The Brilliant Fighting Master
786 Everything in the Universe is Conserved
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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786 Everything in the Universe is Conserved

His word filled Jiang Chen with anticipation. However, later, when he had heard the way the Flame Emperor had been talking, he said disappointedly, "So, I still have to count on myself."

The Flame Emperor before him was only a projected image that couldn't be of any actual help. That being said, he could still take advantage of the Divine Fire Ring, powered by the Fire Meteorite and aided by Jiang Chen's Sky-burning Evil Flame and Divine Fire Scripture.

Lifting his chin, the Flame Emperor said confidently, "My Divine Fire Ring isn't only used for us to talk. It can empower you to defeat great Venerables."

Jiang Chen nodded. Without the Divine Fire Ring, even though he had the Sky-burning Evil Flame and the Fire Meteorite, he wouldn't be able to achieve what the Flame Emperor had promised him.

"Let's start," Jiang Chen said.

Then immediately, the Divine Fire Ring smoked, the ring burnt red. Jiang Chen's fingers were hurt, too.

Fortunately, I have the divine body. Otherwise, my fingers would have been burnt up. Jiang Chen felt lucky.

Soon, as the burning flames went back into the Divine Fire Ring, the red ring also went back to normal. Jiang Chen saw the ring was carved with a line of runes that wasn't easy to notice.

"The Divine Fire Ring is ready. I'll teach you how to connect to yourself through the Fire Meteorite." The flames had vanished, and Flame Emperor was also gone, but his voice came from the Divine Fire Ring. Jiang Chen listened to him wholeheartedly.

After a long while, he looked at the Fire Meteorite in his hand in a complicated way, as if he was struggling. As the Flame Emperor said, the Divine Fire Ring could use the Fire Meteorite as fuel. He would have strong power, but it was only temporary. He would lose this strong power after a single use.

And what he consumed was the Fire Meteorite.

"What a waste!" Jiang Chen didn't like the ungrateful Xiahous at all, but he also didn't want a lose-lose situation. It was stupid to kill a thousand enemies by losing eight hundred men. The Fire Meteorite would be of great help if he kept it.

"It's up to you. I've kept my promise! Remember. Don't call me out unless something important arises."

Then he could no longer perceive any of Flame Emperor's energy from the Divine Fire Ring. Why can't I have it both ways? Jiang Chen's eyes lit up after a short hesitation.

He had read numerous mysterious ancient books and records. It was natural that he would come up with such an idea. In his opinion, the Flame Emperor's method was a great waste, as it was quite unnecessary. Since he could take advantage of the Divine Fire Scripture, there was actually a lot that he could do.

"The Divine Fire Scripture is the energy source of the Divine Fire Ring. I can exert the Divine Fire Scripture to drive the Sky-burning Evil Flame."

After thinking it over, Jiang Chen started to work on it. The goal was to put the Fire Meteorite into good use.

An idea occurred to him a day later. "The Fire Meteorite is the most important since it's irreplaceable. If I use the Flame Emperor's way, it's inevitable that I'll consume it.

"However, I won't just use it as fuel. I'll also use it as a practice resource."

This was Jiang Chen's method. That was to say, he could absorb the energy of the Fire Meteorite when he had the strong power from the Fire Meteorite. After he lost the strong power, he would still be improved.

Jiang Chen tried to figure out the principle of the Flame Emperor's way first. Then he thought there was a good chance he could do it.

The Divine Fire Ring was the key—he was going to change the ring.

Time flew by with Jiang Chen immersed in his own world. He neither ate nor drank. He had thousands of ideas in his head.

"Dude, what are you doing?! The Divine Fire Ring means you're qualified for the inheritance. Things will go wrong if you keep destroying its interior structure!" The Flame Emperor was awoken again suddenly, seething with rage.

The flame in the shape of a human body soared to 15 feet high. It was so overwhelming that even the wind and clouds were disturbed.

"Both the design of the Divine Fire Ring and the Divine Fire Scripture have traps in them. Once I get caught in the trap, you'll be the one that decides my life or death. If you disqualify anyone, is spontaneous combustion will occur," Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.

He had had the feeling that there was something odd about the Divine Fire Ring. After investigating, he had found out this was true.

"I certainly need some tricks in this competition of inheritance!" the Flame Emperor said with great confidence. He didn't think it was a big deal.

"What I hate the most is to be calculated and have my life decided by others."

"You're disqualified!"

Flame Emperor flew into a rage. He couldn't stand Jiang Chen anymore. He said in anger, "You can't use the Divine Fire Scripture and the Divine Fire Ring from now on."

"If I insist on using them, what can you do?" Jiang Chen said, smiling.

The burning flames on the Flame Emperor's body soared again. It looked like a god of fire had appeared, churning up the wind and clouds.

Jiang Chen stayed calm. These flames couldn't hurt him at all.


Suddenly, all of the burning flames were sucked back at once. The Flame Emperor went back to his normal size of a human being. The overwhelming and oppressive feeling that had existed in the surroundings also disappeared.

"Great. Great. You just passed another test." The Flame Emperor looked kind and satisfied, like a different person from just now.

Squinting, Jiang Chen wasn't sure whether it was true or only the Flame Emperor's trick to calm him down.

"I know what you're doing, but it's impossible. There's no such thing as having it both ways in the world." The Flame Emperor didn't care whether Jiang Chen believed him or not.

Looking at the Divine Fire Ring and shaking his head, he said, "One way out and one way in, everything in the universe is conserved. You get the strong power from the Divine Fire Ring. This is the way out. At the same time, you want to strengthen yourself. The way out and the way in contradict each other. You'll just be upset for nothing.

"That's exactly what human beings use their wisdom for—to resolve these problems. I don't expect the Fire Meteorite to bring me huge improvements. I only expect it to function as a practice resource to the fullest," Jiang Chen said.

"Good luck then, but don't act recklessly. Once the Divine Fire Ring is damaged, you might not die, but you'll be disqualified for real," the Flame Emperor said.

"I won't." Jiang Chen didn't want to dissociate himself from the Flame Emperor so quickly, either. After all, he was a Martial Sovereign. Even though it was only normal communication between them, Jiang Chen still felt hugely benefited.

Four days later, the Divine Fire Ring kept shining. When Jiang Chen's palm faced up, the ring created a small swirl there. He put the Fire Meteorite on his palm, and it was absorbed in an instant.

The swirl disappeared. The Divine Fire Ring became extremely brilliant. Jiang Chen was caught unprepared by severe pain.

Gnashing his teeth and enduring the pain, he started to read the Divine Fire Scripture to himself. Starting from the finger with the Divine Fire Ring on, his blood vessels turned all kinds of flame colors.

It was his entire arms that changed its color first. Then it was his neck, and then it was his face. In the end, the color of his entire body changed.

When even the tiny blood vessels around his pupils had been affected as well, Jiang Chen opened his eyes. His black eyes were the eyes of fire. There were two flames emitting from them.

The stone mountain before him was burnt up right away, its interior melted. The mountain collapsed, and the whole world was shaking.

Jiang Chen's facial expression changed. He hurried to close his eyes and fly into the air. By then, the blood vessels in his body had also gone back to normal. He beamed when he perceived the warm current flowing in his body.

"I did it!"

The Flame Emperor, who had been observing him, exclaimed, "Dude, you're really something."

What was amazing about Jiang Chen wasn't only that he had done it, but that he had created an unprecedented practice method.

The Fire Meteorite was a rare resource, but it wasn't easy to melt it and absorb its energy. Since this way would help Jiang Chen achieve success in any fight he was involved in, it was almost a way to cheat during fights!


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