The Brilliant Fighting Master
776 Ping Tian Martial Emperor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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776 Ping Tian Martial Emperor

The Fengyu Duo couldn't bear to fly to the sky.

Zhou Jianfeng said in a deep voice, "It was your Constellation Palace that proposed a Divine Martial Trial. We were the strongest two people present there, and we both made an all-out effort."

"We have a clear conscience and nothing to feel ashamed of," Xiao Yujian added.

"Hehe." Young Master Shenji sneered coldly while he swept over the two people with his gaze.

"Zhou Jianfeng, when you fought him, your cultivation was at the late stage of the Spiritual Venerable Realm."

"That's right."

"While you, Xiao Yujian, were a middle stage Spiritual Venerable."

When Young Master Shenji spoke of this, his expression became ice-cold. He shouted, "You're both known as the strongest youngsters in the Spiritual Venerable Realm, yet you were defeated by an early stage Spiritual Venerable from the Three Lower Realms. Is it both of you who are trash, or are all Three Middle Realms' Spiritual Venerables trash?"

Young Master Shenji spoke strongly and vigorously. His voice echoed throughout the sky over the Cliff Mountain.

The Cliff Mountain had varied responses to this matter. The wind and rain departments' members were embarrassed, while the fire department students just laughed at them.

"What do you want to do?" After witnessing his disciples being humiliated, Venerable Fengyu was irritated, but he still couldn't attack a Celestial Venerable, so he could only bear it.

"Jiang Chen! I want Jiang Chen to come out and give me an explanation for this," Young Master Shenji shouted loudly. As his voice echoed, the wind and lightning intensified, and crazy gales swept over the land while snowflakes swirled in the air.

"What if I said that Jiang Chen wasn't in the Cliff Mountain. What would you do then?" Venerable Fengyu said.

"You would have to inform me of Jiang Chen's current whereabouts."

"What if I said that I wasn't aware of them?"

Young Master Shenji looked fixedly at Venerable Fengyu and said, "Then wouldn't your Cliff Mountain seem too overbearing?"

"How daring!" The Fengyu Duo were infuriated when they witnessed him affront their master.

"Two pieces of trash like you aren't qualified to stand before me," Young Master Shenji cursed them.

Upon hearing this, the Fengyu Duo's expressions became hideous.

It was at this moment that the Cliff Master's voice suddenly echoed. "Young Master Shenji, does your Constellation Palace want to wage war against us?"

They couldn't see where the Cliff Master came from because of the wind and rain sweeping the land, but as they followed the source of the voice and looked over, they discovered that the Cliff Master was standing in front of Young Master Shenji.

Young Master Shenji jumped in fright and replied hurriedly, "We don't. I just want justice."

"Your Constellation Palace has already revolted for the same matter in the past." The Cliff Master's expression was indifferent, and his tone was calm. One couldn't tell whether he was angry or delighted.

"At that time, Jiang Chen still didn't join the Cliff Mountain, yet now that's already the case. Doesn't it seem like your Cliff Mountain is looking down upon our Constellation Palace?" Young Master Shenji gritted his teeth as he spoke boldly.

The Cliff Master was still aloof. He asked once again, "What do you plan to do?"

Upon hearing this, Young Master Shenji didn't know what to say in reply.

"We want justice, as well as an explanation." The person standing behind Young Master Shenji, who had come along with him, finally spoke. It was the man who possessed a powerful aura that spoke. His body was a blur because it was engulfed by wind and rain, and even their Holy Awareness couldn't get a clear look at him.

It was only when he spoke that he exposed his status. He gave rise to a great uproar.

"The Ping Tian Martial Emperor!"

Even the Cliff Master couldn't keep his composure now. Even though he tried to keep his calm, it could still be discerned how affected he was from his shivering brows.

A Martial Emperor. It was a title, yet it was also a symbol of one's status. Many people managed to become Great Venerables, yet there were still only a few Martial Emperors. Anyone who became a Martial Emperor was a peerless expert.

The Ping Tian Martial Emperor walked forward and appeared in everyone's line of sight. Everyone felt stifled when they saw him. He had a long beard, average facial features, and sharp brows that gave him an imposing air.

A clone! All Great Venerables noticed quickly that it wasn't the Martial Emperor's true self that had come here. However, even though it wasn't the real one, they still didn't dare to take him lightly, because his clone represented him.

"Young Master Shenji became my follower. Hence, I came here today to get justice for him. Is that acceptable?"

The Ping Tian Martial Emperor was as calm as the Cliff Master as he spoke slowly and revealed his aim. The waves of pressure emanating from almost caused the wind and rain sweeping the land to stop.

The Cliff Master furrowed his brows, while his gaze became unreadable.

"Amazing!" Yang Fan and Huo Kun grew excited. They really hadn't expected that their small plan would lure a Martial Emperor there. They would have a good show to watch that day.

After a moment passed, the Cliff Master asked in a complex tone, "Where is Jiang Chen?"

"He isn't in the Cliff Mountain," Venerable Fengyu replied. There wasn't anyone who questioned the truth of his words this time, because lying in the face of a Martial Emperor was a foolish decision.

"Where is he? And what did he leave for?" It was the same question raised by Young Master Shenji a moment before.

"I don't know. He went away to start secluded cultivation to advance into a Celestial Venerable. He probably went to look for a suitable place for it," Venerable Fengyu replied.

Upon hearing him, the crowd looked at Young Master Shenji. It was obvious that Young Master Shenji wasn't willing to let go of this matter, but since he couldn't find him, he didn't have any way to deal with him.

"You both took my younger brother's life for a joke, then lost to Jiang Chen." Young Master Shenji looked at the Fengyu Duo, and said coldly, "If I don't find Jiang Chen today, I will dispose of the both of you first."

"What do you plan to do?" Venerable Fengyu said in displeasure, protecting his beloved disciples behind him.

Young Master Shenji didn't speak and just looked at his master.

"Since two late stage Spiritual Venerables lost to an early stage Spiritual Venerable of the Three Lower Realms, they really disgraced our Three Middle Realms, and they must be taught a lesson," said the Ping Tian Martial Emperor calmly.

It was unknown whether he was speaking to Venerable Fengyu or the Cliff Master. However, regardless of which one it was, he had already decided the Fengyu Duo's fate.

"Since your Constellation Palace firmly believes that we cheated, we have nothing else to say. Just state what we should do." Jian Wusheng said.

"Cripple your own cultivations."

An uproar rose in the Cliff Mountain upon hearing Young Master Shenji. Such a punishment wasn't any different than taking the Fengyu Duo's lives.

"In any case, your realm level is just for show, and it wouldn't be of any use to you even if you were left with it," Young Master Shenji continued.

"This is out of the question," Venerable Fengyu shouted loudly, looking at the Ping Tian Martial Emperor. He said, "Even though you're a Martial Emperor, you can't just do whatever you please. You aren't the only Martial Emperor in the Three Middle Realms."

As his words echoed, the ambiance became graver, and no one dared to speak.

The Ping Tian Martial Emperor clasped his hands behind his back and cast a glance at Venerable Fengyu. All of a sudden, his body became fuzzy, and in the next moment, he appeared before Venerable Fengyu. They didn't get to see all that he did, but Venerable Fengyu was sent flying afterward, and he sprayed blood while his face turned pale.

"You are mistaken. A Martial Emperor can do exactly as he pleases," the Ping Tian Martial Emperor stated calmly.

"Master!" The Fengyu Duo turned pale in fright, and they quickly went over to support their master.

"The strong prey on the weak. This is this world's rules of survival. Since your Cliff Mountain took in a disciple, you must bear the consequences of that action." The Ping Tian Martial Emperor's gaze flickered, and a wave of pressure swept over each member of the Cliff Mountain.

"However, you all looked down upon the Constellation Palace and never imagined that Young Master Shenji would become my follower.

"Now, carry out what he stated."

As his last words echoed, everyone's gazes fell upon the Fengyu Duo. Those two people would lose all of their cultivation progress just because they were close to Jiang Chen.

The cruelty of this world appeared now clearly to each person, and the Cliff Mountain's disciples couldn't laugh any longer.


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