The Brilliant Fighting Master
759 I Am Flame Emperor!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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759 I Am Flame Emperor!

The space behind the door was much smaller than they had expected. They had thought it was a room piled with treasures, but, in fact, it wasn't even a room. Two people could only stand at the open iron door. Before them was a wall. There was a wooden shelf between them and the wall. The treasure light was from the treasures on the shelf.

Both Jiang Chen and Jiang Moliang felt like they had opened someone's wardrobe. A spiritual suit, a battle suit, and a set of armor were hanging there. There were belts, gloves, and long boots too. And there were also all kinds of accessories. Besides the clothes and accessories, they also found a short sword and two neatly placed books.

Jiang Chen took a look at the books and found they were about methods and martial arts techniques. "These must have belonged to the owner of the grave."

Jiang Moliang was very surprised. She said, "The man anticipated his own death, so he organized everything, like people will do before they go to sleep."

"This is all good stuff," Jiang Chen said.

The method and martial arts techniques books he had leafed through were both full of high-quality materials that were rarely seen. They were good enough to be included in the Over Cloud Palace's collection.

Despite the old design of the spiritual suit, the battle suit, and the armor, they were at least as good as contemporary masters' works. Their defensive power was surprisingly strong. They could even bear the attack of Doctrine Artifacts!

He took the short sword down and drew it out of its sheath. He was instantly shocked.

"It is a Doctrine Artifact!"

A ready Doctrine Artifact was here, though because of the damage on it, the soul of the sword was fast asleep.

"Young Master Wind." Jiang Moliang had finally calmed down. She was going to discuss with him how to carve up the treasures.

"Call me Jiang Chen. You already know my name."

"But which one is your real identity? Young Master Wind or Jiang Chen?" Jiang Moliang's look became extremely sharp. She kept staring at him.

"Maybe neither." Jiang Chen didn't say more. He just smiled mysteriously.

"Your identity doesn't matter to us so much anymore. I was going to ask you how we should carve these things up," Jiang Moliang said.

"What do you mean?" Jiang Chen didn't answer her rashly. Whatever he was talking about, he preferred not to be the first one to tell others what was on his mind.

"You opened this door. So you get to pick first. We'll split all these treasures 50-50. Thus, the remaining half will be mine." Jiang Moliang's suggestion sounded reasonable. Of course, she wouldn't have accepted anything less either.

"Sounds good."

If Jiang Moliang hadn't brought him here, none of these things would have happened.

Jiang Moliang stepped back so that Jiang Chen could pick first.

Jiang Chen counted all of the treasures. There were 11 of them in all, an odd number, which couldn't be split evenly. Each of the things was worth a fortune.

Fortunately, neither Jiang Chen nor Jiang Moliang was greedy. Jiang Moliang told him without any hesitation that he could take one more treasure.

Jiang Chen refused politely. He took the spiritual suit and the battle suit. One of them could be used as a coat, while the other could be used as an undercoat. And they were exactly his size. Now Jiang Chen wouldn't have to worry about being naked again, since his clothes were frequently getting burned up.He also took a black ring with a flamboyant design that looked like a fiercely burning flame. This ring had something to do with the lore of fire.

In fact, the owner of the grave must have been skilled at the martial arts techniques of fire. That was obvious from the Fire Wolf Constellation Map.

Jiang Chen put the ring on his finger. Instantly, he felt it clearly that the lore of fire he had mastered had progressed again. Now, he was more sensitive to fire. The next two things he took were certainly the method and the martial arts technique.

The remainder was all Jiang Moliang's, including the Doctrine Artifact short sword. None of these things was average since they had been chosen by the grave owner to be put behind the door. It was quite fair for both of them.

"Let's go."

Now that they had gotten the treasures, they'd better leave as soon as possible. They didn't feel right staying there.

Jiang Chen agreed to leave but felt it was more or less a pity that he knew nothing about the grave owner. In some sense, Jiang Moliang and he had gotten this man's inheritance.

They walked out of the grave and left the mountain as quickly as possible.

"Where shall we go next?" Jiang Chen wanted to continue, since he had tasted blood.

"There are a few more places like this. The thing is I don't know where they are. I knew about this grave only by chance," Jiang Moliang said helplessly.

"All right."

"What are you going to do?" Jiang Moliang asked,throwing him a glance and pretending it was only a casual question.

"I'll go back to the Elixir Association and refine heaven elixirs to break through to Celestial Venerable," Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Moliang was struck dumb. She involuntarily nodded. The Elixir Association was indeed a good place for Jiang Chen to go.

"I'm going to a desolate land to practice in seclusion, so that I can be a grand Venerable as soon as possible," Jiang Moliang said.

That meant the two would have to say good-bye.

Jiang Chen wasn't surprised. He said, "It's too early to practice in seclusion for you. Why don't you come back to the Elixir Association with me? I will refine a heaven elixir for you."

A free heaven elixir was quite a temptation. Jiang Moliang hesitated.

"Don't you want to take part in the Title Battle?" Jiang Chen added.

Her age was perfect to take part in the Title Battle. And her result wouldn't be bad. Jiang Moliang shook her head. As the Jiangs' traitor, she would be in trouble if she went to take part in the Title Battle.

"I will make adventures of my own. Waiting for your heaven elixir won't do any good to my misfortunes." Jiang Moliang said after hesitation.

"Okay." Jiang Chen didn't insist. Everyone had to make his own choices.

It was an easy good-bye. They only exchanged a look. Then Jiang Moliang flew away at full speed.

Jiang Chen randomly chose a direction to fly in. When he had stopped, he burned a hole in a mountain wall in which he could fit. He took everything he had gotten in the grave out. He examined the spiritual suit and the battle suit. They both looked fine to him. He put them on. He had to admit they were much more comfortable than average clothes.

To test them, Jiang Chen emitted fire. The clothes remained intact. In addition, a brilliant pattern showed up on the grayish-black battle suit.

"Good. Good."

Putting the defensive power aside, this alone was already good enough for Jiang Chen. After extinguishing the fire, he began to study the ring.

Jiang Chen had noticed the black ring had looked like a fire when the fire had been burning. As a result, his control over fire became much more subtle.

"I am Flame Emperor!" All of a sudden, a majestic voice appeared in Jiang Chen's head. Then a man's figure showed up in the flame-shaped ring. Jiang Chen wanted to throw the ring away, but he found he couldn't take it off, as if it had grown out of his flesh.

"It is thou who got part of my inheritance?" The man in the fire had eyes in the shape of flames too. He kept staring at Jiang Chen.

"Is there anyone else here?" Jiang Chen was annoyed. He hated to fall into a passive position. Outrageous for him, it really got on his nerves.

"Great. Fantastic. Thou have the genuine blood of the celestial phoenix and the Alien Flame! Young man, thou are promising!" The creature in the fire said loudly, not annoyed by his tone.

Jiang Chen was very surprised that the man knew so many things about him. He also wondered what the man was implying.

"In short, I left part of my inheritance in the Nine Realms before my death. Whoever gets my inheritance can be the next Flame Emperor and become extremely strong."

Jiang Chen had never heard of such a way to get an inheritance. He said out of curiosity, "What should I do then?"


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