The Brilliant Fighting Master
778 The Flame Emperor’s Inheritance
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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778 The Flame Emperor’s Inheritance

"You can still appear here?" Upon witnessing the Flame Emperor, Jiang Chen was extremely surprised.

"Why wouldn't I be able to appear here?" The Flame Emperor's whole body was formed by flames, but his face's expression was still vivid and lifelike. Moreover, one could still discern that his fiery eyes were filled with emotion.

"Aren't you already dead?" Jiang Chen had assumed all along that the Flame Emperor appeared just because a part of his power was left in the Divine Fire Ring. Since all of it was already consumed, he shouldn't have been able to appear once again.

"As long as the world's fire doesn't disappear, I will never die," the Flame Emperor stated proudly. He didn't reply to Jiang Chen's question bluntly, and it seemed like he didn't want to explain.

Jiang Chen was now mulling over the Divine Fire Ring. He felt like he had to spend some time studying it, while he was still quite puzzled by the Flame Emperor's appearance.

"I already stated last time that I left my inheritance for a supreme expert, and you will receive several rewards along the way," said the Flame Emperor. "Since you've become a Celestial Venerable, I'll guide you through the Divine Fire Ring into a land of treasures."

"Where is it?" Jiang Chen asked without giving it a single thought.

"In the Seventh Realm."

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, "I can't go there for now."

"We aren't short on time. The treasure I left there won't run away," the Flame Emperor replied nonchalantly.

Jiang Chen nodded and suddenly thought of something. He asked, "Flame Emperor, may I ask whether the Divine Fire Ring could be used for offensive attacks?"

The Flame Emperor could probably exist in the Divine Fire Ring because he was a Martial Sovereign, but if he could use the ring's power for himself, he wouldn't need to fear any Great Venerables.

"The Divine Fire Ring is just a medium used to cast a projection of me here." The Flame Emperor's reply disappointed him.

"However, no one knows whether I'm alive or dead, and the Divine Fire Ring can emit my aura as a Martial Sovereign," the Flame Emperor said.

This was the reason why Jiang Chen had managed to depend upon a Martial Sovereign's prestige to scare off Young Master Shenji and Martial Emperor Ping Tian after coming to the Cliff Mountain.

However, Jiang Chen still wanted to know where the Flame Emperor's true body, or at least his projection source, was situated. However, when he inquired about it even slightly, he was admonished by him.

"It's in the place where my inheritance is kept, so how can I inform you now?"

Jiang Chen still wore the same expression as before, while his mind was quickly racing. It was his first time hearing about such a way of passing down an inheritance. Most people were most afraid of death, and a Martial Sovereign wasn't any exception to this. It was especially the case since he had managed to cultivate into a high realm, and he wouldn't want to simply die and lose everything.

The Flame Emperor before him still had his own consciousness and was able to think, so how would he be willing to hand over his inheritance to someone else easily?

However, even though Jiang Chen had many doubts, he didn't voice them. He was confident that he hadn't exposed any flaws, so he just calmly asked the Flame Emperor to go back to the Divine Fire Ring.

Afterward, Jiang Chen went back to the Cliff Mountain because he wanted to inform Venerable Fengyu of the good news and inform him that he was already a Celestial Venerable. It was then that he witnessed the Ping Tian Martial Emperor showing off his might, while Young Master Shenji was trying to force the Fengyu Duo to cripple their own cultivations.

Jiang Chen hesitated for just a moment before he decided to show himself.

If the Flame Emperor wasn't capable of subduing the Ping Tian Martial Emperor, it would be difficult for Jiang Chen to survive the crisis that day. However, it was fortunate that the Ping Tian Martial Emperor didn't suspect anything, and he trembled in fear before a Martial Sovereign.

Jiang Chen had challenged Young Master Shenji and not driven out those people because he was afraid that the Ping Tian Martial Emperor would end up discovering something.

It was only through showing a magnanimous character that his act would seem truer. Young Master Shenji bullied his friends, and he was incapable of accepting this.

When the Cliff Mountain's members witnessed him asking for a fight even though he could have just driven the people away, they all resented him inwardly. They were afraid of new accidents occurring, hence they all wished for the Ping Tian Martial Emperor to leave quickly.

"Come over!" Jiang Chen flew to the sky outside the Cliff Mountain.

Young Master Shenji followed him outside. He adhered to rules because he was aware that the Cliff Mountain couldn't handle an intense fight.

"A Divine Martial Trial doesn't forbid the occurrence of casualties," Young Master Shenji said suddenly.

Upon hearing him, everyone was puzzled, wondering whether he wanted a fight to the death or just a casual one. It was only because Young Master Shenji was afraid of the Martial Sovereign supporting Jiang Chen that he didn't dare to state this clearly.

"As you wish," Jiang Chen said.

"Okay!" Young Master Shenji felt reassured now. His shoulders shook as his precious cape, which he used to ward off snow and wind, slid off him, and shining and majestic armor was revealed, while his long hair danced in the wind.

Young Master Shenji had both a sharp face and a sharp gaze, and he was distinctly unlike his young brother, Young Master Xuanji. He didn't plan to use the Meteor Fist, because the Ten Prefectures had already forbidden the Constellation Palace from using it in duels after Jiang Chen exposed this martial art technique's secret.

However, it was obvious from what had happened in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute that Young Master Shenji was proficient in sword techniques. If Jiang Chen's memory still served him right, Young Master Shenji's Gold Lore should have reached the second level. Since even a Martial Emperor was willing to accept him as a follower, he surely possessed outstanding qualities.

Young Master Shenji's sword appeared in his hand. It was a ninth-grade magical treasure.

Jiang Chen sneered coldly and held his Red Cloud Sword firmly in his left hand, while both of them used their Lore Martial Realms at the same time. One was the Fire Sword Realm, while the other was the Metal Sword Realm.

When their raging dragon-like sword energy collided together, all of the wind and swords dancing in the sky disappeared.

"A Star Fall!" Young Master Shenji took the initiative and attacked first. His sharp sword's blade flew through the air. A sharp tearing echoed, as if even the air was torn open by his sword.

Jiang Chen shook his wrist and raging flames surged out of the Red Cloud Sword, like it was water jar that had just been stirred. Those flames formed a fire tornado, and in just a short moment, the might of the fire tornado rose to a terrifying level, then erupted before Young Master Shenji reached him.

The Cliff Mountain's members felt like they had returned to a scorching summer as heat waves quickly melted the snow on the Cliff Mountain. Young Master Shenji, who bore the brunt of the tides of raging flames, found himself incapable of dealing with it, like almost everyone else.

However, the raging flames would surely not wait for him to come at them, and while the latter was still hesitant, they went after him. Young Master Shenji could clearly feel a sword spirit among those flames. It was like a sharp sword waiting for the flames to break its target's defense so that it could pounce at him and tear him to shreds.

Young Master Shenji fell back, and just when people assumed that he was at his wit's end, the former thrust his waist forward. His crescent moon-like sword's light tore open the raging flames and separated them.

The gap revealed between the flames left Young Master Shenji a good opportunity, and his body flickered as he quickly went in.

"As expected the Ten Prefectures' pride." The battle's observers couldn't help but sigh.

The Fengyu Duo couldn't help but admit that would be impossible for them to defeat him one-on-one, even if their realm was at the same level as Young Master Shenji's realm.

"Defying Heaven!" Young Master Shenji's whole body shone with metallic light. The metallic light's edges were as sharp as a paper's corners, and they also possessed another unpredictable power; when the raging flames came in contact with the metallic light, they were all extinguished by it.

"Jiang Chen, even if you have a Doctrine Artifact and a Fire Sword Realm at the second level, you're still not a match for me." Young Master Shenji locked into Jiang Chen's aura, as his black eyes shone in a cold glint. He started using his ultimate technique, planning to kill Jiang Chen in a single strike.

He clearly knew the difference between a follower and a disciple. Once Jiang Chen died in this Divine Martial Trial, the Martial Sovereign wouldn't take revenge for him, and he would just assume that he had lost someone that might have been capable of becoming his disciple.

Young Master Shenji would then be the winner, and he could do anything he wished, like before.

"What!" Though he had such an idea, When the tip of Young Master Shenji's sword fell in this air, his face became filled with disbelief.

"However, my hidden cards aren't limited to just this," Jiang Chen's voice transmitted from among the flames.

Young Master Shenji found himself incapable of locking onto Jiang Chen's aura because it was present everywhere, and it was only after a long while that he realized that this was caused by Jiang Chen's quick movements.

A Celestial Venerable shouldn't be capable of reaching such a high speed! Young Master Shenji couldn't help but have such a thought.


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