The Brilliant Fighting Master
782 The Perfect Combination
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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782 The Perfect Combination

Before walking out of the back room, Jiang Chen looked around. He said with curiosity, "Lord Xiahou, why don't you have any people guarding such an important place?"

None of the five treasures kept in the secret room was as great as the Jiangs' Sky-burning Evil Flame, but taking any of them outside would still be enough to cause a bloody slaughter. However, there were no guards outside of the back room.

Outside the back room, there was only a passage with thick solid iron walls on both sides. Jiang Chen thought about the way he had come in. He guessed the back room was deep in the mountain.

"Greed blinds us. There could be an inside job around such valuable treasures. It's inevitable." Lord Xiahou smiled complacently. Pointing at the passage before them, he said, "This passage looks ordinary, but in fact, it's full of tricks. It looked one way when we came here, but when we come here next time, it will present a completely different look."

When he had finished speaking, Jiang Chen had almost figured out the secret of the passage. People would get lost in there forever without the proper guidance.

A lord who can't even trust his men? Jiang Chen thought involuntarily. And the lord looked quite proud of himself, as if he had seen through human nature. There were all kinds of people in such a big world. Jiang Chen just stopped thinking about it.

The two left the back room and went into a deluxe study. Jiang Chen couldn't help but frown while assessing Lord Xiahou's situation. He said, "Lord Xiahou, your injuries were caused when you broke through to great Venerable. However, you didn't deal with them in time. They've grown worse over time."

Being a doctor was an important profession, since doctors could detect many secrets of patients' physical conditions. For example, by then, Jiang Chen had seen Lord Xiahou wasn't talented enough at all and shouldn't have broken through to great Venerable in his middle age.

However, as the head of a family, he had to be extraordinary. He had forced himself to break through to great Venerable by pulling himself up. The Xiahous' power had allowed him to achieve it easily.

As for the consequences, just like Jiang Chen had seen, if they didn't resolve the problem as soon as possible, this would be the farthest that Lord Xiahou could achieve.

Not until then did he look intently at the lord of such a big aristocratic family. As a practitioner, he had gained some weight. His protruding belly was obvious under his splendid clothes. He had a handlebar mustache on his kind-looking face that didn't seem very natural. Since he was the lord of the family, he might have wanted to increase his prestige through mustache.

"Young Master Jiang Chen, you saw the root cause!" Very surprised, Lord Xiahou grasped Jiang Chen's arm with effort.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. It tuned out that the lord hadn't believed him until then. No wonder he hadn't been in a hurry.

"It's a bit tricky. Your problem can't be resolved quickly. I'll treat you with acupuncture in the next three days. You should be fine then," Jiang Chen said.

"Three days?" Lord Xiahou was dumbfounded, since he thought even three months would be too fast. And Jiang Chen had claimed resolving it in three days wasn't quick enough!

"Jiang Chen..." Lord Xiahou was quite excited. At the same time, he wanted to act as a matchmaker for his daughter again.

Jiang Chen hurried to change the topic and started the treatment with acupuncture. Lord Xiahou's problem was trivial to him. In addition, it was Venerable Fengyu who had asked for this favor, so he would certainly try to fix it.

Fifteen minutes later, sweating heavily, Jiang Chen was exhausted. With his fast and steady-moving hands, he took out the silver needles on Lord Xiahou's body.

"I feel great. I've never felt so great." Lord Xiahou's body was smoking, emitting a pungent smell.

"You're a miracle-working doctor. Young Master Jiang Chen, you're absolutely a miracle-working doctor."

Jiang Chen gave the lord some advice. They agreed on the time of the next day's treatment. Then Jiang Chen told the lord to rest. However, Lord Xiahou was still very energetic. He took Jiang Chen to the best guestroom they had in the manor.

The Xiahous were extremely hedonistic. Jiang Chen opened the door and saw a staircase leading downward. Walking down the stairs, he saw well-furnished rooms on the left and right sides.

Opposite of him was a spacious balcony with a great mountain view. The weather was perfect, without even one dark cloud. The moonlight was bright and pure. Appreciating the scenery, Jiang Chen took a good rest.

While feeling the mountain breeze blow by, Jiang Chen inadvertently heard something become loose in his body. It sounded like hundreds of rivers flowing into the sea. The meridians and the holy pulse in his body were perfectly connected.

His skin gave off a crystal-clear light. His holy soul kept subliming, forming a spring in his head. Taking a deep breath, he could even tell the elements of lore contained in the spirits of the universe.

Finally. With his arms open, Jiang Chen was enjoying it.

His divine body had finally adapted to the strength of his new state and completely blended into the state of Celestial Venerable. If he could have another fight with Young Master Shenji, the result certainly would be the same, but it would be much easier for him.

How? Jiang Chen turned pale. A special view appeared in his head, starting from him and continuously rising.

He first saw the whole picture of the balcony, then the mountain where the guest room was, and then the whole manor.

"Being an integral part of nature? My holy soul and my body achieved the status of being an integral part of nature simultaneously. That's the benefit!" The benefit of a good foundation was more obvious in a higher state.

Many practitioners knew that once they were a Celestial Venerable, they would naturally be an integral part of nature, so they didn't spend any time working on it.

However, they didn't know that there would be a wonderful effect when the soul and the body were in perfect harmony. Moreover, Jiang Chen's body was a flawless divine body, which made him even more powerful.

He found he could change his visual angle as he wished to see any corner of the manor. It was different from the holy awareness, which, similar to the sonic radar used by bats, scattered around an area.

Its flaw was that it was easy to be blocked or obstructed. However, by then, Jiang Chen essentially had an Eye of Heaven, which was everywhere. Nothing could escape his eyes; even the tactical formation deployed in the manor couldn't detect it.

Jiang Chen felt so excited that he couldn't help but visit the whole manor. He focused his vision on the patrolling soldiers, but none of these people sensed it. Jiang Chen could even hear them talking.

"Do you really think that Jiang Chen is a Martial Sovereign's follower?"

"I think so. Without the Martial Sovereign's training, how could he have killed a marvelous guy like Young Master Shenji? He's only from the Three Lower Realms."

"It's said that the Martial Sovereign can cover the whole sky with one hand, and he can move mountains and make seas flow in reverse. I wonder whether it's true."

The Xiahous' soldiers talked about Jiang Chen first, then their topic shifted from the Martial Sovereign to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen could hear their admiration for the Martial Sovereign.

"Lord, do you really want to marry Xue'er to a humble man like that Jiang Chen?"

When passing by a room, Jiang Chen heard people talking about him again.

His vision penetrated the door easily, and he saw everything in the room. He saw the pretty woman from before sitting on Lord Xiahou's body. They were under a thin quilt, both of them breathing rapidly. Their clothes were on the ground next to the bed.

This old dog...

Jiang Chen wasn't very happy, since he had told Lord Xiahou to stop drinking and having sex for the moment.

"Huh, him?" Lord Xiahou, who had always had a smile on his face during the day, looked like a different person at that moment.


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