The Brilliant Fighting Master
796 Soul Attack
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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796 Soul Attack

Jiang Chen didn't need a ranking list to understand how outstanding those people were. It was because just knowing whether their cultivation was at the early, middle, or late stage wasn't enough to judge who was strongest among them. It was because it could be seen from a single look that these people were all Spirits.

Jiang Zhe sent a sound transmission to him. "Don't trouble yourself with looking around. You won't get an opportunity to fight with them, because you'll be defeated by me before then."

This genius of the Jiang family just stood calmly there. He had jade-like fair skin, cinnamon-like red lips, sword-like sharp brows, and star-like eyes. He was neither a Spirit nor a Half-Spirit, yet his aura wasn't any weaker than the Spirits next to him.

"After comparing you to those people, I lost most of my anticipation to defeat you." Jiang Chen wouldn't let himself be outdone. His words weren't just provoking, but even belittling Jiang Zhe.

Jiang Zhe's expression became unsightly upon hearing this, and his black eyes shone brightly like an unsheathed sharp sword.

At that moment, Jiang Chen saw a sharp sword flying at him, and he was surprised when he discovered that the others weren't capable of seeing it. It was only those next to him who could detect it.

When the sword energy was just about to penetrate Jiang Chen's heart, Xia Yiming snorted coldly, his powerful aura vibrating, and destroyed the sword.

Jiang Zhe furrowed his brows and looked in surprise at Xia Yiming. Xia Yiming's gaze became ardent as he looked back at Jiang Zhe. When the latter met his gaze, his expression changed drastically.

"You're still a great deal weaker than me," Jiang Zhe said to Jiang Chen, but he didn't take any other actions.

"Do you have a feud with him?" Xia Yiming asked.

"I'm Young Master Feng," Jiang Chen said. He didn't need to hide this matter.

Xia Yiming understood everything. He was aware of Young Master Feng's affair with the Jiang family.

"Doesn't this mean that you'll need to carry out a Divine Martial Trial with him in the Title Battle?" Xia Yiming's expression changed several times, it was filled with hesitation for a while, and then worry after.

"That's right." Jiang Chen understood why he had asked such a question. Jiang Zhe's former attack was a soul attack. This was a technique that only powerful Celestial Venerables could master.

"Jiang Zhe's power isn't limited to just this. Are you confident about it?"

"I still don't know how's Jiang Zhe's true power, so I can only do my best and go all-out against him," Jiang Chen said.

"You're really acting recklessly." Worry appeared on Xia Yiming's face when he heard Jiang Chen's reply.

"You don't need to worry about it."

Although Jiang Zhe's former attack technique had seemed mysterious, it wasn't like Jiang Chen hadn't been capable of blocking it, but he still couldn't do so without leaving any traces behind.

This was what Jiang Zhe was after; he wanted him to make a fool out of himself.

On that day, everyone wanted to meet the Elixir Emperor's disciple in their best state, and if Jiang Chen ended up slamming some of the objects there and throwing them, he would end making a disturbance, and that was disrespectful.

A soul attack? I can also use it, Jiang Chen thought. This was one of a Celestial Venerables' techniques, and it was only because he had advanced to this realm recently that he hadn't had enough time to learn it.

However, upon witnessing Jiang Zhe and Xia Yiming using it one after the other, he felt like he understood the principles behind it.

"I'll give it a try." Jiang Chen couldn't help but get angry when he looked at Jiang Zhe's arrogant face. The way one used a soul attack wasn't any different than activating the Heaven Eye, but the skills required for it were different.

This was the first time he had tried, yet he ended up succeeding on the spot. The spring in his mind started flowing out, and countless sharp blades shot out of his eyes. They all advanced forward, charging at Jiang Zhe.

Jiang Zhe hadn't expected that Jiang Chen would dare to attack back. He was greatly infuriated, but he still couldn't let it show on his face.

Jiang Zhe took a deep breath, and the air around him started changing quietly. He sent another sharp sword, intending to use it to extinguish all of Jiang Chen's blades.

However, Jiang Chen unexpectedly merged the blades together and turned them into a complete sword, which quickly reached Jiang Zhe.

When surprise had just appeared in Jiang Zhe's gaze, the table before him broke apart, and the wine glasses on it were shattered. Jiang Zhe activated his Protective Dipper Energy, and his black hair started dancing.

"Young Master Jiang Zhe, what are you doing?" Jiang Chen asked earnestly.

The other people in the lounge cast gazes filled with curiosity, confusion, and mockery at him. He ended up causing such a disturbance in such a tense atmosphere. He really had made a joke out of himself and lost face. Moreover, Jiang Zhe was someone who valued his image greatly.

"Brother Jiang Zhe, were you too nervous because you'll get to meet the Elixir Emperor's disciple shortly?" Fang Wentian, who took Jiang Zhe for his greatest enemy, wouldn't waste such an opportunity and immediately mocked him.

Jiang Zhe's Protective Dipper Energy dissipated gradually, while his gaze was still locked on Jiang Chen. He hadn't imagined that Jiang Chen was more proficient in soul attacks than him, hence why he ended up suffering a moment before because he had underestimated him.

However, he couldn't state the truth. He couldn't state that he was weaker than Jiang Chen. He just stood there quietly while the Elixir Emperor's ship crew changed his chair with another and set up more wine glasses.

"Thank you for your trouble." Jiang Zhe's tense expression changed for the better, and he expressed his thanks to the woman in front of him. Upon facing such a handsome man, the face of the Elixir Emperor Ship's woman became flushed, and she quickly stated that she didn't mind.

Jiang Zhe raised a wine glass and drank the contents in one gulp. When he lowered the goblet, he looked at Fang Wentian and said, "Brother Fang, weren't you staying in Treasure City all along as a guest?"

Upon hearing him, Fang Wentian's expression stiffened. Such a dark history was a great humiliation to him. He had lost the wager with Young Master Feng and hadn't had enough money to pay off a faction in Treasure City. It was only when his family paid them that he was released.

Jiang Zhe had mentioned this matter on purpose because he wanted to embarrass him.

However, Fang Wentian still didn't have a falling-out with him because he couldn't forget their position now. He said, "Since I was just a guest there, I obviously had to leave one day."

Jiang Zhe just plastered on a fake smile in response and didn't say anything further.

"Jiang Chen, your soul attack defeated his. That's really shocking," Xia Yiming said in surprise.

"It's just because he didn't expect it and wasn't prepared for it." Even Jiang Chen hadn't imagined that his soul attack's effect would be that great.

"No, since you managed to achieve such a matter, it's obvious that your soul is powerful." Xia Yiming shook his head, and said, "I now believe that you're capable of fighting against him."

Before Jiang Chen replied, the sound of footsteps could be heard from outside the lounge. The Elixir Emperor Ship's women entered one after another, forming two lines.

When the Elixir Emperor's disciple entered, she stood in the middle of this group of women. She was a woman, like the rumors said. She was twenty-five-years-old, had beautiful facial features, long hair, and a slim body, as well as straight long legs.

She disregarded the ardent gazes of the people present there and just wore a faint smile at the corners of her mouth. She walked to the front seat and sat there gracefully.

"Sirs, sit down!" Her voice was pleasant, captivating, and anyone would enjoy listening to it. All the talented youngsters present there took looks at each other before they sat down again.

"I invited ten people from both the Elixir Fire Union and Elixir Association just because I wanted to have an understanding of their skill levels so that I could set three appropriate tests for them, yet you all have almost filled my ship to capacity," the Elixir Emperor's disciple said.

She was a woman, yet her aura wasn't any weaker than anyone else's there, and from the moment she entered until she sat down, she held a leading and dominant role.

Upon hearing her, the crowd didn't know what they should say in reply, because they couldn't understand what she had in mind, hence why they didn't dare to speak out of turn.

"The Elixir Emperor is the Three Middle Realms' pride, and since his disciple came personally to Heaven Divine City, we wouldn't dare to neglect and ignore him." There was still a silver-tongued person who spoke.

"That's right. You don't need to care about us, and you can just continue doing what you want. We will surely not disturb you."

"The Elixir Emperor's disciple? Is this the title you chose for me?" The woman revealed a crafty smile, and the crowd was left at a loss for words once again.


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