The Brilliant Fighting Master
812 Shaped Heavenly Lightning
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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812 Shaped Heavenly Lightning

The Heavenly Lightning Tribulation followed Jiang Chen as he left the city. If he hadn't woken up in time from his meditative state, he would have been killed by the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation.

This is a very weird, amazing surprise.My Flawless Divine Body and Holy Pulses fused completely and turned into the unrivaled Nine Clouds Divine Body. It unexpectedly brought a Heavenly Lightning Tribulation upon me.

Jiang Chen didn't know what he should do or say now. This matter wasn't caused by the Source Heaven Stone. The stone had just let him find a suitable path and understand himself. He would prove the authenticity of his doctrine with the Nine Clouds Divine Body.

But, who would have known that the world couldn't tolerate such an existence and sent down a Heavenly Lightning Tribulation upon him. If he couldn't withstand it, he would be exterminated by it.


The second bolt of Heavenly Lightning was getting restless, and its tyrannical power scared myriad beings. All the beasts present on the mountain ridge where Jiang Chen had taken refuge fled in panic. They didn't dare face the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation. Meanwhile, countless people had arrived, flying from Heaven Divine City. They all wanted to witness Jiang Chen pass his tribulation; even Chen Xi was among them.

The Elixir Emperor's Ship had borne just the first lightning strike, and it had been wrecked by it. It could no longer be used.

"What is this guy doing? How can he withstand a Lightning Tribulation?"

"Even if he had reached the Great Venerable Realm, he can't have triggered a Lightning Tribulation from the beginning."

"Was he cultivating a demonic technique, and Heaven couldn't tolerate his existence?"

They had many theories about this matter, and they all observed Jiang Chen, who stood all alone, from 1,000 miles.

In the twinkling of an eye, a second bolt of lightning descended.

"Oh, my God! It's a tiger form Heavenly Lightning! He unexpectedly triggered Shaped Heavenly Lightning!"

If one carefully observed the dazzling silver bolt of Heavenly Lightning,one would notice that it resembled a pouncing tiger. Shaped Heavenly Lightning was a lightning one level higher than the one emitted by the Tribulation Clouds that appeared when one had just advanced into the Great Venerable Realm, Therefore, it was easy to imagine why all the people who had gathered here to watch Jiang Chen were so stunned. 

Jiang Chen did not just resign himself to his fate and wait for whatever was about to happen. He activated his Holy Skill, faced the Heavenly Lightning, and thrust his fist at it. He seemed wild and unruly! When the Heavenly Lightning struck him, it could be seen that his body stiffened for a moment, but it still quickly recovered. It was like he was cultivating beneath a waterfall and withstanding the brunt of the stream. The state of Jiang Chen, who was standing among lightning, was similar to the former, but his ordeal was more dangerous and deadly.

"A Celestial Venerable cannot withstand Shaped Heavenly Lightning."

"How did he manage to trigger it?"

The crowd was not surprised by his precarious situation. They were just confused about why Heaven was making things so difficult for an insignificant Celestial Venerable.

"He has managed to persist!" Someone said suddenly.

Even though the Tiger-Shaped Heavenly Lightning had struck him, Jiang Chen did not fall down, but white smoke rose from his whole body.

"How strong is he? He's all right even while facing such an ordeal?"

"He has a Holy Skill and can resist the Heavenly Lightning to some extent."

"Quickly, look over there!"

When the crowd raised their heads, they discovered in fright that the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation still hadn't come to an end and lightning power was still surging among the black clouds.

"Is there a need for all of this?" Jiang Chen held back on his impulse of cursing loudly. He didn't want to act shamefully and didn't expect that he would end up bombarded by lightning. However, the Heavenly Doctrine was heartless and didn't take any notice of his feelings. A third bolt of Heavenly Lightning descended upon him.

"Dragon-Shaped Heavenly Lightning!"

This time, even the almightys among the crowd were stunned. The Heaven Divine City had many powerful experts in hiding and had obviously several Great Venerable Realm experts. Even when those experts advanced into the late stage of the Great Venerable Realm, they couldn't face Dragon-Shaped Heavenly Lightning.

The dragon- and tiger-shaped ones were completely different. The silver dragon was almost 1,000 feet long and shone in a splendid light. It was pure and vigorous, and seeing it was shocking and stunning.

It flew down through the air, and struck Jiang Chen's forehead.

"Ah!" Ji Yinyi couldn't help but cover her mouth, while her whole body shivered.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Jiang Chen's roars echoed among the Heavenly Lightning. He did not give in and used his whole body's power to face it. He used even the Dragon and Elephant Technique which he hadn't used for a long time. His body felt like it had just gone through a huge draft of wind. It was dried out, and his skin was cracking open.

"His body is shrinking!"

"No, he's being devoured by the Heavenly Lightning!"

"It will be first his blood, flesh, then his bones, and, in the end, nothing will be left of him."

Many people were noticing everything that was going on and understood that this was a sign that Jiang Chen would fail in crossing the tribulation. He would be turned into ashes.

"What did he do to deserve such a treatment?"

"It's already amazing enough for a Celestial Venerable to manage to withstand a single bolt of Shaped Heavenly Lightning."

This matter was unfolding just like what they had expected. Jiang Chen's blood and flesh were being devoured, and he was becoming thinner. When his white bones were revealed, nine golden light beams shot out of his body and resisted the devouring power.

"Holy Pulses...." Jiang Chen pulled himself together once again, and he started using his Holy Skill with his whole new power.

"Is he really a Celestial Venerable?"

The body of Jiang Chen, who was engulfed by the lightning, was protected by a golden light. He wore a solemn expression and the disturbances caused by him didn't seem like something a Celestial Venerable could achieve.

"Will he succeed?"

The Dragon-Shaped Heavenly Lightning had almost exhausted its whole power, yet Jiang Chen still didn't fall down.

In the end, the last wisp of the Dragon-Shaped Heavenly Lightning dissipated, and the golden radiance disappeared along with it. Jiang Chen just stood there motionlessly, and he seemed like a dried-out corpse.

The terrifying Heavenly Lightning Tribulation had come to an end, and the Lightning Clouds started dissipating.

"Did he die?"

The crowd approached him slowly to have a look at his current state.

It was then that Jiang Chen suddenly raised his head. He scared the crowd, and they all couldn't help but jump back in fright. Jiang Chen's body started recovering gradually, and the hideous cracks on his body started shining with a splendid light and healing quickly. His dried skin also recovered.

After just a short while, Jiang Chen stood up once again as if what had just happened a moment ago wasn't related to him. What was different about him was that it seemed he possessed an imposing aura, which only the Fourth Palace's geniuses possessed. He didn't have fire clouds, a divine ring, nor dazzling sword energy around him. He had just the natural airs of the Greatest Doctrine. He gave people a refreshing feeling, and he seemed like a harmless guy.

"What a vigorous and powerful body!"

"Oh, my God! His whole body seems like a dazzling sun!"

"Is he still a human?"

However, if one observed Jiang Chen with one's Holy Awareness,Jiang Chen would seem completely different. His Flawless Nine Clouds Divine Body was already complete, and, after he went through the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, it went through another rebirth and had a qualitative leap.

While walking around, Jiang Chen felt like he possessed power great enough to shatter mountains. He felt like his body's power was like a boundless spring, which would never dry up.

My current body rivals divine and sharp weapons, Jiang Chen thought inwardly.

His realm didn't change, and his Holy Sea's power didn't increase, but his fighting prowess rose several fold. This was the Source Heaven Stone's efficacy. It was also because Jiang Chen's talent was extraordinary, and just a little piece of Source Heaven Stone was enough to show him the way to Godhood.

I need more Source Heaven Stones, Jiang Chen thought to himself. If even such a small piece had such amazing effects, how could he not be tempted by it?

"Sirs, you can leave now," Jiang Chen said, looking at the busybodies. Then he went to look for Chen Xi.

"The Elixir Emperor's Ship is...." Jiang Chen gave a hollow chuckle because he had a guilty conscience.

"You will compensate me." Chen Xi grinned and interrupted him, while also staring at him. It seemed from her gaze like she wanted to swallow him down, and Jiang Chen found himself incapable of bearing her gaze.

"I'm just joking, I will repair the Elixir Emperor's Ship by myself," Chen Xi said.

"However, you still must inform me of what just happened."

"Of course." Jiang Chen nodded.

After they witnessed this affair coming to an end, the almighty existences present felt their hearts itching. They all wanted to question Jiang Chen closely about what had just happened. However, they weren't close to Jiang Chen, and strangers couldn't just go to him and inquire about such a secret. However, they still believed that after news spread about this matter, knowledgeable people would surely provide answers to them.

The commotion caused by Jiang Chen gave rise to countless discussions that day.


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