The Brilliant Fighting Master
763 Iron Blood Gang
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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763 Iron Blood Gang

Qiu Fuping told Jiang Chen the story of what had happened to her. Her family had been struck by a misfortune. As a result, Qiu Fuping felt herself inferior to her rich friends. Fortunately, her friend, Nangong Wan, didn't think it a big deal, and she took the initiative to help Qiu Fuping and invite her to start a business with her.

It dawned on Jiang Chen then what she had meant by earning enough resources for the breakthrough to Venerable. She wasn't talking about the others on the ship. She was talking about herself only.

Jiang Chen sighed about her story. He didn't know what to say to comfort her.

Soon, the Thousand Mile airship entered the interior of Jing Prefecture.

Different from other places, the interior of Jing Prefecture wasn't more prosperous than the periphery. It was the opposite. This was because of the existence of the Desolate Forbidden Land. The periphery was more like port cities; it was certainly more developed and bustling.

By comparison, the central area was the dangerous part. From time to time, Jiang Chen saw dreadful fierce beasts down there roaring at the Thousand Mile. The most dangerous moment came when a fierce beast that looked like a lizard climbed onto a peak. It jumped when the Thousand Mile flew over, intending to grasp the airship.

However, the Thousand Mile made a U-turn, so that the fierce beast grasped at nothing when it jumped.

"Jiang Chen, can your airship do this?"

"Yeah. If we had used your ship, we would have died 1,000 times already." The other two women on the ship said provocatively after coming up to him from behind. They seemed quite complacent.

Jiang Chen threw them a stern look. They stepped back involuntarily due to surprise.

"How narrow-minded you are. You are a typical man."

"Can't we even speak to you? How arrogant this Spiritual Venerable is."

They weren't intimidated. After stepping back until they felt less pressured, they started to speak in sarcastic tones.

"If you make any more noise, I'll restrict your state and throw you off the ship," Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.

The two women were struck dumb.

They glanced at Nangong Wan, not far away. After realizing that Jiang Chen's state was the highest among all of them, they walked away in disgrace.

"What a big deal. Even the handymen working for my family are Spiritual Venerables." One of the women murmured.

Jiang Chen didn't feel angry. What he felt was sad. These people were born to aristocratic families. They had more advantages than others. However, it was also the reason that they had lost the qualities practitioners should have. Their backgrounds became their biggest obstacles.

Even Nangong Wan wasn't an exception. Although she didn't do anything inappropriate, she was obviously a very proud person. She had been pushing her way around in the air, not taking any risks because of the Thousand Mile's fantastic performance.

Jiang Chen's airship might not be able to make a U-turn at such high speed, but at least he wouldn't drive it into areas full of fierce beasts.

Before long, what Jiang Chen had been worrying about really happened. Many airships appeared ahead of them. Connected by iron chains, they formed a giant net. However, Nangong Wan wasn't affected. The Thousand Mile didn't slow down. On the contrary, it sped up.

Below the hulk, a fierce flame appeared due to friction against the air.

In an instant, Jiang Chen could see the panicked faces of the people on those airships.


The Thousand Mile hit against the iron chains, but it didn't stop. Instead, it kept going, dragging the airships connected by iron chains. After being dragged for a while, those airships hit against each other and fell apart. The iron chains also came loose.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, those idiots."

"With the Thousand Mile, we don't need any escort at all." This gave the two women an opportunity to attack Jiang Chen orally.

Jiang Chen didn't have the time to respond to them, because he had heard a series of odd sounds.Walking up to the prow in a hurry, he saw the loose iron chains hadn't fallen off the Thousand Mile yet due to its high speed.

The end of the iron chains was still hitting the hulk. However, this wasn't the most important part. The temperature of the iron chains soared. They became red very soon.

"Stop! Now!" Jiang Chen shouted.

Those complacent people were dumbfounded. Nangong Wan looked at him confusedly. She did not do what Jiang Chen had said. She was still waiting for his explanation. In this way, she missed the perfect time to stop.

The iron chains exploded one by one. The Thousand Mile, which had been driving steadily on, started to shake violently, as if a great earthquake had occurred. The passengers all fell on the ground. Standing on the prow, Jiang Chen felt a strong energy coming from under his feet. He was sent flying by this strong energy.

He managed to find his balance in time thanks to his strong divine body.

The Thousand Mile was tilting; it could crash at any minute.

However, something in the interior of the hulk was being switched on. The Thousand Mile was stabilizing slowly.

"Is everyone all right?!" Nangong Wan asked loudly after finding her balance. Then she started to check the Thousand Mile.

"Damn it!" Soon, she swore involuntarily.

The Thousand Mile couldn't fly anymore for the moment. Although it was auto-repairing, it would take some time.

"What's wrong with you? You are the escort. How come you didn't see it coming?!" The woman who had claimed the handymen in her family were Spiritual Venerables put the blame on Jiang Chen.

Qiu Fuping, who had been silent, could not stand her arrogance anymore. She said, "This is too much. You've never listened to Jiang Chen, but you are complaining about him when something comes up."

Her reaction was quite surprising. Not only the woman she had scolded, but also Nangong Wan was surprised. "Qiu Fuping!"

The woman looked ferocious. She said in anger, "Bitch! Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to me like this?!"

"Yeah. You think you are great just because you found a Spiritual Venerable? What took you so long? Maybe you slept with him in return for his help." The other woman also joined in the quarrel.

Pah! Pah!

Jiang Chen flew past them like the wind, giving both of them a hard slap.

They were petrified by his slaps. Covering their cheeks, they looked toward Jiang Chen in shock. They could hardly believe what had happened.

"How dare you?!" As noble as they were, they certainly could not swallow that.

"I told you, if you made more noises, I would throw you off the ship. I haven't thrown you off because it's not a good time," Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.

As soon as he finished speaking, numerous people flew from distinct directions. They were the passengers of the airships that had been destroyed by the Thousand Mile.

There were several Spiritual Venerables among them. Two of them were Spiritual Venerables in the late stage. Nangong Wan and her companions all turned pale.

"I need an explanation." A Spiritual Venerable in the late stage came forward. He said in anger, "Why did you destroy our ships for no reason?!"

"Why did you block the way?!" Nangong Wan answered his question with a question.

"You could have taken another way. We blocked the way there to hunt a fierce beast. It was none of your business. Does that place belong to you? Don't you know how to turn?" The Spiritual Venerable in the late stage said.

"Nonsense. You blocked the way to rob us. I've heard of the trick of pulling the iron chains across the sky. You are the Iron Blood Gang!" The woman who had accused Qiu Fuping of sleeping with Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing her, Jiang Chen thought she was really stupid. Although he also would have liked to tell right from wrong, he was not a moron.

These people who had surrounded the Thousand Mile stayed silent for a few seconds. Then they gave a harsh laugh.


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