The Brilliant Fighting Master
760 A Mountain City
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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760 A Mountain City

"The Divine Fire Ring has all the secrets in it." The man who had called himself the Flame Emperor said, "Only one person can really get the inheritance of the Flame Emperor. The other qualified ones will all die." Then the flame, including the figure, went back into the ring instantly.

"Can you explain it more clearly?" Jiang Chen was very confused. He patted the ring, but nothing happened. The ring, which seemed to have grown out of his flesh a minute ago, could now be taken off easily.

He put the ring back on his finger after some hesitation.

"So, Flame Emperor?"

Although he didn't know too much about it yet, he naturally imagined that it would be an interesting title to have. The emperor title suggested he wouldn't be an average man. He should be even stronger than Grand Venerables because Grand Venerables were quite fragile in comparison with emperors.

In addition, thanks to Jiang Chen's divine body, the odds were in his favor. He would probably become the Flame Emperor. He opened the Flame Emperor's method and martial arts techniques books to read. Soon he was immersed in them. He read and read and even forgot to eat or sleep. He didn't put the books down until several days later.

He had read like this in his previous life too. And, thanks to his photographic memory, he could easily memorize so many things.

"Something doesn't seem right." During these days, Jiang Chen was sometimes enlightened and sometimes puzzled. Sometimes, he was lost in deep thoughts. In the end, he was pretty bothered.

The method was called Fire God Scripture. The martial arts technique was called Divine Fire Formula. They were both magnificent method and martial arts techniques, but Jiang Chen couldn't get rid of the feeling that there was something wrong.

Then he thought back to the design of the back room. It seemed to him that the Flame Emperor really liked to test people. An idea suddenly occurred to him. He piled up the two books together. An evil flame rose from his palms. Made of ordinary paper, the two books were burned to ashes as soon as the evil flame started to burn.

However, Jiang Chen didn't feel frustrated. His tightly knitted brows finally became smooth again. He felt a pleasure, as if he had solved a puzzle.

The method and the martial arts technique shouldn't be practiced separately. Otherwise neither of the two's values could be shown. However, it was possible to practice them separately. The practice of one of them wouldn't affect the practice of the other. It was impossible to find this out without sharp eyes. Practitioners usually wouldn't find anything wrong until the crucial moment came at the end. By then, much time would have been wasted.

Jiang Chen found out on the first day that the method and the martial arts techniques were not good enough to be the inheritance of the Flame Emperor. After burning the two books, a completely new book emerged in Jiang Chen's head. The content was similar, but it was more skilled and more mysterious.

The book's name was a combination of the previous two books' names. It was called Divine Fire Scripture. Jiang Chen smiled happily as he started to read again. Divine Fire Scripture could be used with the Sky-burning Evil Flame. This would level up his fighting power.

"Even if I don't use the Wind and Fire Swords Wheel, average Celestial Venerables won't be a match for me now."

Jiang Chen stood up. His eyes were full of passion. He looked firm and resolute. He was only one step away from Celestial Venerable. Then, he would astound the whole world in the Title Battle.

The Eight Divinities Territory belongs to the Jiangs. I can't stay here for too long. I should go to the Cliff Mountain first.

Venerable Fengyu helped him before. It would be inappropriate if Jiang Chen did not stop at the Cliff Mountain to pay Venerable Fengyu a visit on his way to take part in the Title Battle.

Cliff Mountain was located in Jing Prefecture, one of the ten prefectures. According to the situation of the Three Middle Realms, this place couldn't compare with any places in the Nine Territories. Bluntly speaking, it was quite backward.

Jiang Chen worried he would bring the trouble of the Jiangs there, so he removed his disguise.

Jiang Chen was driving an airship in the Desolate Forbidden Land, guided by the Itinerary Stone the Elixir Association had given him. The Elixir Association's Itinerary Stone had a powerful function. No matter where you started your journey, as long as you had a specific destination, you would be able to travel through the Desolate Forbidden Land at will. This proved in some way how powerful the Elixir Association was. However, even in the Elixir Association, only Heaven Alchemists could own such Itinerary Stones.

A few days after his departure from the Eight Divinities Territory, Jiang Chen arrived in Jing Prefecture.

"Oh, my?" He was shocked by the first view that unfolded before him as soon as he left the Desolate Forbidden Land. If the Desolate Forbidden Land could be compared to a sea, there were numerous airships traveling to and fro along the coastline.

Jiang Chen looked around. He saw all kinds of airships of different sizes. As far as he could see, there were endless buildings on hills, plains, and mountains. Precisely speaking, what he saw was a giant mountain city. Most airships came from the city. They flew into the Desolate Forbidden Land in haste.

At first, Jiang Chen thought that what he was seeing was because of war, but the people looked quite calm. He flew toward the mountain city. Some soldiers appeared to stop him as soon as his airship landed. "Unregistered spiritual airships should land outside of the city."

All of these soldiers were in the Reaching Heaven State, but they didn't show any fear at all when facing a Venerable. They sounded quite firm, as if they didn't allow any questions to be asked. Needless to say, they must have some strong people's support.

Jiang Chen packed up his airship and then went into the city. An hour later, he came to understand why this place was so bustling. He had underestimated Jing Prefecture. Thanks to its terrain and rich resources, Jing Prefecture was the heart of the Ten Prefectures. It was as flourishing as any of the territories of the Nine Territories.

It was possible to travel to five prefectures and four territories from the mountain city where Jiang Chen was. Since the puzzle was solved, Jiang Chen didn't want to stay here any longer. After learning the location of Cliff Mountain, he was going to set off.

"Young master." A silvery voice came from behind him when he was leaving.

Jiang Chen turned and saw a young girl in azure looking at him, smiling.

Jiang Chen looked around to make sure it was him who she had called. Then he said confusedly, "What's up?"

"Young master, you are going to Cliff Mountain, aren't you? I heard you ask the way."


"Well, here is the thing. I am running a business with a few friends. We came here to replenish our stock, but we need more escorts on the way back. Young master, do you want to work for us? I promise you will be happy with the pay," the woman in azure said.

"But why?" Jiang Chen said.

"Sorry?" The woman didn't understand what his question meant. She was a little bit astounded.

"Why do you want me to be your escort?" Jiang Chen said.

"Because young master you are alone, and we are going the same way. You seem the perfect person for us."

"Aren't you afraid that I could be a bad person and steal what I escort?" Jiang Chen wondered why these businessmen were looking for strangers on the street to be their escorts.

"Sorry for the disturbance."

Seeing him on guard, the woman knew it would be useless even if she tried to talk him into it, so she apologized to him and then turned to leave.

Squinting, Jiang Chen intuited that she had something that she couldn't speak about. However, had nothing to do with him.

When Jiang Chen was leaving, he saw the azure-clad woman walk up to another young Martial Venerable with the same smile. She made the same offer to him politely.

"Ha, ha, ha, miss, as a businessman, you can't even afford to hire an escort. As pretty as you are, why do you have to live such a difficult life? Why don't you stay with me? I promise your life will be easier than doing business."

That young Spiritual Venerable's eyes lit up as soon as he saw the woman. He said whatever came to his mind.

"Sorry for the disturbance."

A look of disgust flashed in her eyes, but she covered it well.

"Don't go. If you know you disturbed me, aren't you quite impolite to walk away like this?" The young Venerable didn't let her go easily. He stopped her.

No passers-by on the street tried to intervene. They just stayed there watching, waiting for a good show.


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