The Brilliant Fighting Master
787 A World-protecting Divine Ligh
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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787 A World-protecting Divine Ligh

Thanks to Jiang Chen's improvement, the Fire Meteorite wouldn't have to be used up all in one go.


The small mountains near Jiang Chen were totally collapsed. The terrain was completely changed. Dust raised by the collapse flew up into the air.

"This way, even if great Venerables come to attack me, I won't be scared!" Jiang Chen couldn't hide his excitement. He was in a good mood.

However, he turned pale when something suddenly occurred to him. He hadn't paid any attention to the flow of time, so he had no idea how long had passed.

Only five days had actually passed, but for him, it could have been five months, too.

Just when he was going to travel to the Heaven Divine City as soon as possible, an energy light was approaching him at high speed from not far away.

Jiang Chen threw it a glance since it felt familiar. When it was close enough, he recalled who it was, and he was sure that man had come for him. It was Xiahou Xue's lover, the headmaster of the Ancient Sword Authentic Sect.

The guy must have been wandering about looking for Jiang Chen so that he could arrive in time. He had tried to intercept Jiang Chen on the way to the Heaven Divine City, but Jiang Chen had never shown up.

Not until this mountain collapsed did he come there as a last resort. And he had been pleasantly surprised.

"Jiang Chen!" He yelled as if he couldn't wait any longer.

However, he soon realized that it was the first time they had met, so he restrained himself a little bit.

"You're Jiang Chen?" he asked.

"You know I am." Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He didn't like this hypocrite at all. He came up with an idea. "Are you here waiting for me, Headmaster of the Ancient Sword Sect?"

"How do you know?!" The youngster was very surprised. He looked like he had seen a ghost.

"It was Xue'er who told me. Who else could it have been? You sent her to spy on me, but she fell for me. You didn't expect that, did you?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

"Liar!" The youngster's pupils dilated. He didn't believe it.

"Otherwise, how would I know you would be here to intercept me? I intentionally didn't show up, because I wanted to wait until you left. However, the mountain sold me out." Jiang Chen showed a face of pity and helplessness.

He glanced at the youngster again. He was panting, and his face looked ferocious. No man would allow such a disgrace to happen to him.

"You want to know where we were when Xue'er told me about this?" Seeing him reacting like this, Jiang Chen was amused.

This guy had betrayed the Ancient Sword Sect and insulted him the other day. He certainly had to teach the guy a lesson.

The youngster looked up and stared at him. He wanted to ask something, but he didn't dare.

"Xue'er is so beautiful, but you never wanted her. Well, I took my chance and got her. Thank you very much," Jiang Chen said.

"Aah!" What Jiang Chen had mentioned was a secret between Xiahou Xue and him. He had to believe Jiang Chen.

Snarling, he dashed towards Jiang Chen at high speed. A golden light was emitted from his closed fists. They were surprisingly powerful, as strong as the power hidden in an abyss or a sea.

Wearing boxing gloves, he was skilled at fist and palm attacks. Holding the Red Cloud Sword in hand, Jiang Chen charged forward head-on.

The flames on the blade were burning fiercely. They flew across the air, dragging a trail that looked like a fire dragon.

"You think that since you killed Young Master Shenji, you'll able to defeat me as well?" Upon seeing his moves, the youngster showed a cruel smile. Although he was just a Celestial Venerable in the middle stage, he was actually more powerful than Young Master Shenji.

And Jiang Chen knew that.

As a result, when the two met, thunder rumbled and lightning flashed, and he disappeared from where he had been. The youngster's punch hit nothing, while at the same time, a wave hot enough to melt people came from his left side.

"You think I went all-out when I was fighting with Young Master Shenji?" With his mocking voice, the flame momentum of the sword erupted.

With his hands over his chest to protect himself, the youngster was sent flying. The flames were still burning on him.

A Celestial Venerables' Protective Dipper Energy protected him from possible harm, and he managed to steady himself quickly.

"Filled with fury. Underestimating the enemy." The youngster read in a low voice. He inhaled deeply and then exhaled with effort.

"You know." Calming down, he said slowly with a sharp look, "I actually came here to take the Heavenly Fault Sword, but now, I'm going to take your life, too."

"How are you going to take it? Since when is the Heavenly Fault Sword yours? You're not even a betrayer of the Ancient Sword Sect," Jiang Chen said sarcastically.

"The Ancient Sword Sect is stupid and arrogant. They were so greedy and rash that they intruded into the Desolate Forbidden Land to look for treasures. The headmaster and the vice headmaster, along with 36 grand elders, died.

"The Ancient Sword Sect, which used to be so great, was driven into a small desolate land in ten years.

"Now, the Ancient Sword Sect is only a name. They don't actually exist anymore, while the Ancient Sword's Authentic Sect will rise by my hand. By the way, my name is Situ Feng."

The youngster both looked and sounded excited. As he said, he thought he was the chosen one.

Holding his right hand out towards Jiang Chen, he said, "Give me the ancient sword, and I will grant you glory."

"What a sick joke," Jiang Chen said.

"So, this will be your last journey." Situ Feng punched again. It was much more powerful than the previous punch.

The previous one had been formidable indeed, but was still not as good as this one, because not only did he punch, but the world was also illuminated by and shrouded in a golden light as soon as he jumped.

Surrounded by the golden light, Situ Feng looked dreadful. His punch seemed powerful enough to break the sky.

"He's a Half Spirit... It's a spirit method!" Jiang Chen was very surprised. Situ Feng was a Half Spirit, but he had managed to practice the Spirit's own method.

Furthermore, this spirit method was quite powerful. Even a Spirit wouldn't necessarily be able to achieve his level.

"Show me how great you are!" Jiang Chen took out the Heavenly Fault Sword and the two swords that were Doctrine Artifacts. He entered the sword realm of wind and fire.

While the two were in a desperate fight, the Xiahous' butler also arrived with a group of armed soldiers.

"As expected, he hasn't left the Xiahous' territory!"

The butler had been attracted here by the collapse of the mountain, too. He was pleasantly surprised to see Jiang Chen.

Lord Xiahou was sure that Jiang Chen was the one who had stolen everything from his back room, so he had closed the borders of the Xiahous' territory. No one was allowed to leave.

It was quite disturbing that they hadn't found Jiang Chen yet, although so many days had passed. They were afraid that he had escaped secretly.

They saw their target was still there. The butler felt greatly relieved. At the same time, his look became sharper and sharper.

"Is that Situ Feng?" The butler recognized the man fighting with Jiang Chen.

Gazing at the golden light that shrouded the world there, he thought to himself, It's the Metal Spirit's spirit method! I guess I won't have to do anything, then.

Spirit methods were more advanced than martial arts. Or, in other words, it was the highest level that martial arts could reach.

Spirits were born with talents that human beings didn't have. They didn't have to experience a time-consuming and hard exploration to achieve a high level to surpass human beings.

The spirit method that Situ Feng had exerted was A World-protecting Divine Light, which belonged to the Metal Spirit. It was a very powerful spirit method. Its defensive ability was much better than that of the Protective Dipper Energy. It was as oppressive as a mountain during attacks.

Jiang Chen had chosen to confront it head-on. He would definitely die.


However, the butler soon heard a noise that meant the divine light had been overwhelmed. As Jiang Chen advanced, the divine light was like a fragile glass.

"It's impossible!" The butler couldn't believe what he was seeing. They were both Celestial Venerables, and Jiang Chen was actually in a lower state, but a human had defeated a Spirit with such an obvious advantage.

"Doctrine Artifacts! He has two Doctrine Artifacts!"

As a great Venerable, the butler had tumbled to the realization; the sword realm of wind and fire was very destructive already, and with the two Doctrine Artifacts, he was invincible.


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