The Brilliant Fighting Master
764 Another Encounter With Fengyu Duo!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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764 Another Encounter With Fengyu Duo!

They were from the Iron Blood Gang indeed. The Spiritual Venerable in the late stage who had spoken was actually their leader. He was tall and large, wearing an armor that was full of traces left by battles. He had a square face, thick-browed and big-eyed. There was a scar on his left cheek. The scar was especially eye-catching when he laughed.

He said, "So, what do you think we should do now?!"

He had confirmed that among the passengers on the ship, Jiang Chen was the only Spiritual Venerable in the late stage. And he did not think Jiang Chen was a concern at all.

The woman who had been posed the question didn't dare speak. She lowered her head.

"We will pay you compensation." Nangong Wan was smarter. She knew these bandits had their own way of doing things. They usually would not really attack anyone. They would only obstruct and harass the ships of the chambers of commerce.

Smart ones would use money to get rid of their trouble. They would pay the bandits to rid themselves of the latter. Of course, there were vicious bandits too, who would rob everything and kill everyone regardless of the possible consequences. However, this type of bandits never lasted very long.

"You would only have needed to give us one-tenth of your cargo if the crash hadn't happened. But since you destroyed so many ships of ours. I'm afraid you'll have to give us everything," said the leader of the Iron Blood Gang.

"Then my business will fail!" Nangong Wan's task mattered to her more than the cargo's value.

"But you will stay alive," said the leader of the Iron Blood Gang coldly.

Jiang Chen was standing aside. If they intended to pick a fight, he would not be afraid of them. However, Nangong Wan did not look like she wanted a fight.

He could understand Nangong Wan and her companions. If he were in their shoes, he would not think he would be a match for those bandits either. And due to the disagreeable situation that they were in, Jiang Chen would in no way take the initiative to help them.

He glanced at Qiu Fuping. As long as this woman was safe, the other things would not matter to him. He did not care about the others.


After thinking it over, Nangong Wan decided to give up. She would have another chance if this task failed. However, if her family was informed of the accident and came to her rescue, she would be disqualified.

"It's all here."

Nangong Wan took out a spiritual storage-ware and threw it over to the leader decisively.

The leader of the Iron Blood Gang smiled complacently. He confirmed the spiritual storage-ware functioned well first and then he released his holy awareness into it.

Soon, his smile froze on his face.

"Are you kidding me?" he said coldly.


"You have such a luxurious ship, but you only have so little cargo? Will the profit you get be enough to cover the cost of the fuel?" The leader of the Iron Blood Gang said with a cold smile.

Another Spiritual Venerable in the late stage took the spiritual storage-ware and checked it. He was also pissed off.

"Stop playing tricks with us. Your ship caught our attention when you were still in the mountain city. How is it possible for such a ship to set off from the mountain city with so little cargo?"

Now, Nangong Wan regretted she had not listened to Jiang Chen's advice. Because of the Thousand Mile, they had been stalked since their start in the mountain city.

"We only have this little cargo. If you want more compensation, just tell me," Nangong Wan said.

"Are you sure?" The leader of the Iron Blood Gang showed a nasty smile. He said, "I will have to make a body search!"

All of the four women were young and beautiful. They were a big temptation for these bandits. This was certainly not what these women wanted. Nangong Wan kept frowning. She would rather give up this task than get a body search.

"Boss, just do it. Why should we waste our time talking to them?" Someone urged and pressured him.

The leader of the Iron Blood Gang said immediately, "You will leave a woman here to compensate my brothers, who were injured because of you. And I will take over this ship too."

Almost no one paid any attention to his second request. The four women on the ship were all very anxious. Nangong Wan certainly did not have to worry about herself. That meant they would leave Qiu Fuping or one of the other two women to the bandits. Those two women naturally looked toward Qiu Fuping.

"Sister Nangong, the guy she brought here is of no help. Let's hand her over."

"That's right."

Nangong Wan did not speak. She looked serious. It was impossible to tell from her face what was on her mind. Was she considering the option to hand Qiu Fuping over or the option to hand the ship over?

At this moment, two energies flew over from the other side of the sky at high speed, as if they were running after stars and the moon.

"That's not good. They are from the Cliff Mountain!"

The bandits of the Iron Blood Gang were panicked. As the two energies approached, they were scared out of their wits when they recognized who they were.


"Run! Now!"

The negotiation with Nangong Wan did not matter to them anymore. They started to run.

The two energies came very fast. They did not stop anywhere, but wherever they passed, the bandits all died.

"Fengyu Duo!"

The two Spiritual Venerables in the late stage turned around to escape after exchanging a look.

The two energies did not stop. They kept chasing the bandits.

Such a turn was too dramatic for the passengers on the Thousand Mile. They could hardly believe what they were seeing. Then they were all radiant with joy.

"We are so lucky, really very lucky." The two women patted themselves on their chests, feeling lucky. Then the hot feeling on their cheeks reminded them of the slaps Jiang Chen had given them.

"Lily, aren't you a friend of Fengyu Duo's? Can you do something for us?"

"I'll try."

Jiang Chen noticed the two women's sneaky looks, but he did not care a fig. He was looking in the direction where Fengyu Duo had left. Soon, the two energies came back.

Since the people on the ship knew these two were from the Cliff Mountain, they were not nervous at all.

Nangong Wan checked her clothing and fiddled with her hair. Fengyu Duo were celebrities that should be held in high regard. Nangong Wan even worried that Fengyu Duo would brush her off.

The two women also came up next to her, expecting the arrival of Fengyu Duo.

"They are Spiritual Venerables, too, but some Spiritual Venerable just allowed himself to be seized without putting up a fight."

"Exactly. If I were so useless, I would have jumped off the ship."

They tried to irritate Jiang Chen to escalate their problem, so that they could cast the first stone when Fengyu Duo came.

"Ha, ha, ha." Fengyu Duo burst out laughing. They were flying toward the Thousand Mile.

Nangong Wan felt pleasure, but the next thing that happened struck all of these people dumb. When Fengyu Duo had landed on the deck, they did not greet Nangong Wan or the other two women. They walked toward Jiang Chen instead.

"Apprentice sister, you see? I said it was him. I saw him when we flew past the ship," Zhou Jianfeng said.

"Young Master Jiang! Long time, no see," Xiao Yujian greeted Jiang Chen with a gentle smile.

"Long time,no see." Jiang Chen was also very happy to see the two again.

"Why did it take you so long? Several months have passed. Our master even thought that you wouldn't come," Zhou Jianfeng said to him teasingly.

"Something came up. Is Venerable Fengyu doing all right?" Jiang Chen said, smiling.

"Our master is fine."

Watching Jiang Chen and Fengyu Duo chitchatting, Nangong Wan and the women beside her were dumbfounded.

"Fuping, where did you find him?" The woman who had intended to ask Fengyu Duo to teach Jiang Chen a lesson got a nasty shock.

Qiu Fuping was surprised too. She knew Jiang Chen was not simple, but it was beyond her imagination that he had such a good relationship with Fengyu Duo.

Such a person could not be simple.

It was so ridiculous that the other people on the ship had mocked him like that. By then they all felt embarrassed.


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