The Brilliant Fighting Master
755 The Blood Oath Flared Up
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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755 The Blood Oath Flared Up

As Jiang Beishan's words echoed, people witnessed a devilish blood-red light shining from Jiang Chen's veins. They could all clearly see his blood flowing in them, as this was a sign that he had violated a Blood Oath. Just like Jiang Chen had emphasized, it was the Blood Oath alone that would decide whether or not one had violated it.

Regardless of whether Jiang Moliang should really die or not, this was still the Jiang family's own private matter, and if Jiang Chen intervened in it by force, he would violate the Blood Oath's fourth clause. He mustn't for any reason—besides cultivation—interfere or obstruct any action chosen by the Jiang family.

Jiang Moliang was worried, and her pretty face became twisted. She didn't know why Jiang Chen wanted to help her.

When the veins in his neck had just begun to shine, Jiang Chen spoke. "I want Jiang Moliang to become my cultivation resource and practice dual cultivation with me." The radiance in his veins started gradually disappearing, and his whole body returned to normal.

"It's out of the question," Jiang Beishan replied without giving it a second thought. As his voice echoed, a similar reaction to Jiang Chen's appeared on Jiang Zhe, who was in the Jiang family's main residence.

"They are really a bunch of fools." Jiang Zhe wasn't an ordinary person, and he didn't panic at all. He was just irritated because this reaction disturbed him.

After a short while, the Jiang family's master appeared in Beiliang City's sky. It could be easily discerned that it was just a clone, but his aura was still as imposing as a mountain, and it oppressed people so greatly that they almost couldn't gasp for breath.

The Jiang family's master spoke coldly. "Who prevented Young Master Feng from getting what he requested?" His gaze became sharper than usual because this matter endangered his son's life.

Jiang Beishan, who had refused Jiang Chen decisively, was so scared that he became drenched in cold sweat. He quickly shook his head and expressed that he wouldn't obstruct Jiang Chen.

The reaction in Jiang Zhe's veins also disappeared.

"Family Master!" Jiang Beishan flew into the sky and informed him of everything that had happened. In his own side of the story, he was an upright and just person who had uncovered Jiang Moliang's collusion with Jiang Chen.

As for the Sky-Burning Evil Flame's matter, the Jiang family's master was already aware of it. He had heard just now that Jiang Chen had used dual cultivation with Jiang Moliang as a pretext to save her.

The Jiang family's master squinted as he considered it before he questioned her in front of everyone. "Moliang, do you admit that you didn't fulfill your duty?"

Jiang Moliang stood up and looked at Jiang Chen as she said, "I really didn't fulfill my duty."

"Is Jiang Yan's death your fault?" the Jiang family's master asked again.

"That's right!"

"Then you should do as he asked and make up for your mistakes. Afterward, you should take your own life to prove that you are innocent," the Jiang family's master said.

It could be clearly seen that Jiang Moliang's shoulders shivered now. She pursed her lips before she raised her chin and shouted, "Understood!"

"Young Master Feng, are you satisfied with this?" The Jiang family's master's gaze fell on Jiang Chen, and his constrained anger was apparent in his voice.

"You are treating Jiang Moliang like this..."

"Young Master Feng, this is the Jiang family's private matter, and it isn't up to you to meddle in it," the Jiang family's Master shouted angrily. The weather immediately changed, and a strong wind blew while thunder rumbled.

Jiang Chen's face turned pale. His body bore such great pressure, but he still gritted his teeth, persisted, and didn't allow himself to fall down.

"It seems like the Alien Flame's matter touched the Jiang family's bottom line," he said inwardly.

"You don't need to care about my matters," Jiang Moliang said.

"I care about you, not because of you, but just because I want to." Jiang Chen took a single look at her, and it seemed like he didn't care at all about what she thought of this.

He raised his head once again and spoke in a thunderous voice. "Jiang family's master, I'm willing to alter the Blood Oath and cancel everything in it besides carrying the Divine Martial Trial in the Title Battle."

Upon hearing him, the crowd went into an uproar. At this time, people started suspecting that what Jiang Beishan had stated was true. Did Jiang Chen and Jiang Moliang really have a secret relationship between them?

"What do you want to do?" Jiang Moliang was at a complete loss now. She couldn't figure out what Jiang Chen was up to.

After the Jiang family's master had quieted for a moment, he replied, "Add the Sky-Burning Evil Flame to it."

Upon hearing him, Jiang Moliang's pride in the Jiang family disappeared completely. Jiang Beishan wanted to kill her just because of her father, while the Jiang family's master wanted to shift the blame to her and use her as a scapegoat, even though it was only due to the Blood Oath that the Alien Flame was stolen.

In the end, this outsider, whom she had looked down upon, helped her, yet the Jiang family's master still asked for a mile after the other party gave him an inch and wanted to make up for his grave mistake. She had fallen into such dire straits just because she had strived hard for the Jiang family.

It turns out that all people are this fake and hypocritical, and it isn't because they are from noble descent and a noble family... As she thought of this, she recalled Jiang Chen, and her heart shuddered. It was only in this situation that she discovered how noble Jiang Chen's character was.

"If the evil flame separates from me, I will have the same fate as Jiang Yan," Jiang Chen stated. Upon hearing him, the Jiang family's master and Jiang Beishan started hesitating.

However, Jiang Chen didn't leave them enough time to mull it over and just gave in first. He said, "I can let you all have a single opportunity to attack me, and regardless of what you do with it, killing me or capturing me, the Blood Oath won't interfere. However, only people below the Great Venerable Realm are allowed to attack me."

"Did you go crazy?" Jiang Moliang exclaimed in alarm. The other people found it unbelievable, too.

Jiang Beishan immediately spoke. "Does it still include what you stated before?"

"That's right," Jiang Chen replied truthfully.

"Are we allowed to take your life even now?" the Jiang family's master asked. This city had the Three Mountains Elders, as well as the black-armored guards' two Celestial Venerables. There were altogether five Celestial Venerables.

"Then, are you willing to accept it?" When Jiang Chen witnessed the hesitation in his gaze, he found it quite laughable. All people from great factions always judged people according to themselves, and they always assumed that he was concocting some scheme.

As a matter of fact, after the Three Mountains Elders attacked him, and the Sky-Burning Evil Flame's affair happened, from now on, staying in the Jiang family would do him more harm than good. However, the main reason he was doing this was that he didn't want Jiang Moliang to die because of him.

"If it's really like what you stated, I will surely accept it. So, let's start altering the Blood Oath." The Jiang family's people didn't have any reason to refuse this deal.

It was at this time that Jiang Moliang spoke anxiously. "They are activating the city's formation."

"I know," Jiang Chen replied.

After Jiang Moliang mulled it over for a moment, she spoke again. "You don't need to pay this much for me. We don't owe each other anything."

"I already said that I'm not doing it for you, just for myself. Do you know what the most dangerous hurdle in advancing to the Great Venerable Realm is?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Tribulation Clouds?" This question answer was obvious, yet Jiang Chen still asked it on purpose, thus Jiang Moliang's tone faltered slightly.

"It's a person's conviction. If I just left you alone and didn't care about you, this would go against my principles." As Jiang Chen spoke, he flew into the sky, floated at the same height as the Jiang family's master, and started altering the Blood Oath's content at the same time as he did.

After a minute passed, the Jiang family's master said, "Even though I don't know what cheap trick you plan to use, you will still surely die." As the Jiang family's master's Great Venerable Realm clone disappeared from the sky, he ordered Jiang Beishan, "Kill him before midnight. Kill him!"

In a short while, the whole Beiliang City went into a combat-ready state, even though their enemy was just a single person, Jiang Chen, who was at the late stage of the Spiritual Venerable Realm. However, Jiang Moliang still flew into the sky while holding her dagger and looking at him fixedly.

"You wouldn't want to kill me to make up for your mistake, would you?" Jiang Chen cracked a joke.

Jiang Moliang rolled her eyes at him and spoke resentfully, "You should follow me, or else it will be impossible for you to leave Beiliang City."


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