The Brilliant Fighting Master
801 Source Heaven Stone
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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801 Source Heaven Stone

Jiang Chen did not answer her right away. He made the excuse that he needed to ask his master first. It was actually not so easy to meet his master.

"So, I'll just stay in the Three Middle Realms for a bit more time," Chen Xi said. She had planned to go back to the Three Upper Realms when the competition between the Elixir Fire Union and the Elixir Association was over.

Everyone was glad to hear her decision. However, they sighed to themselves involuntarily when they realized for whom she had decided to stay. Chen Xi said they could call it a day, meaning the party was over. People did not want to leave yet, but they had to.

Jiang Chen stole all of our thunder. Many people thought this.

"You'll create a great disturbance in the Three Middle Realms soon. And it will be more surprising than ever," Xia Yiming said in a low voice.

At a party with so many people trying to get noticed, Jiang Chen had done a great job. He was in the good graces of the Elixir Emperor's descendant. And now, everyone knew he was Young Master Wind. People would be talking about him for three whole days.

I did everything for this. Holding the Source Heaven Stone in his hand, Jiang Chen was feeling its weight. This treasure would help him improve his fighting power before the Title Battle.

Soon, they got off the Elixir Emperor's ship and once again were in Heaven Divine City.

"Apprentice sister, I want to talk with you about...."

Seeing the saint of the Icy Spirit leaving, Jiang Chen wanted to know more from Xia Yiming about the so-called fiance of his apprentice sister. It was the same guy who had sent killers to the Realm of Nine Heavens to kill him.

However, a few people walked right up to him before he could finish speaking. They were all those strong people that Jiang Chen had noticed before. Now that they were out here, he saw visions again. He saw holy lights sparkling. Wu Ziming was among them too. As a Wind Spirit, his natural-born elegance made Jiang Chen jealous.

"What's up?" Jiang Chen asked, after making sure they came for him.

"Jiang Chen, I'm wondering whether you would give up the treasure, the Source Heaven Stone. I'll give you a handsome reward for it."

"Give the Source Heaven Stone to me. My Spirit clan will take you under our wing."

"How arrogant you are. In terms of strength, it's the Wind Spirit that is one of the best among the Eight Spirits." Wu Ziming hummed, glancing over those who wanted to compete with him for the stone.

"Jiang Chen, just tell us how much you want," said Wu Ziming.

"I'm having déjà vu." Jiang Chen recalled the Fire Spirit had said similar things to him at Cliff Mountain.

"Since you asked me, I want the Wind Spirit's Holy Wind Angel Wing," Jiang Chen said.

Even Xia Yiming turned pale after hearing what he had said. What Jiang Chen was asking for was not just exorbitant. He actually was asking for the moon.

The Holy Wind Angel Wing was a super Doctrine Artifact that really existed. It was the Wind Spirit's most important treasure, which could decide their fate. Over the last 100 years, it had only been used a few times, but whenever it was used, numerous strong people died.

"Are you kidding me?" Wu Ziming said in anger.

"This is the value it's worth for me. It's okay if you can't afford it," Jiang Chen said.

Seeing him leaving, Wu Ziming decided he certainly would not allow him to. He stood in Jiang Chen's way, with the holy wind blowing around him. There were lights in the wind. They formed loops of halos as the holy wind blew.

"Holy Wind Loop!"

"Wu Ziming's state has improved again."

"Gorgeous. This wind alone can tear a man apart."

The people nearby did not even have the time to dodge. It was riskier for Jiang Chen. However, he had a divine body and was wearing the clothes that the Flame Emperor had given him. Standing in the wind, he looked pretty calm.

A mocking smile appeared on his good-looking face. He said, "You can't buy it, so you are going to steal it?"

"I'm just showing you the difference between an average man and a Spirit, so that you will know how small you are, and what a waste it is for you to have the Source Heaven Stone!" Wu Ziming said in a loud and clear voice.

His eyeballs changed. Lots of spiritual patterns appeared in the white parts of the eyes. His black eyes looked like the eye of a cyclone that could swallow people down.

"I'll give you another chance to give me the Source Heaven Stone. I'll keep you safe in the Three Middle Realms. Not even the Jiangs can do anything to harm you."

"How great. But I'm not going to change my mind." Jiang Chen was not tempted. He had no intention of giving the stone away.

Wu Ziming was running out of patience. Showing resentment on his face, he resisted the impulse to steal it from Jiang Chen.


The holy wind suddenly changed.

"Jiang Chen, watch out!" Xia Yiming said as he strode forward. However, it was too late. The holy wind had jumped on Jiang Chen, tearing his Protective Divine Energy apart and attacking his divine body. The force of thunder around Jiang Chen wove into a divine coat to resist the holy wind. However, the strong power released from the wind threw him a few miles away.

"Average man, bear this moment in your mind. Don't ever forget how small you are." Wu Ziming took the holy wind back after attacking Jiang Chen. His eyes also became normal again.

Jiang Chen stood where he had been. Blood flew out of his mouth.

"Wu Ziming, do you want me to draw my sword out?" Xia Yiming looked like the Li Nanxing of the old times again. He looked super-serious. His look was as sharp as a sword.

"It's just a lesson I taught him. He doesn't know an average man should be humble, should be aware of a matter of balance, and shouldn't show off so much."

Wu Ziming was not looking at Xia Yiming. He avoided the latter's sharp look intentionally.

Then, throwing Jiang Chen a disdainful glance, he left.

Others who wanted the Source Heaven Stone did not give up. However, their hearts sank when they detected the unkindness on Jiang Chen's face. Finally, they all gave up.

The energy of Xia Yiming's sword was secretly surging. Watching Wu Ziming leaving from behind, there were a few times when he wanted to attack the latter.

"Jiang Chen, are you all right?"

However, in the end, he did not attack him. He had concerns that stopped him from doing it. Then he paid attention to Jiang Chen's injuries.

Only a short while had passed, but Jiang Chen's divine body had recovered.

Wiping the blood off the corner of his mouth, Jiang Chen said in a deep voice, "I'll return you 100 times the amount I received today."

Wu Ziming, who had not gone very far, heard him, but he did not respond.

A Spirit genius is really strong. Jiang Chen involuntarily thought when his rival had gone away. He had to admit Wu Ziming was strong. He would have to resort to the Wind and Fire Swords Wheel of the Sky-burning Evil Flame or the Divine Fire Ring to defeat him.

Jiang Chen did not do that. If Wu Ziming were a great Venerable or a senior, he might have done it. However, facing a strong peer, he wanted to fight back on his own.

Xia Yiming, standing beside him, perceived his resolution to fight. He showed a bitter smile. He was confident in Jiang Chen if the rival was Jiang Zhe, but if it was Wu Ziming, it would be too much for him.

Oh,I forgot. Jiang Chen has the Source Heaven Stone! Xia Yiming suddenly recalled. And he got his hopes up again.


It was finally confirmed that Jiang Chen was Young Master Wind. The Three Middle Realms were shocked. Both Jiang Chen and Young Master Wind had been showing off a lot lately. But now that people knew they were actually the same person and piecing everything together, they thought him dreadful.

What happened on the Elixir Emperor's ship was also praiseworthy. People's imaginations were also aroused, since the Elixir Emperor's descendant was going to stay here longer for Jiang Chen. It would be a fascinating story if Jiang Chen and Chen Xi became a couple.

"The Jiangs have run into a stone wall this time. They have a bear by the tail." People started to sympathize with the big force that had antagonized him. This had never happened before.

"Is this Jiang Chen really from the Three Lower Realms?"

At the same time, doubts started to spread all over the Three Middle Realms.

It was just too shocking that such a great man was from the Three Lower Realms, which they despised, and his hometown was the lowest level of the Three Lower Realms, the Realm of Nine Heavens.


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