The Brilliant Fighting Master
794 The Ice Spirit Clan’s Sain
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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794 The Ice Spirit Clan’s Sain

Upon witnessing how resolute Jiang Chen was, Yang Jingchi didn't continue trying to persuade him. He just asked him to be careful so people wouldn't make trouble for him.

"I will be careful." Jiang Chen was quite grateful to him for his concern and kindness.

In the evening, Heaven Divine City started bustling with noise and excitement, and the whole city was brightly lit. Its countless grand and majestic buildings seemed even more magnificent as the lights shone upon them, and they seemed like heavenly divine palaces.

A luxurious great ship was floating in the sky, and beautiful music was echoing from it. Also, 16 pretty female dancers were dancing in the sky. They had alluring curves and their clothes fluttered in the wind.

This was the Heaven Divine City famous Flying Immortal Pavilion. It was a restaurant open just for cultivators. Ordinary people couldn't get into it and enjoy its services. In the past, the Flying Immortal Pavilion was the most eye-catching place in Heaven Divine City, and many famous people could be seen going into it or leaving it. However, on this night, all of its limelight was stolen away from it.

This was because the Elixir Emperor's ship was also tremendous and was overflowing with a splendid radiance. It seemed quite dazzling in such a dark night sky. The Elixir Emperor hadn't come here personally, but his disciple had come, driving his ship. The disciple's arrival was also quite significant, and many people gathered in the city district beneath the Elixir Emperor's ship.

A beam of light was emanating from the ship, and it illuminated the whole city district. People weren't allowed to fly in Heaven Divine City. Therefore, if they wanted to get on the ship, they could only fly through this light beam. This was why many people came and gathered here.

They weren't all qualified to get onto the ship, but they still wanted to witness who would come. There were 20 guests invited from the Elixir Association and the Elixir Fire Union, and they all could bring their friends with them onto the boat to meet the Elixir Emperor's disciple.

Many influential figures of the Three Middle Realms were attracted here by such an opportunity, and all the people present on the streets could feast their eyes on them. It was especially the case since many eye-catching peerless geniuses were present here. They all wore dazzling Spirit Clothes and had visible auras of various colors, which formed colored halos that followed them around. After one's cultivation method was cultivated to the extreme, one's power would seep from the body and form such an unusual phenomenon.

They could all reveal or hide such phenomena, but it was a symbol of their status. Since they were now going to attend a banquet, they would surely not hide it. Some of them even went all-out and used it fully.

The eyes of the Spirit Clan's geniuses shone in the divine light, and no one could look at them directly.

When Jiang Chen arrived, bringing the Ji family's sisters with him here, he seemed mediocre and ordinary in comparison to the others.

"Are you going to attend the banquet like that?" Yan Ruyu appeared suddenly before him. She had dressed specially for this occasion. She seemed beautiful and graceful.

"These are the best clothes I have." Jiang Chen didn't care about her and just shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. Although what he stated was really true, the set of clothes he was wearing was left to him by the Flame Emperor.

"Won't you look for several friends?" Yan Ruyu couldn't understand at all what was going on in his head.

"Can't you see my friends?" Jiang Chen asked.

It was only then that Yan Ruyu noticed the Ji family's sisters. They both valued the meeting with the Elixir Emperor's disciple more than Jiang Chen did, and they both dressed up well for it after they were invited by Jiang Chen. However, those two sisters came from the Desolate Land, and Yan Ruyu couldn't take a liking to them.

"You will just bring shame upon the Elixir Association," Yan Ruyu spoke coldly.

"Miss Yan, I really appreciate your boldness, but this doesn't mean that you are entitled to criticize or order me around like you want, and it's especially the case for insulting my friends." Jiang Chen wasn't polite because this woman really couldn't tell good from the bad.

Yan Ruyu just snorted coldly in response and didn't really listen to what he had just said.

"Wow!" All of a sudden, the whole street went into an uproar, and all the people's gazes fell upon a person. It was a woman clothed in pure white clothes. She seemed like a fairy, who had just descended into the mortal world. When she came onto this street, its temperature, which was cold because they were in winter, turned even more chilling.

"She is the Ice Spirit Clan's saint." Someone announced her status.

Jiang Chen's expression changed drastically, and he quickly looked over there. He discovered in surprise that the Ice Spirit Clan's saint's whole body was engulfed by chilly fog, and one couldn't get a clear look at her features.

"Senior sister?" Jiang Chen couldn't determine whether it was really the case, but his heart still couldn't help but thump faster.

"Regardless of how aloof you think you are from all material pursuits, if you can accompany the saint, you will catch everyone's attention, and no one can look down upon you then," Yan Ruyu couldn't help but speak when she saw him in such a state.

The crowd noticed that the alchemist accompanying the saint was a female alchemist from the Elixir Fire Union. They both went into the light beam and started flying along with the other people into the Elixir Emperor's ship.

"What a cold aura! This is just what she's emitting unconsciously. So, if she makes an attack, wouldn't she be able to freeze a whole region?"

"The Ice Spirit Clan's saint is obviously outstanding."

"She's one of the Three Middle Realms' apex young geniuses."

"I really hope that the Title Battle will start soon."

Many voices drifted to Jiang Chen's ears, as he looked at the back of the Ice Spirit Clan's saint.

Jiang Chen let out a breath, controlled his impulses, and didn't rush forward. Regardless of whether she was really his senior sister or not, this street wasn't a good place to meet with her.

Afterward, many people equally as famous as the Ice Spirit Clan's saint arrived. They were all shrouded by divine light, and strange phenomena followed them around. They were all extremely powerful.

"They are really powerful," Jiang Chen thought inwardly. He felt quite pressured when he saw these people.

Soon, the hateful Heaven Alchemist, who he had met earlier, came along with Pang Xiong. There were several people with outstanding bearings next to them. Their group didn't hurry onto the ship, and Pang Xiong's sharp gaze swept the whole crowd before landing on Jiang Chen.

Yan Ruyu quickly left. She was aware that they would cause trouble for Jiang Chen, and she didn't want to be implicated in it. She was quite close to the Elixir Association's other nine competitors, and she came up to talk to Jiang Chen just because she couldn't stand him.

"Why isn't there anyone next to the guy titled the youngest Heaven Alchemist?" Pang Xiong spoke provokingly. Pang Xiong didn't walk toward Jiang Chen but just shouted from far away. All the people in the street were taken aback, and they all followed Pang Xiong's gaze and looked at Jiang Chen. The people present in the street who were next to him quickly distanced themselves from him.

Jiang Chen walked forward and said, "It only means that some people are blind."

"You know what I mean. So, why are you this reluctant to admit it?" Pang Xiong spoke disdainfully. The people he was talking about weren't the likes of the Ji family's sisters, but famous and influential people. Most people wanted to get a chance to meet the Elixir Emperor's disciple, and it was normal for them to go to befriend the 20 Heaven Alchemists. However, they didn't get to see any of them next to Jiang Chen, and people couldn't help but feel like no one took a liking to him because he was too mediocre.

As a matter of fact, many people had come to look for Jiang Chen on this day, but they were all rejected by him. However, other people didn't know it, and they didn't believe that Jiang Chen would really make such a decision.

Pang Xiong took advantage of such an opportunity to crack down on him. "Let me introduce them to you, those are the Western Palace School's ten great disciples," Pang Xiong spoke proudly. All the people who had come with him wore prideful expressions, and they all looked down upon Jiang Chen.

"So what?" Jiang Chen couldn't understand why he was this proud of this.

"Since this was the case, it demonstrated that you aren't qualified to be a Heaven Alchemist, so you...." Pang Xiong couldn't help but state this.

However, before he managed to finish his speech, the crowd's attention was diverted.

A group of people could be seen flying quickly in the dark night sky. Their dark golden auras formed nine divine dragons around them, and they were all flying in the sky while roaring.

"The Blood Shadow Dynasty's people!"

Besides the Elixir Emperor's ship and the Flying Immortal Pavilion, the only other people allowed to fly in the Heaven Divine City were the Three Middle Realms' overlords, the Blood Shadow Dynasty.

"It's the nine dragons' aura. It must be a prince who has come here."

The crowd was shocked when they saw the ring of light formed by their auras.

"Jiang Chen, long time, no see!" A familiar-sounding voice drifted over from this team, which stopped in the street.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》