The Brilliant Fighting Master
799 To Be Omnipoten
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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799 To Be Omnipoten

"Miss Chen Xi, would Jiang Chen's result still be great in the Three Upper Realms?" A man from the Elixir Fire Union asked. They were quite reluctant to accept the reality.

"Pretty good. I spent one whole minute to subdue the little burning man." Chen Xi was staring at Jiang Chen while speaking.

She told others about her record so that they would realize how brilliant Jiang Chen's record was. He was even better than the Elixir Emperor's descendant!

The Heaven Alchemists of the Elixir Fire Union looked at each other, speechless. The Elixir Association also changed their opinions about Jiang Chen. Just like Yan Ruyu, the other nine participants had been skeptical of Jiang Chen to different degrees. They thought the Elixir Association was using him to blow smoke at them.

However, he just showed how great he was in such a casual way.

Taking back the little fiery burning man, Chen Xi went back to her seat. She said, "We've done with today's task. Now you can just relax."

After a few seconds' silence, the hall started to get lively.

"Miss Chen Xi, please don't use Brother Jiang Chen's record as the standard of the test," a Heaven Alchemist from the Elixir Association said. He did not know Jiang Chen at all, but he mentioned the latter in a quite warm way. The other Heaven Alchemists nodded involuntarily to agree with him. They had seen how powerful the little fiery burning man was from the first three men.

Jiang Chen's performance was extraordinarily good. If this was the standard of the test, it would not be surprising that he was the only one that could pass.

"I will design the test accordingly." Beaming, Chen Xi did not speak more.

Then the geniuses who had come with the Heaven Alchemists engaged in small talk with Chen Xi warmly, trying to currying favor with her.

If they could be friends with the Elixir Emperor's descendant, they would be able to do whatever they wanted in the Three Middle Realms. However, Chen Xi's attention was on Jiang Chen. She asked for his opinion from time to time or just had a little chitchat with him. Many people felt jealous. However, due to the episode with the little burning man, no one said anything.

"By the way, Jiang Chen is a practitioner of martial arts techniques as well as an alchemist. He will take part in the Title Battle," Jiang Zhe suddenly said.

"Oh?" Chen Xi was piqued with interest. As the Elixir Emperor's descendant, she certainly knew what that meant.

"Given that Young Master Jiang Chen is a Heaven Alchemist, it's amazing that you managed to also be a Celestial Venerable. You are really a rare genius," Chen Xi said.

"If such a genius could have focused on only one thing, he would have achieved something greater. However, he is so stubborn about riding two horses at once. It's not surprising that he is constantly distracted, and his talent is being wasted," Jiang Zhe said with pity. He did not sound like he was targeting Jiang Chen. However, anyone that knew about the grudges between Jiang Chen and him would know how vicious his words were.

"Many people work on martial arts techniques and elixirs at the same time. It's true that only a few of them can be one of the best at both. That being said, they'll still be able to be omnipotent as long as they have one thing," Chen Xi caught everyone's attention with her shocking words.

"And what is it?" Jiang Chen asked out of curiosity.

"Alien Flame." Chen Xi answered him quickly without beating about the bush. She added, "People with the Alien Flame can ride two horses at once. More than that, they'll even gain more things from doing so."

"Ha, ha, ha, ha." Jiang Chen burst out laughing after hearing her. He looked towards Jiang Zhe on the other side. The others did not know why, but Jiang Zhe knew. He looked embarrassed. The Jiangs had almost given the Sky-burning Evil Flame away to Jiang Chen as a gift.

"Young Master Jiang Chen, why are you laughing? Do you have Alien Flame?" Chen Xi asked curiously.

"I think, Miss Chen Xi, you already know the answer," Jiang Chen said, without answering her directly.

"Yes. If you can subdue the Sky-burning Evil Flame, it won't be difficult for you to subdue the little fiery burning man." Nodding, Chen Xi did not deny it.

"What?! The Sky-burning Evil Flame?"

"So, he is Young Master Wind?"

"No wonder he laughed at Jiang Zhe."

Everyone there was surprised. They had all heard about the Sky-burning Evil Flame. By then, they could draw the conclusion that Jiang Chen and Young Master Wind were the same person.

Jiang Chen looked at Tian Ling, sitting not far away, when he heard such comments. He had never forgotten Tian Ling had helped him when he was confronting the Jiangs. Wearing a veil and white clothes, Tian Ling looked as pure as a goddess in a painting.

She was surprised to hear the news too. When Jiang Chen looked toward her, she nodded at him to respond to his look.

"Young Master Jiang Chen, you seem to have done a lot of great things in the Three Middle Realms," Chen Xi said.

"Why are we talking about this? Miss Chen Xi, you've just arrived in the Three Middle Realms. It's normal that you don't know what has happened. And we don't have to bring them up now. What's done is done."

Besides Jiang Zhe, there were a few other geniuses who were unhappy with Jiang Chen, since he had stolen their thunder. A youngster from the Spirit was especially unhappy with him. He was wearing clothes made of feathers. His long hair danced in the wind. His handsome face had clear-cut features. Like a spirit in the wind, his clothes were gently fluttering as if they could escape the influence of gravity. They looked light and spiritual.

"Wu Zhongming from the Wind Spirit," Xia Yiming said in a low voice.

Jiang Chen touched his chin. This guy seemed strong to him.

And he was a Wind Spirit. Needless to say, he must be very fast. Jiang Chen could not help but desire to have a competition with him.

"Actually, I have a question that has been puzzling me for a long time, on which I would like to consult Miss Chen Xi." Someone changed the topic.

"Yes?" Chen Xi looked over with curiosity, wondering what the man was going to ask her.

"It is said that 500 years ago, the Elixir Saint from the Sacred Zone was a remarkable genius, and he even gave the Elixir Emperor instruction. However, if the Elixir Saint couldn't practice, how did he manage to control fire?"

The man was genuinely curious about that. Glancing over the others, he put emphasis on the doubt he was most interested in. He said, "Because, you know, the high temperature during the refinement of heaven elixirs is enough to melt iron."

An average person would in no way be able to stand that heat – not to mention to refine elixirs.

It was obviously doubtful. However, not until he had brought it up did the others on the scene think about it seriously.

"It was 500 years ago. Maybe things were just different back then?"

"The Elixir Saint was titled the saint. He must have had something unusual, something average people didn't have."

"One thing is for sure. The wonderful book written by the Elixir Saint has influenced all of the alchemists."

Some people were curious about it, while others were unhappy with his question. And the latter were all Heaven Alchemists. The Elixir Saint was their idol. He gave the Elixir Emperor instruction. No one should question him.

"Isn't it weird? We are using the same way that he used to refine elixirs. Why didn't the high temperature matter to him?" That man really wanted to get his puzzle solved. It was not that he did not respect the Elixir Saint. He was just curious.

Chen Xi listened to them arguing quietly. Then suddenly, looking toward Jiang Chen, she said, "Young Master Jiang Chen, what are your thoughts on it?"

Jiang Chen, enjoying the discussion, was surprised. He did not know whether this was just a coincidence.

"How would I be able to explain it? Miss Chen Xi, please resolve our puzzle," Jiang Chen said, smiling.

"It's actually not so complicated. Refining elixirs was much more dangerous 500 years ago than now. Many alchemists were burned to death back then," Chen Xi said.

"So why...." The man who had posed the question got excited, as if he had been encouraged.

"Because the Elixir Saint used a different way."

Chen Xi interrupted him. She suddenly changed her mind when she was about to tell them the answer. Looking to the crowd, she said, "Why don't you take a guess? I have a prize for the one whose guess is closest to the truth."


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