The Brilliant Fighting Master
761 Blue Mountain Chamber of Commerce
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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761 Blue Mountain Chamber of Commerce

"What bad luck. This woman went up to Young Master Lan. Is she looking for trouble?"

"Ha, ha, do you think she did that intentionally?"

"Probably. Young Master Lan likes women, but at least he is quite generous. Whenever he abandons a woman, he will pay her a lot of hush money."

Such discussions made Jiang Chen shake his head in disgust.

"Young master, please show me some respect." The azure-clad woman was only in the Reaching Heaven State. Even though she didn't like it, she had to hold her temper.

"Miss, you came up to me. Do you remember? I have a suggestion. Why don't you come to my boat to have a drink with me? I'll let you go after this drink." Young Master Lan was very young, but he was already a Martial Venerable. However, he was quite pale, and his eyes looked empty, because his character had been drained by alcohol and women.

Even the most naive woman could tell from the evil smile on his face that she wouldn't be able to get off his boat once she got aboard.

The azure-clad woman didn't know what to say. She only shook her head resolutely.

"Are you looking down on me?" Young Master Lan beamed even more evilly. His smile was downright spooky.

The azure-clad woman continued shaking her head.

"What a nerve!" To everyone's surprise, Young Master Lan slapped the azure-clad woman's face as quickly as lightning.


It was so fast that the woman only heard a clear sound. She didn't see stars or feel pain as she had expected. She opened her eyes slowly and saw Young Master Lan's wrist was grasped by another hand. The clear sound had come from there.

"Shame on you. Are you a man or not?" It was certainly Jiang Chen who had stopped Young Master Lan. He was shocked that Young Master Lan had intended to hit a woman in the Reaching Heaven State.

"Who are you?!"

Young Master Lan flushed. He tried his best to get out of Jiang Chen's grasp, but however hard he tried, he just couldn't. He felt his wrist was going to be broken.

"Let go of me! You son of a bitch!" Young Master Lan swore loudly.


Jiang Chen slapped him across his face. He didn't say anything and looked very serious.

"How dare you?! How dare you?!" Young Master Lan could hardly believe what had happened. He kept shouting loudly like a mad man, spitting his saliva.

Pah! Pah!

Jiang Chen gave him another two slaps right away.

Young Master Lan was totally dumbfounded. So were the onlookers. They had no idea who Jiang Chen was and why he had the nerve to slap Young Master Lan like this.

Soon, many soldiers came from everywhere.

Jiang Chen heard bowstrings being pulled. Numerous arrows were aimed at him.

"Let go of Young Master Lan!" The captain of the soldiers shouted at him. At the same time, more and more soldiers were coming.

The onlookers scattered immediately. They went as far away as they could so that they wouldn't get into any trouble.

He cut a smart figure for the moment, but this trouble will go with him for the rest of his life. Those who had been shocked by him thought involuntarily.

Young Master Lan obviously had some big shot's support, otherwise he wouldn't have had the nerve to run amuck in the city.

"Let go of Young Master Lan!" The captain was a Venerable. He saw through Jiang Chen's state too. However, he still shouted at the latter loudly.


Jiang Chen, who hadn't said anything, glanced over the soldiers. He used his fingers with some effort to break Young Master Lan's wrist.

Aaah! Young Master Lan screamed like a pig under a butcher's knife.

"Shoot!" The captain snarled in anger.

Dense sharp arrows whooshed across the sky, flying toward Jiang Chen.


Suddenly, all of the arrows froze. Then they flew back into the air.

Jiang Chen didn't do anything. It was another man who had shouted. A Celestial Venerable suddenly arrived. Staring at the captain, he said, "Do you want to get Lan Li killed?"

The captain lowered his head with fear immediately. He didn't dare talk back.

This Celestial Venerable was a middle-aged man. He had a resolute face. After scolding the captain, he looked toward Jiang Chen and Young Master Lan.

"Second uncle! Kill him for me! Kill him!" Young Master Lan yelled loudly.

The middle-aged man ignored him. He gazed at Jiang Chen with his sharp look. Jiang Chen didn't look away. He met that man's eyes. He was fearless.

"My friend, please let him go, when it's still possible to negotiate." Jiang Chen's look made the middle-aged man realize he wasn't a guy that would be intimidated by threats.

Jiang Chen used his palm to bring Young Master Lan up to the azure-clad woman, who had been struck dumb. He said, "Apologize to her first."

People were stupefied, including the woman.

"No way...." Young Master Lan, in anger, was going to refuse him immediately.

However, before he could continue, the middle-aged man said in a stern voice, "Do as he says."

Young Master Lan rolled his eyes. Glancing at the azure-clad woman, he murmured, "Sorry."


Jiang Chen slapped him across his face. He said, "Didn't you eat?"

By then Young Master Lan's face was as swollen as a pig's head. Throwing Jiang Chen a hateful glance, he said loudly, "I'm sorry!"

"It's okay. It's okay. Let him go."

Seeing Jiang Chen about to raise his arm again, the azure-clad woman hurried to intervene, as if she had just woken up from a dream. Not until then did Jiang Chen loosen his grip. He pushed Young Master Lan aside.

The middle-aged man reacted fast. He came over and stood in front of Young Master Lan to protect the latter.

The captain got up steam as soon as he saw Jiang Chen let the hostage go. He ordered the soldiers to get prepared.

"Second uncle, kill him! Kill him! Kill both of them!" looking at his broken wrist, Young Master Lan cursed angrily. He had totally lost his manners.

The middle-aged man frowned. He felt uneasy that Jiang Chen had let his nephew go so easily.


The azure-clad woman suddenly burst out crying. She looked completely helpless. How the incident had evolved was beyond her imagination.

"These people...these people are from the Blue Mountain Chamber of Commerce!" The azure-clad woman recognized them. She was uneasy and scared when she realized whom she had offended and what Jiang Chen had done. Then, she looked toward Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen thought she would put the blame on him, but to his surprise, she said, "I'm sorry. I've gotten you into trouble."

Her reaction put Jiang Chen, who had seen so many ugly sides of people, very surprised. Then he smiled, as if he didn't care a fig about the trouble.

The onlookers involuntarily sighed and shook their heads. The Blue Mountain Chamber of Commerce was one of the ten greatest chambers of commerce in the mountain city. It was very powerful. Besides, this area was under their government.

It would be a piece of cake for them if they wanted to kill two people here.

"You have five seconds to tell us your name. Otherwise, we'll kill you." The middle-aged man said coldly after a long period of silence.

"So, if my background is powerful enough, you will swallow it. Am I right?" Smiling coldly, Jiang Chen said, "I'm wondering whether this identity is powerful enough." As he spoke, Jiang Chen took out the Heaven Alchemist badge from the Elixir Association.

The middle-aged man turned pale after seeing the badge. He waved his hand to stop the soldiers, who had been ready to act. Then he walked forward.

"Mister, please prove to us it is real," the middle-aged man said seriously.

Jiang Chen focused. Then the badge flared, which proved this Elixir Association badge indeed belonged to him. And he was a Heaven Alchemist from the Elixir Association.

The middle-aged man started to sweat heavily right away.

"Second uncle? Anything wrong?" Young Master Lan walked over, confused.

"Go away! You know whom you offended?" The middle-aged man gave him a slap in fury.


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