The Brilliant Fighting Master
810 Beating The Talented Youths
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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810 Beating The Talented Youths

Even though they were all Celestial Venerables, there were still great disparities among them. Even though Jiang Chen was probably at the lower end of the geniuses, all the people present here were theThree Middle Realms' top geniuses.

However, Jiang Chen had still yelled at them rudely. Everyone was startled by this. The Elixir Association's members were all nervous. They were afraid of Jiang Chen suffering harm, yet they were still more afraid of the anger of those geniuses.

"You are courting death!" Wu Ziming was infuriated, and he wanted to kill Jiang Chen regardless of everything.

"Who dares to act recklessly here?" An imposing mountain-like aura instantly subdued everyone. Xia Yiming raised his head and stuck out his chest as he took big strides forward. The golden dragon depicted on his official robe was coiling, and a draconic aura swept the surroundings. "Anyone who dares to attack Jiang Chen will become my enemy."

"It's the Blood Shadow Dynasty's prince!"

"He is a new face here, why have I never seen him before?"

"It is probably because he was hiding away to not be killed while he was still young. He must have just come back to the Three Middle Realms."

The crowd started discussing this matter spiritedly. They had all managed to recognize Xia Yiming's status.

"Prince Xia, your friend spoke rudely to us and insulted us. If you don't give us an appropriate explanation, we won't drop this matter."

Huo Zhengyu did not fear the prince and his aura was as vigorous as before. He was confident in himself. His actions caused the attitudes of the geniuses present here toward the prince to diminish by a lot. Even the princes were divided into several categories. They all knew influential princes of the Blood Shadow Dynasty, and Xia Yiming wasn't among them.

"What explanation do you want?" Chen Xi asked calmly.

Upon hearing her, the crowd exchanged glances. It was obvious that the Elixir Emperor's disciple wanted to protect Jiang Chen.

"Miss Chen Xi, this matter isn't related to you. I had a dispute with him because of the Ancient Sword, and now he has provoked me. I must surely kill him." Song Hao didn't want to pursue the Elixir Emperor's disciple like the others; hence he didn't care about what she thought.

Chen Xi rolled her eyes, and it was unknown what she was thinking about.

"Since that's the case, I will just keep you company and have a fight against you," Xia Yiming spoke imposingly.

"Senior brother, I won't trouble you because of this matter."

Jiang Chen discerned from the crowd's reaction that even though his senior brother was a prince of the Blood Shadow Dynasty, he didn't have high enough prestige. Xia Yiming even ended up becoming a target of the crowd by standing up for Jiang Chen.

"But?" Xia Yiming was still worried about him. If he didn't help him, he could only place his hope on the Elixir Association.

"It's no bother." Jiang Chen nodded at him and spoke angrily at the aggressive geniuses in front of him, "You are all aware who spoke disrespectfully first, and I don't feel like wasting my breath with you. Since you don't want to get lost, I can only lend you a helping hand." After he spoke, he stroked the Divine Fire Ring with his finger, while at the same time his profound eyes locked onto Wu Ziming's body.

"You want to break my backbone, don't you?" Before Jiang Chen's voice had even stopped echoing, he had disappeared from his place, while a scalding aura was left there.

"What's going on..?."

Wu Ziming, who had a divine ring around him, had witnessed everything. His whole body's power wanted to erupt at any moment to teach Jiang Chen a lesson. When Jiang Chen disappeared, his divine wind turned into a sharp sword that flew forward. However, it just ended up attacking thin air because Jiang Chen didn't come at him from his front.

"Awful!" Wu Ziming suddenly realized something. His face turned pale from fright and his divine wind surged toward his back.


It was at this moment that a tremendous power bombarded his back. It was Jiang Chen's fist aflame. It possessed a tremendous power, which rivaled a lofty mountain. Wu Ziming couldn't even put up the slightest resistance and was just sent directly flying away, while a crisp shattering sound echoed from his backbone.

Jiang Chen appeared once again. A blaze was surrounding him, and his flesh was shining with a bright color, while a boundless power was flowing around his body.

"I am teaching you a lesson in return for what you did to me the other night." Jiang Chen looked ay Wu Ziming, who was lying on the ground. He raised his leg and stamped on his face.

Wu Ziming screamed miserably, while his mouth curved sideways and his nose and brow were shattered, and blood flowed from his face. He didn't have any of his previous outstanding demeanor as a great Wind Spirit left at all.

"I...." Wu Ziming's eyes were filled with rancor as he glared at Jiang Chen.

"If you take another look at me, I will take your life." Jiang Chen's killing intent was raging, and his black eyes were ice-cold. 

"You are causing trouble here!" It as at this moment that a strong wind suddenly blew in. It was just a breeze, yet a metallic sound still echoed from it, and it seemed like it was tearing the air on its way.

Jiang Chen's expression changed. This was a technique possessed only by great experts. Jiang Chen just dodged out of the way, and that strange wind didn't chase after him. It just swirled up to Wu Ziming who was on the ground. It quickly picked him up and left this place at a quick speed. It left even Heaven Divine City.

The crowd couldn't help but exclaim in alarm. They were all aware that it was an almighty existence from the Wind Spirit Clan who had intervened and saved his family's disciple.

"How powerful!" The crowd hadn't expected that Jiang Chen would attack first. Moreover, his attack was amazing.

"You are all displaying your advantages in front of me one after the other and treating me like an ant. I will see how powerful you are." Jiang Chen looked at the other geniuses and clenched his fists.

"You are really arrogant!" Song Hao shouted loudly, while his precious sword left the sheath on his back. His sword shone with a bright light, which illuminated the surrounding areas for a dozen miles. His precious sword flew into the sky, before it flew down with Jiang Chen as its target.

The precious sword seemed like a blazing sun, and no one could look straight at it. Its sharp end possessed a world-shattering might.

"Great Universe Sword Doctrine!"

"It's the sword move, a Sun Falling in the Universe! Oh, my God! He wants to take Jiang Chen's life!"

"Draw back quickly!" The spectators didn't have enough time to draw back to a safe region because Song Hao suddenly attacked. Moreover, as the precious sword flew down, they all felt like they would shortly face death.

Roar! Jiang Chen bellowed angrily. Flames surged out of his mouth, and a fiery dragon came out of it. It bared its fangs, brandished its claws, and faced the precious sword. As an explosion sound echoed, the precious sword collided with the fiery dragon and was deflected by the latter.

"What!" Song Hao was stunned, and all of his previous arrogance disappeared. When he looked back at Jiang Chen once again, all he witnessed was a black blur flickering before him, which quickly reached him. Just afterward, a tremendous power, which made him feel like all his bones and muscles were being torn and shattered apart, bombarded him and sent him flying. Moreover, he even became Jiang Chen's weapon, slamming against several talented youths present. Four or five people fell on the ground, screaming miserably.

"Song Hao!"

A deep voice echoed from the air, while a sword beam, which linked both the sky and the earth, engulfed Song Hao. When the sword beam disappeared, Song Hao disappeared along with it.

"It was done by Song Hao's master!"

All the geniuses present were radiant rising stars, which was why they weren't allowed to travel alone in the Three Middle Realms without any protection. Jiang Chen's attacks alerted their protectors.

"Why don't they attack Jiang Chen and try to put him down?"

According to those almighty existences' usual conduct, they wouldn't just suffer in silence and flee without uttering a single word.

"It's because they can't deal with Jiang Chen!" The crowd quickly thought of this, and they were all startled by it.

"Let's flee!" The geniuses on the plaza were all frightened. Even Wu Ziming and Song Hao couldn't put up the slightest resistance in front of him. He wasn't someone they should confront.

This power doesn't belong to him.... Jiang Zhe furrowed his brow, as he mulled over this inwardly.

All of a sudden, his body stiffened as he felt Jiang Chen's gaze. He turned around decisively and fled.

"Let's see who's really just a latrine's stone." Jiang Chen disappeared once again at the same time.

Let's draw back before considering this. Huo Zhengyu thought inwardly. He became aware that he couldn't afford to provoke Jiang Chen, and he planned to escape.

"What did you say about me a moment ago? Who cares? I should just beat you up before thinking about it," Jiang Chen said. When Huo Zhengyu had turned around, he saw Jiang Chen standing in front of him.

"Didn't you go to chase after Jiang Zhe?"

Huo Zhengyu was taken aback by this, and he looked back at Jiang Zhe. He witnessed him lying on the ground like a dead dog.

"You still dare to look elsewhere while facing me?"

When Huo Zhengyu turned back his head, he was just in time to witness a big fist, which was just before his eyes.


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