The Brilliant Fighting Master
797 Little Fiery Burning Man
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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797 Little Fiery Burning Man

A special charm that stemmed from her great confidence was emanating from the woman's body. This was because she had been born in the Three Upper Realms and was a disciple of the Elixir Emperor.

Regardless of how outstanding the people present there were, they would still seem mediocre and average compared to her.

She had come to the Three Middle Realms this time because of the Elixir Association and Elixir Fire Union. If they didn't have a fair judge, they would end up taking the ten greatest techniques, which they were examining, lightly.

The Elixir Fire Union had proposed this contest and gone to the Three Upper Realms to ask the Elixir Emperor to take charge of it.

The Elixir Emperor was one of the Three Middle Realms' legends, and it was only in his presence that this contest would seem more official. However, the Elixir Emperor wasn't willing to go there for such a small matter, so he sent his disciple.

"I was just joking you with you all. You don't need to be this nervous. Anyone who came here is my guest, and I welcome you all here, but still, don't call me the Elixir Emperor's disciple." Upon witnessing how nervous the crowd was, the woman's smile became brighter.

"My name is Chen Xi."

All the people present heaved sighs of relief. They all stood up and greeted her.

"I'm really happy to get to know you all." Chen Xi didn't put on airs in front of them and seemed just like a neighboring household's big sister. However, when everyone finally relaxed, they strangely felt estranged from her once again.

"Let's discuss proper business."

Chen Xi raised her chin and swept the twenty Heaven Alchemists with her gaze. She said slowly, "I will set the contest's three tests, but I'm not aware of your level, and it will be awful if I ended up setting too easy or too difficult tests."

Upon hearing her, everyone quieted. None of them dared to disturb the Elixir Emperor's disciple while she was discussing official business.

The Heaven Alchemists just looked at each other. Although Chen Xi's words seemed nice, since she was from the Three Upper Realms, she would surely not set an easy test. She was clearly not just worried that she might end up setting an extremely difficult test that no one could pass.

It would be normal for Chen Xi to have such a thought because of her standpoint on this matter.

However, all twenty Heaven Alchemists who were present were the most outstanding youngsters of the Three Middle Realms. Even though their cultivation wasn't on par with others, they were still the best in the alchemy field.

They were irritated by what she stated, but they still didn't rebuke her. They just became eager to give the tests a try because they wanted to show off their skills.

"Miss Chen Xi, may I ask how you'll examine us?" asked the Heaven Alchemist who had come there along with the Ice Spirit Clan's saintess.

She was a woman with short hair and pretty facial features. She had a hot, curvaceous body, and her temper was as fiery as her looks.

"Let's play a little game." Chen Xi smiled and revealed her shining teeth.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows slightly. Although Chen Xi didn't seem overbearing and arrogant, nor did she treat them inferiorly, she still inadvertently revealed her feelings of superiority over them, and he felt unwell after witnessing it.

However, the other people didn't have the same opinion as him, and they all felt that it was a matter of due course.

A Heaven Alchemist of the Elixir Association spoke this time, and asked, "I wonder what game it is?"

It could be easily discerned that the most prestigious person on the Elixir Fire Union's side was the short-haired woman, while on the Elixir Association's side, it was the person who had just spoken and was sitting beside Yan Ruyu.

He was a youth who seemed to be the same age as Chen Xi. He had attractive looks, was handsome, and seemed refined. Moreover, he was both a Heaven Alchemist and a Celestial Venerable.

"It's quite simple. It's a game that is quite popular in the Three Upper Realms." After Chen Xi spoke, a little burning man appeared in her palm.

The Heaven Alchemists exclaimed in alarm. This little burning man wasn't just a simple object condensed by fire, as it possessed a spiritual nature.

If one observed it carefully, one would discover that this little burning man had its own facial features and was jumping around in Chen Xi's palm. It seemed like a naughty and unruly child who wanted to flee from Chen Xi's palm.

Chen Xi still wore a bright smile like before. Even though she didn't put much effort into it, the small fiery man was still incapable of running out of her palm regardless of how hard it tried.

"It's called the little fiery burning man. I'll put it in your palms and see how long you can restrain it," Chen Xi said.

The Heaven Alchemist nodded faintly. This ordeal put their fire control to the test, and it was one of an alchemist's most important skills.

"Miss Chen Xi, what's this little fiery burning man? Can you introduce him to us in detail? Moreover, what kind of achievement is considered pretty good?" asked one Heaven Alchemist.

After mulling over the matter, they had all decided to try to perform well.

Chen Xi curled her mouth and revealed a crafty smile. She said, "It was formed by an Alien Flame's True Fire Spirit, and it's frequently used by the Three Upper Realms' alchemists in wagers. It'd be pretty good for all of you to surpass just a single minute."

"A single minute?" The Heaven Alchemist nodded to himself. They didn't find it long at all.

Jiang Chen noticed that a splendid ray flickered in Chen Xi's eyes for a moment, and he figured out that it wouldn't be that easy to pass even a single minute.

"I'll make this woman widen her horizons." Like the other Heaven Alchemists, Jiang Chen also wanted to change her attitude and get her to stop acting arrogantly.

"Let's begin then. Who will start first?" Chen Xi said with a smile.

The ones closest to her were the short-haired woman and the Elixir Association's representative. They both took a look at each other and tried to let the other start first.

In the end, it was the short-haired woman who began first. She pushed away the long table in front of them, and the Ice Spirit Clan's saintess near her drew backward.

"Are you ready?" Chen Xi asked.


"Start!" Chen Xi waved her hand, and the little fiery burning man flew toward the short-haired woman.

The short-haired woman concentrated wholly on it and put both her hands in front of her chest to catch it. After the little fiery burning man broke free of Chen Xi's control, it became violent and fierce, as if it had just gone crazy.

Even though the short-haired woman was ready for it, her expression still couldn't help but change drastically upon catching it. Her forehead became drenched in sweat. However, she still gritted her teeth and continued trying to control the little fiery burning man.

The little fiery burning man was also going all-out and trying everything to break free, and the whole lounge's temperature rose in the process. After just ten seconds passed, the crowd noticed that the little fiery burning man would shortly break free of the short-haired woman's grip.

However, she still managed to persist for four or five seconds more before the little fiery burning man managed to break free from her completely.

The little fiery burning man started flying around without any restraints. Many people couldn't evade it in time, and the whole place descended into chaos.

"Come back!" Chen Xi wore a sharp look and waved her jade-like hand in the air, pulling the little fiery burning man back toward her and detaining it in her palm.

If they compared her performance to the short-haired woman's, they would come to see how amazing the Elixir Emperor's disciple was.

The short-haired woman was quite dejected, and the Ice Spirit Clan's saintess went to her and comforted her.

"You don't need to brood over it. Even in the Three Upper Realms, you'll have met the average standard by passing ten seconds," Chen Xi said.

The Elixir Fire Union's members were still slightly dejected, while the Elixir Association's members became excited. They all looked forward to their representative's performance and hoped for him to achieve something good.

"Are you ready?" Chen Xi looked towards him.

"Yes." The man next to Yan Ruyu stood up and nodded while looking at the little fiery burning man.

"Go there!" The little fiery burning man started flying toward the man.

The man's palms started burning with raging flames before he even caught the little fiery burning man, and it seemed like he also wanted to try restraining it from both below and above with his hands.

When the little fiery burning man fell into his palms, it seemed like the process was strenuous for the man, and even his blue veins popped out.

Upon witnessing this, the Heaven Alchemists present there realized that it wasn't the short-haired woman who was too mediocre; it was just that the little fiery burning man was too terrifying.

Several more seconds quickly passed, and when the man was about to reach his limit, he let go of it, throwing the little fiery burning man back to Chen Xi.

He had managed to persist for the same time as the short-haired woman, and there wasn't any disparity between them. Even though Chen Xi had stated that their achievement was acceptable, those people were the most outstanding representatives of the Elixir Fire Union and Elixir Association, yet they still could only meet the minimum standard. How would the other people behind them fare?


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