The Brilliant Fighting Master
789 Regretting One’s Past Deeds
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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789 Regretting One’s Past Deeds

Jiang Chen's attack speed reached an indescribable level, as he instantly appeared in front of the butler before the latter had time to respond.


Jiang Chen's left fist struck the butler, but the latter just stood there without moving. It really seemed like the most normal outcome of a Celestial Venerable's attack against a Great Venerable. However, Situ Feng, who was standing not far from them, discovered that the butler's body had stiffened, and he could faintly hear a sound similar to what a jammed spring would emit.

He widened his eyes and stared at them. He witnessed that the veins in Jiang Chen's right arm were giving off a radiance that was concentrated in his fist, passed through it into the butler, and was left inside his chest.

When Jiang Chen drew back his arm, his right arm's veins, as well as the butler's chest, started shining. It was like five cavities were opened in the latter's chest, and they all shone in radiances of different colors. The butler was trying to stick out his chest, and he opened his mouth wide to speak, but he couldn't emit the slightest sound. Then the butler's body started being torn apart from the five cavities inside him. He, a solemn Great Venerable, disintegrated into pieces like a torn painting, and his blood spluttered off into the sky.

"He is dead."

Situ Feng and the Divine Infantry were all dumbfounded. Jiang Chen had killed him instantly with a single punch, and there hadn't been any suspense at all in their confrontation.

"Let's run away." After two seconds, people came back to their senses, and they all started fleeing in different directions.

"Come back!" Jiang Chen shouted after them, while a powerful force erupted out of his fiery eyes, which pulled back all the people against their wills.

"Please spare us!"

"Don't kill us!"

"Jiang Chen, this is just a misunderstanding!"

The Divine Infantry and Situ Feng started begging for forgiveness in sobbing tones. 

"You should all run there." Jiang Chen pointed at the Xiahou family's manor and spoke coldly, "You should all inform Lord Xiahou that I will surely pay him a visit next time if he catches my interest."

"Understood! Understood! Understood!." As long as Jiang Chen didn't kill them, they would be willing to do anything, let alone just notify someone.

"Get lost!"

Upon hearing his angry shout, the people were all scared witless, and they all ran away frantically. After they had all left and were far away, Jiang Chen pressed the Divine Fire Ring and his Divine Body went back to normal.

"I ended up using just a tenth of its power. The Fire Meteorite is really a nice treasure."

If he didn't need to hurry into Heaven Divine City, Jiang Chen might even have tried using the other four supreme treasures.


In the Xiahou family's manor, Lord Xiahou was walking around in circles in a courtyard, and he seemed quite anxious.

"Master, Butler Feng already went there personally and, as long as he can find Jiang Chen, he will surely manage to get back the treasures."

A sweet beauty next to him was trying to comfort him, but sadly it was not helping at all.

"Since Jiang Chen could decipher the secret room's channel secret, he may have already fled. Moreover, we don't have any proof and, once he has converged with the Elixir Association, it will be too late to do anything," Lord Xiahou said.

It was at this moment that a servant came to report a matter. He stated that someone had news to pass to him.

"Is it about Jiang Chen?" Lord Xiahou was very anxious then, and he didn't notice that the servant was wearing an odd look.

"It's about Jiang Chen. Butler Feng found his tracks in Cloud End Mountain."

"Ha, ha, so it turned out that he's hiding in Cloud End Mountain? Good, very good!"

Lord Xiahou finally managed to calm down. As long as he could find him in the Xiahou family's domain, he wouldn't need to worry about anything.

He went toward the front palace,where he ran into Xiahou Xue, who came up to him anxiously.

"Father, can you please bestow Jiang Chen's sword on me?" Xiahou said. She hadn't forgotten her lover's request.

"It doesn't matter, it's just a sword," Lord Xiahou replied nonchalantly. He couldn't even imagine that what his daughter wanted was a Doctrine Artifact.

This father-and-daughter pair didn't realize at all what had really occurred. Moreover, even the other arrogant members of the Xiahou family hadn't taken Jiang Chen seriously. Thus, when they reached the front palace and witnessed the miserable state of Situ Feng, as well as the Divine Infantry, they were all shocked.

"What happened?" Lord Xiahou asked.

The soldiers of the Divine Infantry just glanced at each other in response. They didn't dare to reply at all.

"Where is Feng Renjie?" Lord Xiahou had an increasingly bad feeling as he witnessed such a scene, and he asked about the butler's whereabouts.

"Master, Butler Feng fought to the death," a Divine Infantry soldier replied. Stating that he fought to the death was just a nice way of reporting his death; as in fact he was instantly killed by a single punch.

"What!" Lord Xiahou was so startled that he drew back four or five steps. His face was filled with shock, as well as anger. The Xiahou family couldn't ignore the loss of a Great Venerable.

"Who did it? Was it someone from the Elixir Association? The Elixir Association dared to attack us?" Lord Xiahou spoke angrily.

"It was done by Jiang Chen alone, but it could be said that he had gotten his teacher's aid...." Situ Feng said.

Upon hearing this, an uproar arose in the manor. All the people started wagging their tongues and discussing it.

"Brother Feng, why did you follow them there too?" Xiahou asked in confusion.

Situ Feng smiled bitterly. He had wanted to intercept Jiang Chen and steal the Ancient Sword; however, he did not expect that he couldn't withstand even a single blow from Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen managed to defeat me without even using his whole power," Situ Feng shouted.

"How is this possible?" Xiahou Xue's face turned pale. She had believed all along that Jiang Chen couldn't touch Situ Feng. She wouldn't have scorned him if she had realized how powerful he was.

"It's because you are too useless." Lord Xiahou was getting more and more infuriated by what he had just heard.

"Are you sure that's the case? Even your family's Great Venerable was killed by just a single punch from him," Situ Feng smiled bitterly and spoke.

"Impossible!" How could Lord Xiahou believe this?

"Master, it is really the truth." The soldier of the Divine Infantry nodded and informed him of everything they had gone through, as well as what Jiang Chen asked them to inform Lord Xiahou about.

"The Flame Emperor...the Flame Emperor is still alive...?"

Lord Xiahou's knees went soft, and he almost fell to the ground. After a long while, he shouted in a sharp voice, "That damned Jiang family!"

If the Jiang family hadn't supplied him with false intelligence, he wouldn't have treated Jiang Chen in such a way. Now, it wasn't important whether the Flame Emperor was really dead or not, what was important was that he was capable of providing his followers with enough power to instantly kill a Great Venerable.

Moreover, Jiang Chen had stated that he would pay them a visit later.

As he thought of all this, Lord Xiahou felt like he could see the beautiful manor, constructed by him with such meticulous care, being destroyed among a sea of flames.

"What should we do?" Lord Xiahou was out of his wits, and he didn't know what he should do.

"Xue'er, Xue'er..." Lord Xiahou grabbed his daughter's shoulders suddenly and spoke excitedly, "...if Jiang Chen really comes, I hope that you can apologize to him and compensate him."

"What should I...."

Xiahou Xue didn't realize what he meant at first, and it was only after a moment that she realized that her father wanted to hand her over to Jiang Chen to quell his anger. As for how she would quell it, she was clearly aware of it. However, the issue was whether Jiang Chen would take a liking to her?

Jiang Chen had already defeated Situ Feng, and if he was really a follower of a Martial Sovereign she wouldn't possess anything good in comparison to him besides her outer appearance.

When Situ Feng heard what this father-and-daughter pair had stated, he just left quietly. He wasn't willing to stay anymore.

"You mustn't divulge to anyone what happened here today," Gongsun Wuxie warned Situ Feng.

Situ Feng didn't want to inform anyone of this day's humiliation, but he still didn't know why Lord Xiahou had warned him. However, when he thought about Lord Xiahou's character and how he would always try to harm others even if it wouldn't benefit him, he understood everything.

Lord Xiahou wanted more people to suffer from trusting the Jiang family's intelligence. Then there would be more people reproaching the Jiang family.


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