The Brilliant Fighting Master
785 Eliminating the Xiahous
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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785 Eliminating the Xiahous

"It can't be. It can't," Lord Xiahou murmured, walking in haste.

Without anyone leading the way, it would be impossible to find the entrance to the back room. On his way, it didn't seem to Lord Xiahou that anyone had broken in. He arrived at the entrance of the back room at the end and walked in.

"Damn it!!!" Then everyone in the manor heard his gut-wrenching scream.

None of the five treasures were there. The back room was empty.


"I've seen many freaks, but I've never seen such a freak," Jiang Chen muttered after leaving the Xiahous.

Why would they even care whether Flame Emperor was dead or not? It had nothing to do with them. It was baffling that they had fallen out with him so suddenly. The fact that he didn't have a clue about it was what made it so annoying.

"Fortunately, it wasn't so bad." Jiang Chen suddenly smiled, patting the bag at his waist. He had taken all five of the treasures. He would just consider them Lord Xiahou's treatment expenses.

Then he thought about his previous life. The First Young Master of the Sacred Zone sometimes charged nothing, and other times charged a lot for the treatments he gave.

If it weren't for me, that freak would have never recovered. Well, at least he didn't lose too much.

Although Jiang Chen knew it was kind of shameless to think this way, he had to admit he felt good about it. He felt even better when wondering how mad Lord Xiahou would be.

Jiang Chen found a place to land and took one of the five treasures out. It was the one that would do good to his Lore of Fire, according to Lord Xiahou. In fact, it was indeed good for his Lore of Fire.

"It was a waste for this family to have the Fire Meteorite. I can't believe it." Classified by the property of treasures, the Fire Meteorite was absolutely one of the best among treasures with the property of fire.

The Fire Meteorite Jiang Chen was holding weighed 15 pounds. As big as a basin, it was quite rare.

The largest Fire Meteorite that Jiang Chen had seen was only as big as an adult's fist. He had even thought it was fake when he saw it for the first time in the back room. However, the reaction of his divine body told him that this Fire Meteorite couldn't be more authentic.

Fire Meteorites came from the Alien World. Unlike average meteorites, they had extremely strong energies. As for how charming it was, Jiang Chen was going to try it.

"Flame Emperor! Flame Emperor!" Jiang Chen patted the Divine Fire Ring, but nothing happened.

Suddenly, large amounts of burning flames were emitted from it. The Flame Emperor took shape from the fire and said in anger, "What made you think you could call me out at will?"

"Check this out." Smiling mysteriously, Jiang Chen took out the Fire Meteorite.

"It's nothing but a... Seriously?! Such a huge Fire Meteorite?!" The Flame Emperor had not taken it seriously at first. He didn't think there could be any good stuff in the Three Middle Realms, but when he saw what it was, his facial expression changed dramatically.

There was surprise and pleasure on that face of fire. He also felt a deep sense of pity, too, because he wouldn't have the chance to use such a wonderful item.

"Where did you get it?"

"I stole it." The Flame Emperor nodded. He said, "Great. Among the many followers I have, I think you're the most promising one."

Jiang Chen didn't take his word seriously. He asked, "Flame Emperor, can all of your bodily forms communicate? You know everything that's happening to your other followers who have a Divine Fire Ring?"

"Dude, stop asking me questions like this. I'm the one who has a say in the tests that my followers will experience. If you ask me something that you shouldn't ask, I'll disqualify you. Be careful about that," the Flame Emperor said unhappily.

"People think you're dead." Jiang Chen told him what Lord Xiahou had said.

"Hahahaha. There was once a Martial Sovereign who spent a thousand years practicing in seclusion. The whole world thought she was dead. But guess what? She was already a Martial Divinity when her seclusion ended. She had killed all of the forces who hadn't taken her descendants seriously." The Flame Emperor didn't mind. He felt like he had heard a big joke.

"It's the Goddess of Empyrean that you are talking about?" Jiang Chen said.

"For real? You even know about her?" The Flame Emperor was shocked. He threw Jiang Chen an odd look.

The person he was talking about was a mystery to the people living in this era, especially for the people living in the Three Middle Realms.

"Do you know where the Goddess of Empyrean is now?!" The Flame Emperor asked.

"Yeah, I know."

"Tell me!" The body of fire of the Flame Emperor was extremely close to Jiang Chen's face. He was eager to know.

Taking a step back, Jiang Chen said, "You don't want to tell me anything, but you want me to tell you everything?"

The Flame Emperor showed an odd expression. Jiang Chen was his inheritor, but he didn't behave like his inheritor at all.

"A question in exchange for a question," the Flame Emperor proposed.

"All right."

"But you can't ask for too many details. It should be a yes or no question," Flame Emperor said immediately.

"Are you dead?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Yes and no."

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes after getting this answer. He didn't bother to argue with the Flame Emperor.

"Hey, dude, what is this attitude? I'm telling you the truth."

"What do you mean? How do you expect me to interpret your answer?" Jiang Chen said, amused.

The Flame Emperor gave it a thought. He didn't think Jiang Chen would believe him easily, either. However, too much information was involved in the explanation.

"How about this? I'll help you teach the Xiahous a lesson. Aren't you angry with them?" The Flame Emperor made a tempting offer.

"Aren't you just a projected image?" Jiang Chen didn't believe him completely since this was what he had claimed.

"Generally speaking, I can't do it. But since you have the Sky-burning Evil Flame and the Fire Meteorite, as well as the Divine Fire Ring, it's possible," the Flame Emperor said.

Jiang Chen was still hesitant since he had been watching out for the Flame Emperor.

"Dude, I know you can take advantage of the genuine fire of the tenth turn of the Sky-burning Evil Flame in irregular ways to access dreadful power. But let me tell you one thing: this is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. The Sky-burning Evil Flame will get weaker and weaker. Its origin can even be extinguished in the end," Flame Emperor said.

Jiang Chen frowned. He didn't buy it, since his father had been doing that for many years with nothing unusual happening.

However, he also realized that his father had mastered the tenth turn and that he wasn't a match for his father yet.

"All right. I agree."

"So, tell me. Where did the Goddess of Empyrean go?" Flame Emperor asked eagerly.

"She flew away," Jiang Chen said.

"What do you mean?"

"The Goddess of Empyrean is already a Martial Divinity. No one in the Nine Realms is a match for her. She didn't want to live such a lonely life, so she decided to get rid of the emptiness, and she left for another world," Jiang Chen said.

"It's true? Is there another world for real?" The Flame Emperor was very shocked. He had never heard about such a thing.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He thought of the Realm of Nine Heavens and the folks of the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

They didn't know about the existence of planes' channels. They thought the Realm of Nine Heavens was the only world, too. People like him, who knew about the existence of the Nine Realms, could also wonder whether there was another Nine Realms, or whether there was a whole intact world.

No one really knew; no one who had left for another world had ever come back.

According to historical records, the Goddess of Empyrean had torn the sky apart in the presence of various big shots of the Sacred Zone, then disappeared, so Jiang Chen believed there was another world.

"I feel like you didn't answer anything," the Flame Emperor said unhappily.

"Same here," Jiang Chen said.

"Well, I won't argue with you."

"Are you sure you can do it? What if you can't? I'll die at the Xiahous." Jiang Chen wasn't very convinced by him.

"I can even help you eliminate the Xiahous!"


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