The Brilliant Fighting Master
770 Two Departments
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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770 Two Departments

Jiang Chen ended up joining the Cliff Mountain without doing anything, so he didn't know how honorable it was to become a disciple of theirs. Even the Eight Great Spirit Zones' Spirits had to go through a strict exam if they wanted to join the Cliff Mountain.

The Cliff Mountain didn't prevail over its opponents by depending on a large number of disciples, but simply on their quality. They all used quality steel to make the sharpest blades.

When the palace's gates were opened from inside, Jiang Chen saw the Fire Venerable. He was a tall and robust person with long scarlet hair wearing light armor and an unwavering expression. When he met Jiang Chen's gaze, he furrowed his brows, and an oppressive flame of energy erupted out of him.

The Fengyu Duo's expressions changed drastically, and they quickly fell back, while Jiang Chen, who bore the brunt of it, didn't move away, uncaring of the flame energy charging at him.

Upon witnessing this, the Fire Venerable hesitated slightly. He had just wanted to show off his might, and if he ended up killing Jiang Chen by mistake, Venerable Fengyu would surely not let him off easy.

However, when he had just had this thought, the flame energy had already slammed into Jiang Chen heavily like a carriage running at full-speed.

Blazing, shining patterns appeared on Jiang Chen's clothes, while his black hair danced in the wind, and even the surrounding space was distorted.

"Jiang Chen..." The Fengyu Duo were both worried about him.

Jiang Chen clasped his hands behind his back and stood there, wearing a faint smile. He hinted to them that they didn't need to worry about him.

"Well?" The Fire Venerable was surprised by this. Jiang Chen had basically ignored the flame energy of a Great Venerable like him completely. This wasn't just an oppressive energy used to scare people; his flame energy was like a real flame. Its temperature was extremely high. The Fire Venerable walked in front of Jiang Chen and patted his shoulder with his big hand.

Jiang Chen bore his impulses and didn't act rashly. It wouldn't be wise for him to fight with a Great Venerable.

"A Celestial Phoenix's genuine blood, as well as a body that was tempered by a fire dragon's energy essence." The Fire Venerable's expression changed drastically, and delight appeared on his face.

"You managed to master the Lore of Fire without even cultivating it meticulously, so how extraordinary would you be if you trained it? Come, come over and join my Fire Department."

If people witnessed his current attitude, they would never imagine that a moment before, he had strived to stop Jiang Chen from joining the Cliff Mountain.

"Fire Venerable, what do you mean by this?" Venerable Fengyu appeared before the gate at an unknown time with a stern look.

Embarrassment appeared on the Fire Venerable's face, but it quickly disappeared, and he spoke boldly. "Jiang Chen is gifted in the fire element, and it would be a pity if he didn't join my Fire Department."

"You didn't say this a moment ago." Even though Venerable Fengyu was pleased with himself now, he still wore an angry look.

"Those are two different matters," the Fire Venerable said.

Venerable Fengyu snorted coldly and didn't say anything more to him. He continued, "Jiang Chen, let's leave."

"Okay, teacher." Jiang Chen took a step back and distanced himself from the Fire Venerable, as he planned to leave with the Fengyu Duo.

"Stop!" The Fire Venerable had a fiery temper. He blocked their path as sparkling blazes appeared in his hair, which seemed like it was burning.

"Did you assume that I was afraid of you?" Venerable Fengyu wasn't afraid of him, and as he raised his brows, the world around them changed drastically, making it seem like wind and rain would instantly engulf the region.

"What are you up to now?" Another middle-aged man appeared before the gate.

"Cliff Master!" The Fire Venerable and Venerable Fengyu immediately curbed the intense atmosphere.

A surprised look appeared on Jiang Chen's face. This Cliff Master didn't seem exceptional at all, like a weak scholar, but after watching him attentively, one would feel like one was a deep and immeasurable abyss.

"Cliff Master, it will be a pity if Jiang Chen doesn't join the Fire Department," the Fire Venerable shouted loudly.

"Jiang Chen is a sword cultivator, and it's only wind that's well matched with a sword," Venerable Fengyu said.

Upon witnessing the Fire Venerable trying to steal a student, the Cliff Master revealed an amused smile. He also wished to see what was so extraordinary about Jiang Chen and why the Fire Venerable had become interested in him.

As he observed Jiang Chen attentively, his gaze changed constantly, yet his expression was still calm. "He can just join both departments. It isn't like that's never happened," the Cliff Master said.

The Cliff Mountain's disciples could really join any departments that were suitable to them, but it was only a few disciples who enjoyed such treatment.

The Fire Venerable and Venerable Fengyu were greatly surprised by this. They hadn't expected the Cliff Master to accept this. After they were reminded by him, they both looked at Jiang Chen, waiting for his decision.

When Jiang Chen was just about to speak, Venerable Fengyu said, "Jiang Chen, it will be best for your Sword Realm cultivation to choose both of them." Fighting with the Fire Venerable was one issue, and teaching Jiang Chen was another. He was also aware of Jiang Chen's Wind and Fire Sword Realms.

Jiang Chen hesitated for several seconds before he nodded and agreed. This was how Jiang Chen ended up staying with the Cliff Mountain.

When he learned the most basic cultivation resources each disciple would receive and that they could all get lore crystals, he was shocked, and he also understood why the Cliff Mountain limited the number of disciples it allowed in. It was because the Cliff Mountain used all kinds of lore crystals to form a virtuous cycle. Simply put, this place's talented people could make progress with a single lore crystal that was tantamount to what others could reach using several dozen lore crystals.

They were obliged to limit the number of people, or else this cycle would come to end because all the lore crystals would be consumed too quickly. It was because of this that Venerable Fengyu, who had two departments, possessed more resources. The Fire Venerable felt indignant about it and always opposed him.

Moreover, by joining two departments, Jiang Chen also received treatment that other disciples didn't enjoy, and most people felt indignant.

On this day, the news of Jiang Chen, who was at the Spiritual Venerable Realm, killing Young Master Blood Moon and Young Master Nangong quickly spread through the Three Middle Realms due to the Thousand Mile Ship.

Jing Prefecture's geographical location helped connect it to all lands, thus, the news spread at an astonishing speed. This time, it wasn't Young Master Feng's name that spread, but Jiang Chen's, and most people didn't have an inkling about this matter.

It was only through making discreet inquiries about him that they came to know that Jiang Chen came from the Three Lower Realms. He was the person who had killed Young Master Xuanji and defeated the Fengyu Duo in a Divine Martial Trial.

Now, he had run to the Three Middle Realms, and it was obvious that he had come here for the Title Battle.

People paid close attention to that fact that he had managed to kill two Celestial Venerables easily. Even though they had just been ordinary and mediocre Celestial Venerables, they were still Celestial Venerables. Moreover, Jiang Chen, who fought them, was still just a Spiritual Venerable, and it was unknown how strong he would be after reaching the Celestial Venerable Realm.

What was more, the people cared about his Doctrine Artifact, the Red Cloud Sword, while some of them still noticed that he resembled Young Master Feng, who had been in the limelight recently.

"The Three Lower Realms! He came just from the Three Lower Realms. You should all cripple the person in charge of the intelligence division." In the Jiang family's main residence, the Jiang family's Master went into a rage.

They investigated Jiang Chen for a long while, and in the end, Jiang Chen's true status had surfaced by itself. Even though it had happened because the Jiang family had searched in the wrong places, this was still outrageous.

The Martial Arts Divine School, which was in one of the ten prefectures, the Heavenly Prefecture, was a school equally famous to the Constellation Palace, and it was also an overlord of the Heavenly Prefecture.

Shocking rumbling sounds transmitted unceasingly from a mountain behind the Martial Arts Divine School. If one listened to it attentively, he or she would detect that it was the sound of a heavy object flying through the air, accompanied by ferocious beasts roaring.

"It's really terrifying! How's he a human? He's surely just a humanoid beast."

"This guy who came from the Three Lower Realms has boundless prospects."

The Martial Arts Divine School's disciples were wagging their tongues, while the Martial Arts Divine School's headmaster, who was on the peak of a mountain, looked over the mountain. He said, "It seems like he's acquainted with Jiang Chen. After he heard news of him, he started cultivating crazily, as if he had gone mad."

The Martial Arts Divine School's elder, who had once gone to the Three Lower Realms' great competition, was beside the headmaster. "Ning Haotian possesses an Alien Beast's inheritance, and it's only our Martial Arts Divine School that can help him exhibit its power to the fullest."

"That's right." The Martial Arts Divine School's Headmaster nodded and said, "You did well this time, and your contributions won't go unnoticed. It's only thanks to you that the Martial Arts Divine School will regain its past glory."


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