The Brilliant Fighting Master
769 Fire Venerable
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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769 Fire Venerable

"Even though the Constellation Palace went back on its decision after, that only happened after the Cliff Mountain offered compensation."

Jiang Chen realized the unspoken implication. The reason why the Constellation Palace didn't obey the Cliff Mountain any longer was because Venerable Fengyu had helped Jiang Chen, and especially since he hadn't had any valid reason to take such action.

"Didn't you already hold the Divine Martial Trial? Why does the Constellation Palace still dare to cause trouble?" Jiang Chen said in confusion.

Zhou Jianfeng smiled bitterly and said, "Did you forget who you fought against in the Divine Martial Trial?"

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen realized everything. Fengyu Duo had been defeated by him, and they had lost the Divine Martial Trial. Moreover, at such a precarious moment, Venerable Fengyu had intervened and saved Jiang Chen, so how could they still trust them?

"As a result, all those people reproached you." Jiang Chen still didn't really understand. If this was actually the case, the Cliff Mountain wasn't united at all.

When outsiders came over and caused trouble for them, they didn't care about who was in the wrong and blamed their own people first. Such a faction would surely not survive for long.

"It's quite complex. You'll understand after meeting my master," Zhou Jianfeng said.


"Come in!" Venerable Fengyu's voice transmitted from the room at the same time.

The gate opened by itself, and the three people went in one after the other. The palace was quite simple, but it was still marvelous. For example, it had four pillars inside that one could only hold by spreading his or her arms out completely.

The ash-gray pillars' surfaces weren't adorned by anything, just polished until they were glossy and sleek. However, Jiang Chen could still make out that the four pillars were filled with a large number of lore crystals. There wasn't a just large amount of lore crystals there, but also crystal cores, which turned those four pillars into a formation. As long as one didn't use them excessively, he or she could cultivate with those lore crystals for dozens of years.

"Jiang Chen, I almost thought that you wouldn't come." Venerable Fengyu, who was sitting on the ground, wore a smile as he spoke.

Jiang Chen, with a solemn expression, walked over to him, bowed, and greeted him. He said, "Senior, you didn't just save my life; you saved my father's life, too, so of course I came here." Since he had already learned what kind of trouble he had caused the Cliff Mountain, he had to express his viewpoint.

Venerable Fengyu nodded contentedly and asked about Jiang Qingyu's current state.

Jiang Chen informed him roughly of his current state.

"Sigh! You should just do your best and resign yourself to fate." Venerable Fengyu was just an observer of this matter, and he believed that there was a slim chance of saving him, but he still gave regards to Jiang Chen's feelings and didn't state this explicitly.

"Senior, I just came here... So, if you need anything, you can just say so." Jiang Chen knew that Venerable Fengyu had caused trouble by saving him, thus he wanted to repay him.

"It's just a trivial matter, a trivial matter." Venerable Fengyu didn't really care about this, and he suddenly changed the topic of the discussion. He said, "However, Your Wind Sword Realm isn't very powerful?"

"It's still acceptable," Jiang Chen replied modestly.

"The disciples whom you saw a while ago aren't mine, and if they were my disciples, they wouldn't have treated you like that." Venerable Fengyu spoke earnestly. "The Cliff Mountain is divided into different departments according to each lore martial art technique, and they're all competing against each other. Since you mastered the Wind Sword Realm, you can consider joining my division and call me teacher."

Jiang Chen didn't have any problem with calling him teacher; someone with Venerable Fengyu's power was qualified for it. However...

Jiang Chen informed him of the Jiang family's situation.

"The Jiang family." Venerable Fengyu felt quite embarrassed when he heard this. If even a trifling group like the Constellation Palace dared to cause trouble for them, the Jiang family would surely put more pressure on them.

"It doesn't matter. Everything should be handled according to who's in the wrong. The Jiang family tried to kill someone and steal his treasure, yet it still wants to carry out a Divine Martial Trial. They really tarnished such a sacred ritual." Venerable Fengyu didn't change his opinion due to this and instead, ridiculed the Jiang family.

"Senior, there's still the Ancient Sword Sect..."

Upon witnessing his current state, Jiang Chen felt slightly embarrassed, but he still braced himself and informed him of the Ancient Sword Sect's position.

"Since the Ancient Sword Sect has entrusted the Ancient Sword to you, it's obvious that they placed their hopes on you. It's fortunate that the Cliff Mountain is like an academy, and you can just tell people that you're an Ancient Sword Sect disciple from the Cliff Mountain."

Since they had already spoken up to here, Jiang Chen couldn't say anything else in objection. He shouted, "Teacher!"

"Hahaha, good. From now on, you're all fellow disciples." Venerable Fengyu looked at Zhou Jianfeng and Xiao Yujian and said, "You should take care of your junior brother properly."

The Fengyu Duo became disciples of the Cliff Mountain through recognizing Venerable Fengyu as their master at the same time. However, since Jiang Chen became a disciple of the Cliff Mountain, Venerable Fengyu would have to start teaching him, too. Simply put, this was the difference between a master and a teacher.

"You should stay in the Cliff Mountain and cultivate until the Title Battle. You should strive to reach the Celestial Venerable Realm and win the title you want," Venerable Fengyu said.

"Understood!" Jiang Chen wanted to make a Heaven Elixir, thus it would be good for him to go into seclusion for a while.

"Come with me."

Venerable Fengyu stood up, brought Jiang Chen out, and went to the entrance of another palace. Fengyu Duo was following behind him.

"You should all wait here." After he instructed them, Venerable Fengyu entered the palace first.

"My master will register you here. The Cliff Mountain isn't a casual place, and newcomers must go through many trials," Zhou Jianfeng said.

Jiang Chen revealed a bitter smile. He had come to the Cliff Mountain just to repay Venerable Fengyu for his kindness, but he didn't want to join it. However, the Fengyu Duo and Venerable Fengyu had assumed that he wanted to join it.

Moreover, Venerable Fengyu had taken the initiative and invited him. Jiang Chen was obliged to accept because the Constellation Palace had made trouble for them due to him.

All of a sudden, they heard intense argument echoing from the hall.

"It's out of the question."

"He didn't take you as a master, so even if he made achievements in the Title Battle, what can we gain from it? Moreover, if the Jiang family learns that he won the Divine Martial Trial after being trained by us, they'll surely hold a grudge against us. We'll only suffer losses in this deal." An excited and sonorous voice echoed, and Jiang Chen could tell that they were talking about him.

"You're going against the Cliff Mountain's original aspirations by fearing the Jiang family like this," Venerable Fengyu replied angrily.

"It's the Fire Venerable once again." Xiao Yujian furrowed her brows, and said in displeasure, "He's always against our master, since he's jealous of him for having two departments, the departments of wind and rain."

"Jiang Chen's talent is outstanding. He surely won't be happy to see him join our master's wind department, so he's using this against him deliberately," Zhou Jianfeng said.

"However, now it seems like this reasoning was quite persuasive."

It wasn't just these two people who were arguing in the palace. There still several other people, but they all quieted down. It was obvious that they were all still hesitant about this.

"Since you took it for a business deal, why are you looking at just the losses? Did you forget that Jiang Chen is a Heaven Alchemist?" Venerable Fengyu said earnestly.

After these words echoed, they could sense the ambiance inside the palace become grave, and the Fire Venerable couldn't speak anymore. Since Jiang Chen had informed him of his grudges with the Jiang family, he had also informed him of his status as Young Master Feng, thus, Venerable Fengyu was aware that he was a Heaven Alchemist.

After they quieted for a short while, a steady and vigorous voice echoed. "You don't need to say anything more. Jiang Chen will join the Cliff Mountain."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen clearly saw delight appear on the Fengyu Duo's faces. It was obvious that they both wished for Jiang Chen to join the Cliff Mountain.


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