after he had mulled it over, he decided to go to the Elixir Emperor's Ship. 

"Where did this bum came from? Get lost! This is the Elixir Emperor's Ship! It's not a place you can get into!" An ear-piercing voice drifted up to him. Jiang Chen was surprised by it because the one who was speaking was just a eight- or nine-year-old boy.

"What are you looking at? If you take another look at me, I will dig out your eyes." The boy's childish face was filled with pride, while his black eyes were filled with disdain.

"A Martial Venerable?" Jiang Chen was surprised to discover that this child had already reached the Martial Venerable Realm.

"I'm talking to you, are you deaf?" The boy shouted at him.

Jiang Chen noticed that there were other new faces here other than the boy. They all noticed what was happening and were observing it.

"You unexpectedly dare to disregard me! Who do you think you are?" The boy didn't have a mature mind, but he also didn't have a childish and innocent heart befitting boys of his age. When he witnessed Jiang Chen disregarding him, he charged toward Jiang Chen and thrust his small fist toward Jiang Chen's fist.

"Kid, you should go back to drinking milk and stopping disgracing yourself before the crowd."

Jiang Chen didn't expect that he would dare to attack, and he just casually thrust back his fist at him.

"No! Young Master Jiang Chen, quickly stop!" It was at that moment that Chen Xi ran over, shouting anxiously.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows and wondered whether this boy was Miss Chen Xi's little brother. He executed restraint over his power and formed a gentle power, which just obstructed the boy and kept him away from him.

"Drop dead!" The boy wasn't grateful for his leniency, and his face became filled instead with rancor, while a small crossbow appeared in his hand.


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