The Brilliant Fighting Master
771 Human Race“s Disgrace
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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771 Human Race“s Disgrace

In the Cliff Mountain in Jiang Prefecture.

Half a month had already passed since Jiang Chen had become a disciple of the Cliff Mountain, and he used the Cliff Mountain's fire lord crystals to cultivate the Divine Fire Scripture given to him by the Flame Emperor. This was a deep and profound cultivation technique, like the Sword Scripture, and it didn't have a move that could be practiced countless times to master it.

He had to comprehend the profound and cryptic knowledge in it to master and grasp a move suitable for him. Moreover, what was amazing about it was that even before having any success in it, his Lore of Fire level still rose as he read the Divine Fire Scripture, not far from reaching the second level.

It was no wonder that the Fire Venerable became so excited due to it. Jiang Chen rarely spent time on Fire Lore, yet among all the lore martial art techniques he had, he made the highest achievements in Fire Lore. Jiang Chen would gladly accept this, and he planned to use it to his advantage. This was especially the case after he received an Alien Flame.

Crackle! Crackle! Crackle!

When Jiang Chen was just about to break through to the second level of the Lore of Fire, an irritating noise made its way into his ears. It was like someone was chopping meat with a blade, and he couldn't help but snap out of his thoughts when he heard it.

When he opened the eyes, he saw several Fire Department disciples who weren't far from him. He was now sitting in the open in a circular public plaza. There were eight symmetrical pillars at the edges of the plaza. One of them had already turned into a pillar of flames, but when Jiang Chen opened his eyes, its flames disappeared and it turned back into an ordinary stone pillar.

This was the Fire Department's cultivating grounds. Rooms or houses were incapable of bearing the might of powerful flames, thus, it was set outside, in the open. This was the reason why Jiang Chen had suffered from such an incident and ended up disturbed by people, but it had still been done on purpose.

When the several disciples of the Fire Department noticed the transformation of the fire pillar, they all looked at him wearing gleeful expressions. They all took pleasure in his misfortune.

There were many broken rocks beside their feet. They caused a disturbance and made loud noises at that moment by throwing rocks and shattering the ones that had been thrown at them. It was a boring game, but they didn't take delight in the game itself.

"The genius that our teacher strove hard to get doesn't amount to more than this." The disciples took big strides toward him.

The Cliff Mountain had set strict rules that forbade all disciples from entering a 330-foot radius around cultivating disciples. However, the sound would transmit several hundred feet, maybe even thousands of feet.

By opening his eyes, Jiang Chen ended up ending the opportunity to cultivate that day, and he couldn't continue on. This was the reason they had come over brazenly, and it was obvious that they planned to drive Jiang Chen out.

"Can't you all be slightly more mature?" Jiang Chen shook his head. Such a cheap trick was really too crude. It wasn't like he couldn't cultivate due to other people's noise, and the reason he had opened his eyes was because he had kept himself sober all along on purpose and not immersed himself in cultivation thoroughly.

It was because if he had really immersed himself in it, he would have ended up absorbing all the lore crystals' energy in a single use, and the Cliff Mountain would surely not let him off easy.

Even though the Cliff Mountain was extraordinary, it still couldn't afford to provide Jiang Chen, who possessed the Divine Fire Scripture, limitless resources. He really couldn't help but miss the Jiang family, however, it was still fortunate that he had an Alien Flame.

"Stop trying to show off. If you have any problem with this, just bring it on." Upon hearing him, those several Fire Department's disciples spoke provocatively.

"None of you are all qualified." Jiang Chen stood up slowly and said, "You should wait until you reach the Lore Martial Realm before coming here to make a clamor."

He could clearly see anger and indignation appear on those people's faces because Jiang Chen had hit their sore spots. They had all reached the Fire Lore level, but there was still a long way for them to walk before fusing their martial art techniques.

The reason why they had dared to make a clamor before Jiang Chen was because they had superior numbers and because the Cliff Mountain still had a rule that forbade private fights between disciples. The whole Cliff Mountain was a cultivation ground that people had spent a great deal to make, and once a battle occurred there, its consequences would be devastating. It was because of this that the Cliff Mountain would expel anyone who dared to start a fight.

"Senior Brother Li Yunfei, what should we do?" The group of disciples asked their leader.

Li Yunfei was now looking fixedly at Jiang Chen, and just when he was about to speak, he heard the sound of footsteps. When he turned his head around, his expression changed drastically, and he immediately started welcoming other disciples. He shouted, "Senior Sister Huo, Senior Brother Zhao, Senior Brother Wu, Senior Brother Liu..."

He seemed quite pathetic as he shouted their names one after the other. He had done this because the people who came over all possessed powerful auras and were all Celestial Venerables. Moreover, they were still all either Half Spirits or Spirits.

The group was led by a woman, who was also a Spirit. She seemed like an ordinary woman, while she was, in fact, like a walking stove.

This woman's stature wasn't tall, and she was small and dainty. She had exceptional facial features and a pair of charming long and narrow eyes.

She went to Jiang Chen and asked, "Can I have a look at your sword?"

Jiang Chen was taken aback by this, and a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth as he looked at the group. "Why should I let you take a look at it?" he said.

"How daring! Since Senior Sister Huo asked you to let her see it, stop saying rubbish!" shouted Li Yunfei in an ear-piercing voice while he rushed over.

"You're a disgrace to the human race," Jiang Chen cursed him nonchalantly.

Li Yunfei couldn't bear this, and his face became flushed. What he depended upon became what restricted him. He couldn't attack Jiang Chen.

"I heard that you have a Doctrine Artifact with an attribute related to fire, and I want to take a look at it." Huo Linger didn't care about their dispute, and she spoke again.

"From your condescending tone, it seems like if you brought a coffin, I would be obliged to climb inside it of my own accord, isn't that right?"

The issue wasn't with the Red Cloud Sword, but with her manners. However, it was a pity that Huo Linger didn't realize this.

She raised her brows, which seemed to have been dyed red, and said, "Are you prejudiced against Spirits? Is it because you're weak and lowly that you're angry about this?"

Jiang Chen wasn't scolding her, and it was, at the very least, what he assumed. He rolled his eyes at her and said, "Your chest seems pretty nice, can I take a look at it?"

"What?" A raging flame appeared on Senior Sister Huo's brow.

"What? Is it because you're weak and lowly that you flew into a humiliated rage?" Jiang Chen sneered coldly as he spoke.

The Celestial Venerables behind Huo Linger couldn't bear it and wanted to attack him, but they were stopped by Huo Linger, who waved her hand at them. "Could I take a look at your sword?" She finally realized what the issue was and spoke in a milder tone.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders, waved his hand, and the Red Cloud Sword appeared in it.

Huo Linger's eyes lit up. Even though the Red Cloud Sword was still sheathed, she could still clearly feel how extraordinary this sword was because she was a Spirit.

She raised her hand subconsciously and was about to try to take the sword. However, she still came back to her senses in time and cast a glance at Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen wasn't petty, and he unsheathed the Red Cloud Sword for her. It made a beautiful arc in the air before it fell in his hand.

"It's a good sword!" Huo Linger was attracted by it, and it seemed from her gaze like she was looking at it the same way one would look at a priceless treasure.

"Can you sell this sword to me?" Just after that, Huo Linger had a solemn expression. She said, "As long as you agree to it, I'll ensure that you won't suffer any losses in this deal."

One could only come across a Doctrine Artifact by chance, and this was especially the case for people who were suitable and qualified for it. None of them would spare anything to get it.

"You can't offer me a satisfying price." Jiang Chen rejected her naturally. When he heard her overconfident tone, he really couldn't help but want to teach her a lesson.


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