The Brilliant Fighting Master
811 Heavenly Lightning Tribulation
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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811 Heavenly Lightning Tribulation

"Did the world go crazy? Or have I become insane?" The people who witnessed these scenes held their heads in disbelief. They could not believe what they had just witnessed. After two days had passed, the whole Three Middle Realms was shaken. More than 20 geniuses who had gone through the Doctrine Palace were beaten on the ground by Jiang Chen, and they weren't even able to fight back.

When people learned that Song Hao and Huo Zhengyi were among them, they were all shocked, and they couldn't believe that it was true. Everyone started asking for details.

"That damned Jiang family!" When the affair's whole sequence of events were spread out from all the Three Middle Realms' intelligence organizations, all the people related to the beaten geniuses couldn't help but curse the Eight Divinities Territory's Jiang family.

When Jiang Chen killed Young Master Shenji, he had stated that he was a follower of a Martial Sovereign, and such news startled all of the Three Middle Realms. However, the Jiang family stated afterward that Jiang Chen's Martial Sovereign master had already died long ago and wasn't capable of providing any help and power to Jiang Chen. This was why the crowd's attitude went through a change similar to the Xiahou family, and this was also the reason why Huo Zhengyu and the other geniuses looked down upon Jiang Chen.

However, they all learned now that what Jiang Chen used on the plaza was the Martial Sovereign's power, and he frightened away all Eight Great Spirit Clans with it. They didn't dare to confront him and just ran away.

"Alchemy and martial arts dual cultivation is one of the highest achievements."

As they thought back to the outcome of the Elixir Association and the Elixir Fire Union's contest, the Three Middle Realms' people couldn't help but have a whole new level of respect for him. After another half a month had passed, all the geniuses beaten by Jiang Chen acclaimed one after the other that they would surely teach Jiang Chen a lesson. It was especially the case for the Wind Spirit, Wu Ziming. His backbone had been shattered, and, even though he was a Spirit, he still had to recuperate for several days for it to heal completely.

"I will take his life in the Title Battle!"

Contestants couldn't borrow any external power in an official martial contest, hence it was the best occasion for killing Jiang Chen.

After the commotion caused by this news had died down, another matter gave rise to a similar commotion in the Three Middle Realms. A youngster from the Three Lower Realms entered the Doctrine Palace, managed to reach the Fourth Palace, and left his name among the top ten. All the Three Middle Realms' youths went crazy because of this news. The Fourth Palace's geniuses were among the best, and all top ten people were influential people who took a lot of the limelight.

At first, most people assumed that it was Jiang Chen because he was also from the Three Lower Realms, and he was still a follower of a Martial Sovereign. But they quickly discovered that the name carved on the Fourth Palace was different: Ning Haotian. Ning Haotian's fame overshadowed Jiang Chen for a moment, and a great commotion rose because of him. It was also at that moment that Jiang Chen started his last push. "The Fourth Palace? It's no wonder that he dared to be that arrogant, just wait!"

After Jiang Chen got the news about Ning Haotian, he understood what the latter had implied by his former speech. Ning Haotian's power had advanced by leaps and bounds, and he was already a match for Jiang Zhe, Wu Ziming, and the others. This affair aroused Jiang Chen's interest in the Doctrine Palace, and he also wanted to give it a try. However, before this, he would first use the two precious treasures to cultivate for a while.

However, he couldn't decide where he should start his secluded cultivation. After all, he wasn't familiar with the Three Emperors Territory's terrain and people. However, as he mulled it over, he realized that he wasn't familiar with any place in the Three Middle Realms.

"The Elixir Emperor's Ship can't just traverse realms, it also has cultivation rooms. Young Master Jiang Chen, if you don't mind, you can just start it here." After Chen Xi learned of Jiang Chen's worries, she offered him this proposition. This was exactly what Jiang Chen had been looking for. The Elixir Emperor's Ship was protected by all Three Middle Realms' factions, and there wasn't anyone who dared to encroach on it.

However, he would end up owing Chen Xi another favor, and he also couldn't help but feel ashamed of himself because he had lied to her about his master. I should just pay her back for such a favor. Jiang Chen didn't reject her offer and started cultivating in the Elixir Emperor's Ship. Many people couldn't help but start gossiping because of this matter, and they started guessing about Jiang Chen and Chen Xi's relationship. However, Jiang Chen wasn't aware of the lies and slanders uttered by other people about him, and was now in a cultivation room in the Elixir Emperor's Ship.

Chen Xi wasn't telling him lies—the Elixir Emperor Ship had a cultivation room that rivaled the ones possessed by great factions, and it was the best one Jiang Chen had used since he started his journey from the Nine Heavens Realm. He put the Source Heaven Stone on the cultivation room's floor, and a mystical matter immediately occurred. The Source Heaven Stone started flying by itself and emitting countless beams of light, which intertwined and spread to each corner of the cultivation room.

Jiang Chen was startled by this. He didn't expect that this cultivation room possessed such mystical functions. It could arouse the Source Heaven Stone's power, and it saved him much time, which would have been spent by him trying to fiddle with it. He just sat down cross-legged and started observing with his senses the Source Heaven Stone's lore.

The Source Heaven Stone was a rare treasure among all cultivation resources. It had a magical effect of helping one understand one's heart, body, and the doctrine, even more clearly. The mysteries hidden in the store would guide one and show the way. As for that way, it was a way and path leading to godhood, which meant that the Source Heaven Stone would help find a path for cultivating into the Martial God Realm. However, this matter was still related to one's talent.

Even though a crippled person could also reach the Martial God Realm by using the Source Heaven Stone, the number of Source Heaven Stones required for this matter was enough to fill all Nine Realms. It was obviously an impossible matter. Jiang Chen had just a small piece of the Source Heaven Stone, and he wasn't counting on it to guide him to Godhood and just hoped it could help him in the Celestial Venerable Realm's three lesser realms.

When Jiang Chen's senses started fusing with the Source Heaven Stone, he became capable of seeing his eyeballs even when his eyes were closed, and many sparks of insight emerged in his mind. His Flawless Divine Body also emitted a response, and raging flames started rising from it. If he wasn't wearing the Flame Emperor's clothes, he would have been left stark naked now. The Nine Clouds Holy Pulses in his body also started moving in a strange rhythm.

"Divine Body, Holy Pulses." It seemed like Jiang Chen muttered those words subconsciously. It was like the Source Heaven Stone had informed him that his greatest cards were just those two aspects, and his Alien Flame and Sword Doctrines were just means for displaying those two elements' great power.

"It's only my own body which is the most powerful."

"The human race is the most small and weak race, but it's only because we don't possess anything from birth that we can become able of dominating over everything." Several words came from Jiang Chen's mouth, when he stood up.

At the same time, the clear and boundless sky over the Elixir Emperor's Ship suddenly became filled with black clouds and thunder raged there unceasingly. The Elixir Emperor's Ship was still stopping in Heaven Divine City, and the city's citizens filled all the great streets and small alleys. They all looked at the sky because they were puzzled by such strange weather.

All of a sudden, a silver light illuminated the world, and silver lightning descended toward the Elixir Emperor's Ship. A muffled sound echoed from the Elixir Emperor's Ship as its energy revolved around and formed a defensive light barrier. However, it still didn't manage to stop the lightning and was easily penetrated by it.

The Elixir Emperor's Ship started rocking intensely, and it even started leaning sideways. However, this matter still didn't come to an end, as the lightning clouds still didn't disappear, and their number was becoming even more ridiculous. The whole city's sky was engulfed by black clouds.

"This isn't ordinary lightning!"

"Is it Tribulation Lightning? Is someone in Heaven Divine City advancing into the Great Venerable Realm?"

"Is he trying to harm people? Why did he choose to make a breakthrough in such a populated region?"

"No, this isn't Tribulation Lightning, it's Heavenly Lightning. No, that isn't the case either. This isn't an ordinary Heavenly Lightning."

It seemed like someone had noticed something, but just because it was a matter from long ago, he couldn't find the appropriate name for such a phenomenon for the moment.

"I recalled it, it's a Heavenly Lightning Tribulation!"

"Isn't it just a Lightning Tribulation?"

"It's only when advancing through the realms after the Great Venerable Realm that matters relating to Lightning Tribulation occur, isn't that the case?"

"That's right, it's because the world couldn't tolerate the existence of someone who occupied for himself countless resources, and it will send him upon Tribulation Lightning when he's making a breakthrough. However, after crossing it, one will experience a great transformation."

Even though the people in the city discussed this matter for a while, they still didn't manage to state what was really happening. It was at this moment that the second bolt of Heavenly Lightning was about to descend. When the Elixir Emperor's Ship was about to face a destructive disaster, a person flew out of it and soared toward the outside of the city.

The Heavenly Lightning moved along with that person, and it was obvious that he was its target.

"Jiang Chen? What relationship does he have with Heavenly Lightning in his current realm?"


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