The Brilliant Fighting Master
777 Martial Sovereign’s Follower
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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777 Martial Sovereign’s Follower

"Huo Kun, it seems like the development of this affair surpassed our expectations."

Yang Fan, who was in the Fire Department's region, felt like a bucket of cold water had been poured on him, and most of his excitement died down. He had just wanted Jiang Chen to suffer bad luck, not the entire Cliff Mountain. If the Cliff Mountain really met with a mishap, his status as the Fire Department head wouldn't save him.

"We called Young Master Shenji three months ago, and since he only came here today, he must surely have a plan."

Huo Kun approved of his opinion and said, "Now he's just using the Cliff Mountain to show off his might and inform people that his master is a Martial Emperor." All of a sudden, Huo Kun laughed again. It seemed like he wasn't concerned at all about what was happening.

"Moreover, how is this related to us? If the Cliff Mountain suffers, I'll just have to go back to the Spirit Clan."

Yang Fan became slightly irritated upon hearing him. Huo Kun could go back to the Spirit Clan, while he was a human and wouldn't be able to find a place more suitable for him than the Cliff Mountain.

On the other side, Fengyu Duo realized how serious and grave this matter was. The Cliff Mountain couldn't protect them, and Young Master Shenji didn't come to attempt the impossible. He could do almost anything he wanted in the Ten Prefectures because he had a Martial Emperor supporting him.

"Kids, you should both quickly escape. This is just a Martial Emperor's clone, and the Cliff Mountain's formation is capable of blocking it."

At this time, the Cliff Master's voice echoed in the Fengyu Duo's ears. Gratitude couldn't help but well in their hearts upon hearing him.

"It's useless. Even if they fled to the end of the world, they still can't escape from me," the Ping Tian Martial Emperor unexpectedly commented.

As the Cliff Master's gaze became filled with disbelief, the Ping Tian Martial Emperor said, "You're still underestimating a Martial Emperor too much, and you're also overestimating your Cliff Mountain."

The Cliff Master said, "Martial Emperor, why must you take such action?"

"You've already cultivated your whole life until today, yet you still need to ask such a stupid question? Didn't you all disregard the Constellation Palace's matter, not taking them seriously and treating them with disdain?"

"However, we dealt with that affair properly," the Cliff Master said excitedly.


Upon hearing this, the Ping Tian Martial Emperor squinted his eyes, and said coldly, "Are you implying that I'm making trouble without a valid reason?" Everyone was frightened when they heard a Martial Emperor state these words.

"That isn't what..." The Cliff Master realized his mistake, and he was about to deny it, but it was already too late. The Ping Tian Martial Emperor flew up, struck the Cliff Master, and sent him flying away.

The disparity between the Cliff Master and Venerable Fengyu's power could be seen from the severity of the injuries they suffered.

After suffering the strike, the Cliff Master's face just turned pale, but he didn't puke blood.

"He's really terrifying! It's just a clone, yet it still possesses such great power."

"There's another new world and realm in the Great Venerable Realm."

Upon witnessing a Martial Emperor's power, all the people watching were shocked.

At this moment, Yang Fan flew to the sky, and shouted at the Fengyu Duo, "For how long do you plan on harming our Cliff Mountain?"

"You should both take care of the trouble you brought upon us."

"That's right. Losing to Jiang Chen was already a disgrace in itself."

"Cripple your cultivations, quickly!"

The Cliff Mountain's other disciples were afraid of suffering from this disaster and being slaughtered, so they all spoke loudly, one after the other.

The Fengyu Duo took a glance at each other. They felt both powerless and aggrieved.

When they were just about to start taking action, a warm flow of air descended from the sky. The wind and rain were swept away by it, and it disappeared from the Cliff Mountain's sky. It was like the dense fog that had been covering the mountain was just scattered.

"Above a Great Venerable, there are Martial Emperors, Martial Saints, Martial Sovereigns, and Martial Gods. Among those four martial realms, a Martial Emperor is the lowest, yet you still dare to act this arrogant and despotic."

Everyone's expressions changed drastically after the descent of this person from the sky. This was especially the case for the Fengyu Duo, Huo Kun, and the others.

"Jiang Chen?"

He had unexpectedly still dared to show himself while facing such a situation. They all felt like it didn't seem real, but Jiang Chen was actually flying in the sky. He was wearing the same clothes as before, but his aura had already changed drastically, and he had an inexplicable charm.

"Did he succeed?" Venerable Fengyu was overjoyed. Jiang Chen had managed to reach the Celestial Venerable Realm in three months without a hitch.

"But why did he come back?" When Venerable Fengyu thought of this, he couldn't help but become anxious.

"Did you just say that I was arrogant and despotic?" The Ping Tian Martial Emperor found the fact that a Spiritual Venerable dared to speak to him like that quite interesting.

"That's right. You don't even have a good eye for choosing followers, and it could be said from how you attacked a moment ago that both you and your followers have the same character," Jiang Chen said.

Everyone was dumbstruck when they witnessed him talking this seriously. The Cliff Master had just affronted the Ping Tian Martial Emperor inadvertently, yet he had still paid a grave price for his actions. And now Jiang Chen was cursing him bluntly, so wasn't he just asking for death?

The Ping Tian Martial Emperor wore a bright smile, while his body started becoming blurrier.

"Be careful!" Venerable Fengyu and the Cliff Master shouted at the same time.

Jiang Chen wasn't capable of blocking a Martial Emperor's attack. This was an undeniable fact.

However, at that moment, the Divine Fire Ring around Jiang Chen's finger went through a transformation. Its raging flames formed a vortex before Jiang Chen. The crowd's gazes became filled with confusion, while the Ping Tian Martial Emperor fell back quickly, as if he was facing a great enemy.

The raging flames vortex gradually formed a person's silhouette. It was the Flame Emperor.

"You're also one of the Martial Emperor's followers?"

Jiang Chen looked at the surprised Young Master Shenji, sneered coldly, and said, "I'm very sorry. My master is a Martial Sovereign."

"You are mistaken. You are now just a follower." The Flame Emperor, who was engulfed by flames, spoke, and his fiery gaze was immediately aimed at the Ping Tian Martial Emperor's body.

"Was it you who attacked a moment ago?" asked the Flame Emperor.

"I... No, that isn't right. Martial Sovereign, this is just a misunderstanding."

The insufferably arrogant Martial Emperor, who held control over all people's fates, now trembled in fear like a rat who had just seen a cat.

"I already locked into your aura. You're now cultivating in a cave in the Seventh Realm, aren't you?" the Flame Emperor said.

Upon hearing this, the Ping Tian Martial Emperor was dripping with sweat, and his face turned as pale as paper.

"Don't worry. I can't harm you now, as this is just a projection of me, and it can't do any damage," the Flame Emperor said. "Therefore, you can still attack my followers as you wish."

"I won't. I surely wouldn't do that. Martial Sovereign, please don't make such jokes," the Ping Tian Martial Emperor replied hurriedly.

"How should this matter be handled?" the Flame Emperor questioned.

The Ping Tian Martial Emperor didn't dare to reply rashly, and he looked at Jiang Chen first.

At this time, the crowd realized the change of the situation, and Young Master Shenji, who had been confident in himself, felt bitter inside.

"Young Master Shenji, you assumed that the Fengyu Duo cheated and lost to me on purpose, and you also assumed that I shouldn't have been capable of defeating them when I was just at the early stage of the Spiritual Venerable Realm.

"Now, it just so happens that I'm in the early stage of the Celestial Venerable Realm, while you're at the late stage of the Celestial Venerable Realm. Let's hold a Divine Martial Trial."

Jiang Chen didn't want to just teach Young Master Shenji a lesson; he also wanted to help the Fengyu Duo clear their names. Since he only had a few friends, he wouldn't allow anyone to insult them.


Young Master Shenji didn't expect the matter to come to this in the end. Even if Jiang Chen asked them to get lost now, the Ping Tian Martial Emperor would still leave obediently.

"Since this is the case..."

Young Master Shenji had only come here to cause trouble for Jiang Chen, thus he didn't have any objection to this matter.

It was at this moment that the Flame Emperor's projection fused back with the raging flames, and the flames flew back into the Divine Fire Ring. The Divine Fire Ring's transformation had started from the moment Jiang Chen advanced into the Celestial Venerable Realm.

At that time, when the snow stacked upon his body melted completely, a powerful heartbeat echoed from him. Jiang Chen had gone through a great transformation and become a Celestial Venerable.

It was at that moment that the Divine Fire Ring on his hand started burning once again, and the Flame Emperor had come from it.

"Not bad. You managed to become a Celestial Venerable quickly."
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》