The Brilliant Fighting Master
781 The Dowries
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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781 The Dowries

The group arrived in the Three Emperor Territory after traveling through the Desolate Forbidden Land. According to the trapezoid theory of the Nine Territories, this area was the central area, next to the Three Middle Realms.

"President, I need to go to the Xiahous." Jiang Chen didn't forget about the favor that Venerable Fengyu had asked of him after arriving in the Three Emperor Territory.

Yang Jingchi didn't stop him when he learned what it was about. He said, "The competition will start in fifteen days in the Heaven Divine City. Don't be late."

"No problem."

Then Yang Jingchi gave him a map of the Three Emperor Territory before parting ways with him. Jiang Chen knew the location of the Xiahous through the map.

The Xiahous weren't a paramount power in the Three Emperor Territory, but they were almost as powerful as the Jiangs.

The Three Emperor Territory was so spacious and there were so many outstanding people there that it wasn't easy at all for any force to be the greatest.

Two days later, Jiang Chen arrived in the main city that belonged to the Xiahous. He told the family who he was, then a team formed of Martial Venerables took him to a manor situated in the mountains.

The Martial Venerable team led him to the door of the manor and then left. To his surprise, the door was suddenly open, and a group of people walked out of it towards him.

Jiang Chen took a closer look at them and found it was a big family. There were men and women, old and young.

They were followed by a great Venerable dressed like a butler and bodyguards flanking them.

The middle-aged man leading the group said warmly, "Young Master Jiang Chen, welcome."

Judging from his clothes, state, and injuries, Jiang Chen supposed he was the lord of the Xiahous. That meant the Xiahous were receiving him in their most solemn manner.

Jiang Chen didn't feel flattered, but compared to what he had experienced before, this was quite unusual.

Oh yeah, I'm the Martial Sovereign's follower. Jiang Chen realized the reason very soon.

He also tumbled to the realization that Young Master Shenji had gone to the Cliff Mountain to show his strength because feeling respected was addictive. People just couldn't help but indulge in the pleasure brought by it.

Fortunately, as the First Young Master of the Sacred Zone in his previous life, Jiang Chen didn't cling to this feeling.

"Lord Xiahou, sorry for the disturbance," he said, neither too humble nor too arrogant.

"Not at all. It's our honor to have Young Master Jiang Chen here," Lord Xiahou said.

"Young Master, we're counting on you to treat our lord." There was a pretty woman about Jiang Chen's age standing beside Lord Xiahou.

"What is this? Our guest has just arrived here. Stop pressuring him!" Lord Xiahou gave the woman a scolding. With his face long, he looked quite unhappy with what the woman had said.

"Lord, I'm just worried about you," the woman said in a sweet voice.

"Apologize to Young Master Jiang Chen," Lord Xiahou said.

"No, no, you don't have to," Jiang Chen said, apparently embarrassed.

Then Jiang Chen was invited into the manor with a solemn ceremony.

The manor was sumptuous. There was a great mountain view, but more than that, it even became a part of the mountain view. The whole place was magnificent and majestic.

The way Lord Xiahou treated the guests was also a bit special. Showing Jiang Chen around, he introduced everything about the manor to the latter.

Jiang Chen enjoyed the warmth at first, but gradually, he started to feel uncomfortable with it. The Xiahous' big group walking behind them made him especially uneasy.

These people were all lavishly dressed. The jewelry the women were wearing glittered. No matter what they were doing, as long as Jiang Chen looked over at them, they would smile back.

The Martial Sovereign's follower has a great charm, Jiang Chen couldn't help but exclaim to himself again.

In the end, the group finally came to the hall of the manor and sat down at a long table. Lord Xiahou started to introduce the family to Jiang Chen.

"Xue'er isn't here?" Lord Xiahou said unhappily.

"Lord, the young lady said she was at a crucial moment of practice," the butler said, bewildered.

"We have an important guest here. Doesn't she know any courtesy?" Lord Xiahou said unhappily.

"Lord Xiahou, it's not a problem at all. I have other things to do, too. Why don't we start the treatment right away?" Jiang Chen said politely.

"No, Young Master Jiang Chen. You have to stay here for a month so that I can entertain you well," Lord Xiahou said.

"To be honest, I'll take part in the competition held in the Heaven Divine City."

"The competition between the Elixir Fire Union and the Elixir Association? I heard about that."

Nodding, Lord Xiahou said seriously, "Young Master Jiang Chen, I really appreciate that you came here to visit me at such a crucial moment."

Then Jiang Chen asked about his situation, but it seemed that Lord Xiahou didn't take it seriously. If Jiang Chen hadn't sensed his injuries, he would doubt whether it was a scheme against him.

Soon, he gradually realized why the lord was behaving this way; Lord Xiahou actually wanted to set him up with his daughter named Xue'er.

Then Jiang Chen cast the woman sitting next to Lord Xiahou a glance. They looked like father and daughter, but they were quite intimate. He wouldn't join such a family, regardless.

However, Lord Xiahou was trying so hard to get a son-in-law who was a Martial Sovereign's follower.

After the dinner, Lord Xiahou said, "Jiang Chen, do you want to take a look at my collection?" Although it was a question, his warmth didn't leave Jiang Chen any room to decline him.

"Of course."

So, after walking through multiple layers of guards, the two came into a small and narrow but extremely safe back room.

The Xiahous were as famous as the Jiangs, although they didn't look like a big force judging from the way they entertained Jiang Chen. However, all of the displeasure Jiang Chen had had was gone as soon as he saw the treasures in the back room. His eyes were caught by them right away.

"Jiang Chen, you are a master of fire. I'm guessing you'll definitely like this piece of treasure." Lord Xiahou was quite happy with his reaction and took Jiang Chen to the center of the back room.

"Gosh!" Jiang Chen held his breath and felt his blood boiling. The Day-burning Evil Flame in his body was going to burn again.

"All of these treasures are dowries I've prepared for my daughter."

Lord Xiahou thought it was time. Patting Jiang Chen on his shoulder, he said, "However, over the years, I haven't seen anyone who deserved my daughter. Most of the young masters of those aristocratic families are dishonorable underneath their veneers, but you're different.

"As long as you want, the Xiahous will be your support."

"You mean as long as I say yes, all this will be mine?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Of course," Lord Xiahou said complacently.

Glancing at the five treasures in the back room, Jiang Chen swallowed his saliva. It would be a lie if he refused to admit he wasn't tempted, but he would in no way say yes.

"Lord Xiahou, this offer has come so suddenly. Please give me some time to think it over. I'll give you my answer on the day I leave," Jiang Chen said.

He wasn't really going to think it over. It was only out of respect for Lord Xiahou. If he had refused the latter directly, the latter would be embarrassed.

"Of course. Please take your time. After all, you haven't even met my daughter yet." Lord Xiahou thought he was afraid his daughter could be ugly. Regarding this, he wasn't worried at all.

"So, let's start the treatment," Jiang Chen said.

"Sure." It seemed that Lord Xiahou had forgotten about the objective of Jiang Chen's visit. Not until then did he recall it.


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