The Brilliant Fighting Master
765 Another Encounter With Blood Moon
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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765 Another Encounter With Blood Moon

Zhou Jianfeng and Xiao Yujian had come to eliminate the bandits lurking on the way to Cliff Mountain. It was completely by chance that they had run into the Thousand Mile.

"It's impossible to wipe out all of them. So, we have to come here every once in a while to clean up a few."

While speaking, Zhou Jianfeng sized Jiang Chen up. He asked, "By the way, why didn't you do anything just now?"

"I was just curious about what they would say," Jiang Chen said.

"Really? Are you sure it wasn't because you weren't confident enough, since they had lots of people and you were not in a ring?" Zhou Jianfeng was as competitive as always.

"Apprentice brother!" Xiao Yujian said, annoyed.

She certainly knew what Zhou Jianfeng was trying to say – they could have eliminated the Iron Blood Gang easily since they were two people, and, in this regard, they were better than Jiang Chen.

"Do you really think it was necessary?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Oh?" Zhou Jianfeng frowned and gazed at him. Suddenly, he turned pale. He stepped back as if he had seen something that he could hardly believe he was seeing. He said, "Spiritual Venerable in the late stage?! How did you manage to make such big progress?!"

Only a few months had passed, but Jiang Chen had caught up with him. For this reason, he believed what Jiang Chen had said. If Jiang Chen had acted, he and his apprentice sister would not have had to intervene.

"Freak." After a good while, Zhou Jianfeng finally said something.

Looking toward Xiao Yujian, he said helplessly, "Apprentice sister, it looks as if we will have to achieve Celestial Venerable first if we want to avenge ourselves. And this fight has to come before he becomes a Celestial Venerable as well."

"Have some decency! Stop acting like a fool," Xiao Yujian said in a fake accusatory tone.

At this moment, Nangong Wan came over with her men. She thanked Fengyu Duo for their help.

"You have him here. What we did is nothing more than putting our fingers in his pie. It isn't thankworthy at all." Zhou Jianfeng could not cheer up. He had been struck by the cruel facts.

Nangong Wan could not believe what she had heard.

Fengyu Duo had big fame in the Three Middle Realms. Many people knew what Zhou Jianfeng was like. He was a very proud person. He would in no way make such a remark to compliment others.

She looked towards Jiang Chen, full of doubts. If this person was really so good, why did he accept the escort job?

The reason that she and the other two women looked down on Jiang Chen was exactly because he, a Spiritual Venerable, had accepted the escort job. If he was as famous as Fengyu Duo, he would by no means have agreed to do such a thing.

She looked toward Qiu Fuping again.

Qiu Fuping was very touched. Jiang Chen was such a strong person, and he had agreed to help her all the same.

"Since we are all heading for Cliff Mountain, why don't we go together?" Zhou Jianfeng proposed.

Nangong Wan of course would not refuse him. For her, it was a most welcome offer.

The Thousand Mile had finished its auto-repair. She took her spiritual storage-ware back. Then they started out again.

Since Fengyu Duo was with them, they thought there would be no more accidents on the way. However, to their surprise, less than an hour later, they heard another great disturbance coming from in front of them.

A giant waterfall appeared out of nowhere. They could see nothing else but water all around them.

Jiang Chen and the others looked up. Above the waterfall was a sky covered by clouds. If they traveled to make a detour, they would definitely be ambushed.

"What a great investment."

Even Zhou Jianfeng was surprised to see this. It was obviously not a thing Cliff Mountain would do.

"This is Xiao Yujian from Cliff Mountain. Who has organized a defense here? Don't you know it is forbidden to put up a defense within a range of 1,000 miles of Cliff Mountain?" Xiao Yujian yelled at the waterfall. She behaved in a very tough manner.

"Are you Fengyu Duo? Miss Nangong, how honored you are. You managed to invite these two here." A voice came from behind the waterfall.

Jiang Chen turned pale. He was very familiar with this voice. It reminded him of someone immediately.

"Pity. What a pity."

However, another voice rang out. "What is the pity?!" Zhou Jianfeng yelled loudly. He was not very happy to hear this.

"It's a pity that you are still Spiritual Venerables. You can only be the king among Spiritual Venerables. Before us Celestial Venerables, you are quite average."

Then two figures walked out of the waterfall and showed themselves before the waiting travelers.

Jiang Chen took a closer look at them. As expected, he saw Young Master Blood Moon, who had attacked the Ancient Sword Sect before. There was another Celestial Venerable beside him. Both his look and temperament were similar to Nangong Wan's.

He said, "Fengyu Duo, this is a private matter that should stay in the Nangong Family. I have talked to Venerable Fengyu. Please stay out of this."

"How would I know whether you talked to my master or not? Why don't we go to see my master together?" Zhou Jianfeng was unhappy with his attitude. He certainly would not do as this guy said.

"Even if you don't want to stay out of this, what can you do?" Young Master Blood Moon glanced at the two of them. He said disdainfully, "You are only Spiritual Venerables."

"I was wondering who was talking so big. It turns out to be a guy who had a stroke of luck in the desolate land."

Fengyu Duo also knew Young Master Blood Moon. He had gotten an inheritance to become a Celestial Venerable. Before that, he had only been a nobody that Fengyu Duo would never have paid any attention to.

"As long as I can give you a good beating and even have a taste of Miss Xiao Yujian's charm...."

Set a beggar on horseback and he'll ride to the Devil. That was exactly Young Master Blood Moon's case. He was showing off before geniuses he used to look up to.

"You're courting death!" Zhou Jianfeng could not stand him speaking rudely to his woman.

"Apprentice brother!" However, Xiao Yujian pulled him back. She did not want him to act impulsively.

"Third elder brother, you are violating the rules." Walking forward, Nangong Wan spoke to the man beside Young Master Blood Moon.

"What rules are you talking about? Will you also rely on these rules to protect you if you do business in the future? Let me tell you. Be strong. That is the rule!"

The man had no respect for her and took her for granted. Overlooking the people on the Thousand Mile, he said, "Get off the ship if you are smart enough!"

Zhou Jianfeng had put his hand on his sword. Even Xiao Yujian could not stop him. However, someone else pressed his arm so that he could not draw his sword out.

"Don't you want to see me fight? Let me handle it then." Jiang Chen walked past Zhou Jianfeng and stopped in front of the new arrivals. Looking up, he said, "Young Master Blood Moon, do you still remember me?"

"I was wondering who this was. So, you are the famous Young Master Wind."

Young Master Blood Moon had noticed him already. As a result, he was not very surprised. It was he who had leaked the news of the Heavenly Fault Sword to the five elements disciples. A series of things had happened later due to that.

Then he had heard about Young Master Wind. It was not difficult for him to guess that Young Master Wind was actually Jiang Chen.

"The Jiangs asked us to wait until the Title Battle to have this fight, but since you've already antagonized the Jiangs, I guess they would love to see me kill you now," Young Master Xuanji said.

"You don't deserve to fight with me in the Title Battle," Jiang Chen said.

"You don't have the protection of any tactical formation this time. How dare you behave so arrogantly before me?" Young Master Blood Moon said in anger, "Even though you are already a Spiritual Venerable in the late stage, you are only a Spiritual Venerable in the late stage. You are fragile before a Celestial Venerable."

"I guess you haven't heard about what happened in Beiliang City." Jiang Chen found his reaction amusing.

He had killed three Celestial Venerables in Beiliang City. This should have made a stir in the Three Middle Realms, but it seemed the Jiangs had blocked the news.


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