The Brilliant Fighting Master
767 Not Great Enough!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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767 Not Great Enough!

"Apprentice sister, I don't think we can be his match even if we become Celestial Venerables," Zhou Jianfeng said with a bitter smile.

"Fuping, how did you know this guy?" Nangong Wan could not help but ask.

Qiu Fuping wanted to make up a story, however, Nangong Wan's look pressured her to tell the truth. She involuntarily told the latter what had happened.

"Heaven alchemist?! And a Heaven Alchemist from the Elixir Association?!" Nangong Wan and the others were petrified. She was too surprised to close her mouth. The two women who had been so rude and provoked Jiang Chen were even more shocked. Their faces sometimes turned black and sometimes turned pale.

In the air, Young Master Nangong gnashed his teeth. He said, "Let's attack him together. He doesn't have Protective Dipper Energy yet. As long as we get him once, he will be half dead!"

"Okay!" That was exactly what Young Master Xuanji wanted. Young Master Nangong could have stopped fighting, but, due to the grudge between him and Jiang Chen, he could in no way stop.

"You think you can do that?" Their plan seemed ridiculous to Jiang Chen.

"It is thanks to the Doctrine Artifact that you can be so reckless. What else do you have to make you so proud of yourself?!" Young Master Nangong said unhappily.

"All right. I'll play with you bare-handed then." Jiang Chen put the Red Cloud Sword aside. His Fire Sword Realm faded away too. Now he only looked like an average Spiritual Venerable.

The people on the ship were worried. They thought Jiang Chen might be overconfident.

Young Master Blood Moon and Young Master Nangong exchanged a look. They saw happiness in each other's eyes. Then the two Celestial Venerables and the two sharp swords transformed into two flowing lights.

Jiang Chen did not have any weapon, but he dashed forward all the same. Thunder and lightning were flashing around him.

The two Celestial Venerables went all out. They did not dare underestimate him.

To their surprise, all of the thunder disappeared. They found that all of them had entered Jiang Chen's body. Each of his cells were getting nourished and strengthened, which made him look like a piece of jade.

"What is that?"

The two Celestial Venerables were confused. Jiang Chen absorbed the power of thunder to be faster and stronger.

Why did he do that?

Did he intend to kill them with his fists and palms without the aid of thunder?

"First turn!" Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously. These two words were enough to make the blood freeze.

A roaring flame was emitted from his fists.

"It's Alien Flame!"

"It's the Jiangs' Sky-burning Evil Flame!"

Young Master Blood Moon recalled the gossip he had heard. He was as pale as a ghost due to fear.

Jiang Chen did not stop attacking just because of their reactions. Disregarding the two Celestial Venerables' swords, he punched them on their chests. The evil flame traveled through the path of the punches until their entire bodies had caught on fire. Their Protective Dipper Energies were all burnt up.

"My friend, hold on. Hold on." Young Master Nangong was afraid to die. His pride had all gone. He hurried to beg for Jiang Chen's mercy.

Jiang Chen did not listen to him. He came up to the two Celestial Venerables in a flash and punched them again.

The two could not resist his punches at all. He almost punched their bodies into deformed lumps. Wherever they were punched, their bodies were burning fiercely like charcoal. Their bodies were vanishing.

"You!" Young Master Nangong was dying. He did not hate Jiang Chen; however, he looked at Young Master Blood Moon hatefully. He would not have gotten into this trouble if those two had not had this grudge.

Most important, Young Master Blood Moon seemed to have been informed of many things, which he did not tell him. In fact, if only he had told Young Master Nangong that Jiang Chen and Young Master Wind were the same person, everything would have been different.

The gossip is true....

This was the only thought Young Master Blood Moon had as his face was being burnt up.

Gossip was usually exaggerated. That was why he had refused to believe Jiang Chen had killed Mu Qitian. He believed even less that Jiang Chen could have escaped unscathed after taking away the Sky-burning Evil Flame from the Jiangs. In the end, he proved at the cost of his own life that sometimes gossip could be true.

"It's so boring to fight with you." Jiang Chen had not disguised himself, but he still did not go all-out, because his rivals were too weak. After getting the Alien Flame and the Divine Fire Scripture, his Fire Sword Realm was not far away from the second level of the Lore Martial Realm.

The fight with Mu Qitian had helped him use the holy method better. He had not exerted the Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm and the Wind and Fire Swords Wheel yet, but the two had already lost.

Jiang Chen went back to the Thousand Mile. The two women who had insulted him were fearful. They were trembling. Luckily for them, Jiang Chen did not bother to deal with them at all.

"What do you think? Are you happy?" Looking at Fengyu Duo, he asked with a smile.

"You killed two Celestial Venerables effortlessly as a Spiritual Venerable. This isn't something frequently seen in the Three Middle Realms," Xiao Yujian said.

"But it does happen sometimes?" Jiang Chen realized there were also great talented people in the Three Middle Realms.

"The Spirit from the Eight Realms is able to confront Celestial Venerables, even if they are Spiritual Venerables. And I'm not talking about the best geniuses of the Spirit."

Jiang Chen's interest was piqued. He said, "Will the Eight Realms take part in the Title Battle as well?"

"Of course. This is a grand event of the whole Three Middle Realms."

"You know who from the Icy Spirit will come?" Holding back his excitement with effort, Jiang Chen asked in deadpan voice.

"I don't know yet. The list of the Eight Realms hasn't been decided. But speaking of the Icy Spirit, they have made a hit recently because of a woman. What's her name?" Zhou Jianfeng brought up the key information. However, he did not remember the name.

"Li Xue'er." Xiao Yujian said. As a woman, she was sensitive enough to notice Jiang Chen's emotional fluctuations. She said, "Jiang Chen, you know her?"

"Are you a wooer of hers? Give up. You won't get her," Zhou Jianfeng said to him teasingly.

"Why?" Jiang Chen seemed to be interested.

"Li Xue'er and the prince of the Blood Shadow Dynasty will get engaged soon."

Jiang Chen noticed Fengyu Duo sounded like they were talking about a serious thing when mentioning the Spirit and the Blood Shadow Dynasty. It could be compared to the passion and awe the common people of a dynasty have when they were talking about the capital and the imperial palace.

It was normal. After all, the Three Middle Realms was a world that belonged to the Spirit. If they opened the map of the Three Middle Realms, they would find, after excluding the numerous shades that represented the Desolate Forbidden Lands, the territory of Ten Prefectures was in a line, that of Nine Territories was in the shape of a trapezoid, while Eight Realms formed a circle.

At the center of the circle was located the dynasty of the Spirit, the Blood Shadow Dynasty. It was exactly the Blood Shadow Dynasty who had killed Jiang Chen once and activated his genuine blood of the phoenix. Jiang Chen had been waiting for an opportunity to repay this favor of the Blood Shadow Dynasty's.

We have a three-year promise. Only one-third of the time has passed. I still have enough time.

After becoming a Grand Venerable, Jiang Chen would not mind exerting the Twelfth Sword to eliminate the whole Blood Shadow Dynasty.

Then the Thousand Mile started up again, heading for Cliff Mountain. The rest of the journey was spent in peace. However, there was an awkward atmosphere on the ship. Nangong Wan and the others were quite ill at ease. Watching Jiang Chen talking with Fengyu Duo, they felt distanced from him.

It will be something worthy of boasting about in the near future. Nangong Wan thought.

When Fengyu Duo became Celestial Venerables, they would amaze the Three Middle Realms. Not to mention Jiang Chen. It was a great honor to take the same ship with these three people.

Nangong Wan wanted to join their conversation too, but she had missed the chance to make friends with Jiang Chen.

She started to envy Qiu Fuping.

However, Qiu Fuping did not know how to seize the chance at all. There was admiration in her eyes, but there was self-abasement too.


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