The Brilliant Fighting Master
788 My Majesty Died
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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788 My Majesty Died

"How dare a guy like you claim you could make a big force rise?" Waving both of his swords, Jiang Chen gazed at Situ Feng, who was grimacing in pain, while watching the golden light vanish.

The spirit method was powerful indeed, but he was only a Half Spirit, so he couldn't exert all of its power.

Situ Feng might have been stronger than Young Master Shenji. However, Jiang Chen found it easier to deal with him than dealing with Young Master Shenji. The fighting power he had put into both fights was almost the same.

"It was thanks to your Doctrine Artifacts! What else do you have?!" Situ Feng said, reluctant to admit his defeat.

"Should everyone have to get naked before they start a fight?" Jiang Chen said in a mocking tone.

It was even allowed to use Doctrine Artifacts in a fair duel. Although no external forces were allowed in a duel according to the rules, one could use whatever weapon he had.

"Just kill me if you want. Someone from the Ancient Sword's Authentic Sect will revenge me!"

"Aren't you the headmaster? There's someone else to revenge you?" Jiang Chen said, amused.

Situ Feng was struck dumb by him. Pretty embarrassed, he lowered his head.

"I see." Jiang Chen saw through him. He said, "You told Xue'er you were the headmaster so that she would fall for you. Well, you probably did the right thing. For such a powerful family, it'd be impossible to walk into her house without a proper identity."

"Huh, and you were driven away only because Lord Xiahou didn't want to pay for the treatment he had received."

"Oh?" Jiang Chen gave it a thought. It did seem reasonable.

Not until the last day did Lord Xiahou believe he had been cured. As stingy as he was, he certainly wanted Jiang Chen to be his son-in-law so that he wouldn't have to pay Jiang Chen.

However, he had heard the news from the Jiangs in the end...

"I was thinking about you, and now you're here for real." Turning around, Jiang Chen saw the Xiahous' team approach.

"Hahahaha." Situ Feng, who had been defeated, burst out laughing. He knew Jiang Chen was in big trouble.

"Jiang Chen, give me the things." The butler came to himself from the shock, not forgetting about his task. He didn't take the Celestial Venerable before him seriously. He was a great Venerable leading an elite team of the Xiahous. That was far more than enough to deal with Jiang Chen.

"What are the things?" Pretending he didn't understand what the butler was talking about, Jiang Chen looked puzzled.

"Stop playing dumb. You know what the things are."

Curling his lip, the butler said in anger, "Do you want me to catch and search you, then interrogate and torture you?"

"I really don't know what you're talking about. Are you accusing me of stealing? Do you have any evidence? Or is it only because I'm from the Three Lower Realms that you think I'm a thief?" Jiang Chen didn't think it was a big deal, although he was confronting a great Venerable.

"You think I can't do anything to you because you're a Heaven Alchemist? The Elixir Association is a special organization. However, if it was their alchemists who were wrong, the Elixir Association wouldn't do anything to protect them." The butler was sure it was Jiang Chen who had taken the things. He didn't need any evidence at all.

"You want to deal with a Heaven Alchemist from the Elixir Association without any evidence?" said Jiang Chen.

"What we say will be the evidence," the butler said coldly.

Jiang Chen tumbled to the realization. These people planned to take him down without giving him any chance to speak to the Elixir Association. The Xiahous could just tell the Elixir Association whatever they wanted if they were questioned.

That was why they were going to deal with Jiang Chen no matter whether they had the evidence or not. After realizing this, Jiang Chen felt quite unhappy, although he actually had taken those things.

"The Xiahous are so unreasonable. You have neither evidence nor witnesses, but you want to kill me. What if I risk my life to fight back?" When the question was asked, Jiang Chen's black eyes looked pretty cold.

Situ Feng, standing far away, was confused by Jiang Chen, since he felt the latter had just threatened a grand Venerable.

"Take him down!" The butler was shocked, then he was quite annoyed. He waved his hand without saying anything more.

The armed Venerable soldiers behind him surged on like a wave from his left and right sides.

"The Divine Infantry... What on earth did he steal? The Xiahous are so serious about it." Situ Feng was surprised to see these armed soldiers. He was also deeply scared.

"I only came here for the sword, but it seems that the Xiahous are going to kill the Heaven Alchemist. I should leave as soon as possible."

Situ Feng turned to leave. He wasn't in the mood to watch them fighting.

However, appearing before him like a ghost, the butler said in an oppressive tone, "Young Master Situ. I've got a message for you from our young lady. Please hold on for a minute."

He was still wearing the butler uniform, but his face was pulled long, and there was a cold flash sparkling in his eyes.

Smiling bitterly, Situ Feng had no choice but to stay.

On the other side, the Xiahous' Divine Infantry had assembled their formation. They were dashing towards Jiang Chen overwhelmingly. They had forty or fifty Venerables who were dreadful when they fought together, although they only had a few Celestial Venerables.

And they moved very fast. Called the Divine Infantry, they came up to Jiang Chen in just an instant.

"Hehe." Jiang Chen smiled coldly, then his body enlarged a few times. Thunder kept rumbling. His black hair was dancing wildly.

Aided by the holy method, the power of the sword realm of wind and fire was fully exerted. He dashed into the formation of the Divine Infantry.

The sounds of yells and clashes kept coming. Among the soldiers in armor, Jiang Chen looked like a Celestial Venerable with endless power. He never stopped brandishing his two swords.

The Divine Infantry was utterly defeated. They kept falling, and more and more of them were screaming.

"He really didn't go all-out when fighting me." Situ Feng felt desperate. His pride of being a Half Spirit was completely shattered.

"Useless things!" Upon seeing the Divine Infantry suffering a huge loss, the butler had to join the fight in person. "I counted on you to investigate who was backing Jiang Chen, but in the end, he's using you to make a show of himself."

It turned out that the butler had thought Jiang Chen had someone behind him since he looked so confident, so he intended to use the Divine Infantry to give Jiang Chen some pressure.

Although the Divine Infantry wasn't doing so well, the butler had an answer. Jiang Chen wouldn't have had to try so hard if there was someone behind him.

He was injured as well while fighting with the Divine Infantry, and there were dangerous moments for him, too. However, the butler didn't perceive any abnormal energies around him throughout the whole process. He was relieved when he recalled that this was the Xiahous' territory.

"Jiang Chen, go to hell! Don't think we can't kill you!" The butler was quite cruel. He wanted to kill Jiang Chen for real.

Jiang Chen wasn't scared at all, because he deeply believed that the Xiahous wouldn't kill him. By that point, the butler wanted to see how Jiang Chen would react.

"That's great. I'll do whatever I can, too... to kill you!" Jiang Chen looked up, with a cold smile on his face.

Then an unusual change happened to the Divine Fire Ring again. All of Jiang Chen's blood vessels glittered, along with which his skin also changed.

"What's that?!" The butler had a hunch that something bad was going to happen. He smelled danger from Jiang Chen.

"Do you really think My Majesty died?!" Jiang Chen said in a deep voice, but it was the Flame Emperor's voice. He did so intentionally to give his enemy a scare.

"Martial Sovereign? Martial Sovereign!" The butler turned pale and started sweating heavily, as if he had just woken up from a nightmare.

It was he who had heard the news from the Jiangs. As a result, he was the one who could believe what he had heard the least.

Jiang Chen launched an attack, not giving him any chance to verify whether it was true or false. As a Celestial Venerable, he attacked a great Venerable for the first time. His eyes were so red that it looked he would melt the whole world.


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