The Brilliant Fighting Master
808 Obscure Yin Finger!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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808 Obscure Yin Finger!


"How did he make it?"

"He should be the Elixir Emperor's descendant!!"

"Gorgeous! He is really gorgeous!"

Not until then did the people beside the square come to themselves from the shock. Their exclamations swept over the square like a wave.

In the air, those geniuses who had come for the Elixir Emperor's descendant were also shocked. They started to size up Jiang Chen carefully.

Ning Haotian snorted coldly. He did not look very happy. And he was speechless.

"Elixir Fire Union, have you rested well? Just start the next round!" Those from the Elixir Association yelled excitedly, feeling they had given vent to their frustrations.

The faces of those from the Elixir Fire Union were as white as sheets. Jiang Chen had done so well in a test as difficult as Growing Lotus in Fire. No matter what the third round would be, it would not be a problem for him.

"This is cheating! You are cheating!"

Jumping up, the pretty woman of the Elixir Fire Union shouted, "We both sent ten people for today's competition to see the average level of the young alchemists of the Elixir Fire Union and the Elixir Association. Now Jiang Chen is doing everything on his own. Does it mean you Elixir Association don't have any other people?"

Her remark made people gossip in a low voice.

Different from before, not many people agreed with her. The rule had been announced before the start of the second round, but then she was playing the same old tricks again. She apparently could not afford to lose.

"The Elixir Fire Union is always right," President Bai Xuan said.

"Do you think you can argue anything for your own sake because you are a woman?"

"If you mean it, the Elixir Fire Union shouldn't rely on foreign aid either."

Those from the Elixir Association could not sit still anymore. They all started talking at once, venting their anger.

By comparison, no one from the Elixir Fire Union except the woman argued with them. The pretty woman was responsible for this day's result. That was why she was being so shameless, leaving any principles behind. However, other Elixir Fire Union members were not so thick-skinned. There were so many people there. If they said anything wrong in public, their fame would be affected.

"We are out!" At this moment, those from the Elixir Divine Valley came to themselves from the loss. They didn't have the confidence to continue the competition. They did not need the Elixir Fire Union's consent. Looking at Chen Xi, one of them said, "Miss Chen Xi, we are leaving." And then they left decisively.

It was surprising. When people came to themselves, those from the Elixir Divine Valley had disappeared. The pretty woman turned black. Gnashing her teeth, she said, "Too many things are happening today. The competition isn't fair anymore. It doesn't make any sense for us to continue." She was acting shamelessly to avoid giving away the Elixir Fire Union's techniques.

"If the Elixir Fire Union insists, we can't rob your techniques from you. However, about what happened today, people will draw a fair conclusion." Using her own words to fight back, Elder Zhuge worked off his anger.

The pretty woman looked toward the square and saw disdainful and contemptuous faces. She felt resentful. However, despite being a woman, she was much more decisive than Elder Zhuge. She had lost face anyway. As long as she could keep the techniques safe, that would be fine.

"Today's result is one to one. The Elixir Association has tied with the Elixir Fire Union," the pretty woman insisted.

"That's why we need the third test. You can either do it alone or get another ten people to do it." Chen Xi could not stay silent anymore. She said coldly, "If you stop here, I'll report everything that happened today to my master." Those from the Elixir Fire Union all turned pale. It was impossible for them to do the test alone.

No one in the younger generation was a match for Jiang Chen. If they put together another team of ten people, they would still have a chance. After all, the result depended on the number of participants.

The pretty woman made her decision. She said, "Fine. The Elixir Fire Union and the Elixir Association will send a team of ten respectively to compete again."

People kept talking. They thought it would be favorable for the Elixir Fire Union. That being said, a competition between two teams of ten, without the participation of any foreign aid, was what had been meant to be this day. They could just forget about the first two rounds and decide the result by this round.

"The Elixir Association agrees. Besides, Jiang Chen, take a rest. Yan Ruyu, it's your turn now," Elder Zhuge said.

People were shocked. They had no idea what the Elixir Association was planning. It was not a wise decision to substitute Jiang Chen, who would definitely win.

However, Elder Zhuge's resolute face showed the Elixir Association's attitude. As the oldest alchemist organization in the Three Middle Realms, they were confident that they would gain the victory with their own strength.

"Jiang Chen, don't worry. Today's credit will go to you," Elder Zhuge said.

Jiang Chen nodded without speaking.

Yan Ruyu was very surprised to get the opportunity she had been dreaming about. She was nervous too, but instead of having stage fright, she was quite excited.

In the end, the Elixir Fire Union and the Elixir Association sent teams of ten people respectively, both composed of alchemists from the Three Middle Realms. The audience knew each of them.

"So, let's start the third round then." Chen Xi announced the rules of the third round first, and then the test started.

Twenty minutes later, the members of the Elixir Association raised their arms to cheer. All of them were extremely excited.

By comparison, the pretty woman from the Elixir Fire Union flopped onto the ground.

In the third round, the score was three to six. The Elixir Association won. And their score was twice as much as their rival's. This time, without any foreign aids, without Jiang Chen, the Elixir Fire Union and the Elixir Association competed with their real strengths. So the result was quite convincing.

"The Elixir Association is after all the Elixir Association."

Those who had expected to see the Elixir Association's loss felt disappointed.

However, it was true that the Elixir Fire Union's performance had been great this day. If it were not for Jiang Chen, the Elixir Association would have suffered a huge loss.

"Bastard! I should have killed you in Beiwang City!" The pretty woman looked extremely resentful. She attacked Jiang Chen suddenly. She was so aggressive that she obviously wanted to kill Jiang Chen.

"Obscure Yin Finger!"

"How would an alchemist know such a cruel martial technique?"

"It's said many people were killed by the Obscure Yin Finger lately. Was the Elixir Fire Union clearing their way?"

The crowd was shocked. The pretty woman was about 35 or 36 years old. Thanks to her fair skin, she did not show many signs of aging. On the contrary, she looked like a mature peach, attractive and sexy. At the moment, though, she looked as ferocious as an evil ghost. She brought the index finger and the middle finger of her right hand together, which were surrounded by a dull dark gray energy.

She was a Celestial Venerable in the middle stage. However, since people usually thought she was just an alchemist, no one paid too much attention to her state. Not until she had lost control did people realize how dangerous she was.

"Jiang Chen, watch out!"

Those from the Elixir Association warned him. They all turned pale. Ji Yinyi came forward as soon as possible to go to his rescue, but she was still too late.

"You're courting death!" Jiang Chen punched toward the pretty woman. A strong wave of fire was created by the punch. It went toward the woman.

The pretty woman was smiling coldly, as if she had seen Jiang Chen suffering.

"He has underestimated the Obscure Yin Finger!"

People were worried. The Obscure Yin Finger was a forbidden martial technique, because it was too cruel. No one held any respect for its practitioners.

However, it was really powerful. And it was toxic. It could even kill Celestial Venerables. And the pretty woman knew a lot about elixirs. Her Obscure Yin Finger was even more toxic. Three of her knuckles had turned black.

The fire created by Jiang Chen would be useless.

Surprisingly, the Obscure Yin Finger, which was supposed to pierce through the fire when it made contact, experienced an odd change. The pretty woman started screaming. Her body had caught on fire. Her finger lost power.

"What fire is this? It's so great!"

"It's the Sky-burning Evil Flame, the fiercest alien flame!"


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