The Brilliant Fighting Master
779 Young Master Shenji, Die!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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779 Young Master Shenji, Die!

In the sea of fire, Young Master Shenji found in shock that he had had no way to retreat. While Jiang Chen was moving fast, the burning flames were whirling around him. The temperature grew higher and higher, as if melting him was their only purpose.

Young Master Shenji knew clearly that the power that would be released at the last minute would be extremely dreadful. I fell in his trap.

Young Master Shenji gnashed his teeth. He didn't wait there for his death without doing anything. The sword in his hand started to whirl, too.

The onlookers saw the golden radiance of the sword pierce through the flames, then the flame took the shape of a column. It was a fantastic scene to watch.

"That's amazing," someone exclaimed involuntarily. This fight had just started, and it was already so desperate.

The more surprising thing was that Jiang Chen, a Celestial Venerable in the preliminary stage, had taken the initiative to attack and was at an advantage.

Thinking of what Young Master Shenji had said again, they realized the Fengyu Duo hadn't deliberately lost to Jiang Chen.

"Let's see whether Jiang Chen's flames will achieve their peak or Young Master Shenji's sword will tear the column of flames first."

There were quite a few grand Venerables on the scene. They could certainly see how the fight between the younger generation was going.

The column of flame was building higher and higher, but the radiance of the sword also looked like a trapped beast about to free itself from its cage.

Jiang Chen turns out to be a Martial Sovereign's follower. No wonder he's so great, Venerable Fengyu thought to himself. This also explained why Jiang Chen, a guy from the Three Lower Realms, could have made such great achievements at such a young age.

In the fire, Young Master Shenji had tried his best, though his armor started to burn. "You... You've also mastered the Lore of Wind!"

Young Master Shenji finally realized why Jiang Chen could move so fast. More than that, he could also see lightning in the fire.

"The Lore of Wind and the Lore of Fire, and you've mastered a holy method!

"You're Young Master Wind! You are!" Young Master Shenji wasn't dumb. He realized this immediately. Besides, it had been said that Jiang Chen and Young Master Wind were very alike.

"No. Young Master Wind is me." Jiang Chen added, "Who killed your younger brother."

Young Master Shenji's facial expression kept changing. When Jiang Chen had said the first word, his voice came from Young Master Shenji's left side, while when he had said the second word, the voice came from the latter's right side. His voice kept swirling around Young Master Shenji at a high speed as he spoke.


Young Master Shenji didn't want to lose his life here. He snarled, his strength exploding. The sharp sword in his hand turned into a golden light sword. On the surface of the column of fire, more and more holes poked by the golden radiance of the sword appeared.

The soaring column of fire seemed to be weakened. It isn't easy to deal with one of the best Celestial Venerables. Jiang Chen started to struggle. This was his first fight as a Celestial Venerable, and it was a completely different experience.

However, since his rival was a Celestial Venerable in the late stage, he didn't feel like he was a powerful Celestial Venerable at all in the fight.

His flawless divine body was being harmed by the friction with the air from moving rapidly. The power of thunder in his Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds was surging madly.

In an instant, he had exerted 70 percent or 80 percent of his fighting power. It wasn't because he had held back that the remaining 20 percent hadn't been exerted; it was simply because he had been unable to exert it until that point.

He hadn't adapted to the new changes brought on by the breakthrough to Celestial Venerable. Even so, he started his journey as a Celestial Venerable with a challenging fight. It was like riding an unruly horse that could act out of control at any minute.

"On!" Jiang Chen took out the Heavenly Fault Sword again. Holding both swords in his hands, he intended to use the Wind and Fire Swords Wheel.

Of course, he wasn't going to use the Sky-burning Evil Flame, since that would be too much.

"Two Doctrine Artifacts..." Young Master Shenji, who had thought he was about to resolve the crisis successfully, felt desperate again. The power of a single Doctrine Artifact by itself was already dreadful.

Purr! Purr! Purr! Purr!

The column of fire, which had been restrained, suddenly soared into the air madly. It reached higher than one thousand feet in elevation. At the last minute, all of the fire came back to the bottom again.


Compressed into one point, the flame exploded. Although the explosion happened in the air, it still shook the whole area. Everyone in the city of Cliff Mountain felt the violent shake. The onlookers covered their eyes with their hands, as if it was an explosion of the sun and could blind them.

Ah! When the flames had finally disappeared, they heard Young Master Shenji's scream.

While the scream was still echoing, Young Master Shenji had disappeared from this world without even leaving his dead body behind.

"It's over... It's already over."

The fight had lasted less than five minutes, but surely, no one would say it wasn't a good fight. They were only too shocked by the result and the process, which was beyond their expectations.

Jiang Chen, a Celestial Venerable in the preliminary stage, shouldn't have won so easily!

"Great. As your master, a Martial Sovereign is proud of you." Surprisingly, the Ping Tian Martial Emperor was the first one to speak. He didn't fly into a rage because of Young Master Shenji's death.

Young Master Shenji had only been a follower of his. If he died, he died. The Ping Tian Martial Emperor would even tell others that such a person didn't deserve to be his follower.

However, he would have behaved differently if Young Master Shenji had been his apprentice. Masters above the great Venerable level would not accept apprentices easily.

For them, accepting apprentices was treated with more prudence than bringing a baby into the world.

Showing up again from the Divine Fire Ring, the Flame Emperor said firmly, "You cannot enter the Three Middle Realms ever again."

"Okay." The Ping Tian Martial Emperor didn't have a second opinion. He agreed and left.

Looking at Jiang Chen, the Flame Emperor said, "The second level of the blend of your Lore of Fire and your sword realm isn't perfect yet." He pointed the problem out to Jiang Chen, but without offering the latter a solution, he went back into the ring again.

Jiang Chen was still panting. He looked as if his lungs had stopped functioning.

I had to make such a great effort to deal with Young Master Shenji. Jiang Zhe is even stronger than him, and the geniuses of the Spirit are even stronger than Jiang Zhe.

At the thought of this, Jiang Chen smiled bitterly and returned to the Cliff Mountain. He had seen his deficiencies, while the folks of the Cliff Mountain were looking at him in awe.

Looking at those who had traveled there with Young Master Shenji, the headmaster of the Cliff Mountain said bluntly, "Anything else you want to talk about?"

"No, nothing else."

"Headmaster, we'll show ourselves out."

"Sorry for the disturbance."

After losing the Ping Tian Martial Emperor and Young Master Shenji, these forces from the Ten Prefectures were extremely fragile compared to the Cliff Mountain. They all ran away in disgrace.

In this way, the Cliff Mountain's crisis had been resolved. Although Jiang Chen was the cause of it, he was also the solution.

Coming up to him, the Fengyu Duo asked in a caring tone, "Jiang Chen, are you all right?"

"Just a bit tired," Jiang Chen replied.

"Your rival was a Celestial Venerable in the late stage. Of course the last movement required you to go all-out," Zhou Jianfeng said.

"You won. That's what's most important."

The fight left Xiao Yujian with lingering fear. She had prepared for the worst-case scenario, but to her surprise, Jiang Chen had managed to dodge a bullet.

On the other side, the headmaster of the Cliff Mountain suddenly said, "Yang Fan, Huo Kun, pack your things up and leave the Cliff Mountain today."

Yang Fan and Huo Kun were as pale as ghosts, but they weren't surprised. Although they were only the ones who had caused the episode to happen, they still had to take responsibility.

Looking towards Jiang Chen again, the hostility they had once shown him had all but disappeared. Jiang Chen had killed Young Master Shenji, and his master was a Martial Sovereign!

As arrogant as Huo Kun was, he didn't have the nerve to run amuck again. Once the problem became more severe, the Fire Spirit would absolutely not let him go.


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