The Brilliant Fighting Master
753 A Hero and the Conspiracy
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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753 A Hero and the Conspiracy

Beiliang City, City Lord's residence.

Beiliang City's lord was walking around, worried. In the end, he couldn't bear looking for the Three Mountains Elders. He asked, "Elder Beishan, will you really kill young miss Jiang Moliang?"

"What? Do you have an objection?" Jiang Beishan's face was expressionless, and his gaze was ice cold.

"No, I don't, but young miss Moliang is loyal and devoted, and her father sacrificed his life for the family. Even if she made a grave mistake, she mustn't be killed," the city lord stated his opinion. However, he noticed clearly that after he stated such words, Jiang Beishan's gaze became ominous.

"You should just leave." Jiang Yishan and Jiang Dongshan quickly drove the city lord away just in case Jiang Beishan blurted out anything once again. It was a while ago that Jiang Beishan had divulged the truth to Jiang Moliang. Thus, this matter had gotten out of hand, and they were forced to kill her.

Jiang Moliang was now before them. Her hands and feet were bound, while a piece of cloth that had a spirit seal preventing her from speaking was stuffed in her mouth. Though she couldn't speak, her eyes had a complex look. They were filled with grief, anger, and despair as well as all kinds of other emotions.

Jiang Beishan wore a gloomy look as he took the piece of cloth out of her mouth. He said, "The Family Master sent you to Young Master Feng's side to study all of his techniques in secret, yet you didn't learn anything, and you just caused this matter to get out of hand. In the end, he even killed Jiang Yan and stole the Sky-Burning Evil Flame. If you did it on purpose, your crime is unforgivable, and if that isn't the case, it means then that you are as stupid as your father."

Upon hearing his last words, Jiang Moliang started struggling intensely. It seemed like she wanted to risk her life to fight against him. She wasn't about to accept his statement, and she shouted, "My father, my father is a hero!"

"He's just a joke." Jiang Beishan revealed a faint, cold smile while he felt quite elated inwardly.

Jiang Moliang's father was Jiang Wuchen, and when he was still alive, Jiang Beishan had a great feud with him. Jiang Wuchen reached the Great Venerable Realm when he was still younger than Jiang Beishan by a dozen years, which made him feel quite resentful and jealous of him.

The Jiang family even once wanted to take the Alien Flame from Jiang Yan's body and hand it over to the Jiang family's strongest expert to increase the family's overall power. At that time, the Jiang family had already prepared itself for war. They planned to first unite the whole Eight Divinities Territory before attacking the other eight territories. However, in the end they reached for more than they could handle and suffered dreadful consequences.

The Sky-Burning Evil Flame went out of control, and its tenth transformation's power burned all formations and barriers set by the Jiang family, and the whole Jiang family was about to be destroyed by it. It was then, when everyone was helpless in the face of such a crisis, that Jiang Wuchen sacrificed his life to turn the situation for the better. Jiang Wuchen was considered a hero, while Jiang Moliang, who had lost her father, became one of the most esteemed youngsters of the Jiang family.

However, Jiang Moliang heard another story from Jiang Beishan. According to him, the reason Jiang Wuchen took such action was because the previous Family Master had threatened Jiang Moliang's life in order to force him to do it. The reason behind this was that Jiang Wuchen's quick growth in power was a threat to the Family Master.

Jiang Beishan dared to state it now without any scruples because the previous Family Master was already overthrown, and his name had even been erased from the family records. The previous Family Master's actions were too outrageous, and he had almost led the family to destruction.

It was only after the Jiang family transitioned into a new regime that Lil Fan, who lived in a piece of Desolate Land, was affected and ended up getting entangled with Jiang Chen. Even if Jiang Moliang wanted to take revenge, she didn't know which person she should target.

The Jiang family kept this secret because it would be better for Jiang Wuchen to be known by the family's members as a hero, and it could be considered fairer to Jiang Moliang. However, Jiang Beishan, who hated Jiang Wuchen, was infuriated by the Alien Flame's matter and ended up stating everything on this day in retaliation. Even after he told her everything, he still wanted to kill Jiang Moliang to take revenge against her father.

Jiang Moliang noticed the hatred in his tone as he narrated the story, and she couldn't help but ask him, "Jiang Beishan, why do you hate my father so much?"

He snorted and said, "It's only because of your father that I failed while advancing to the Great Venerable Realm, so how can I not hate him?" Jiang Beishan's face became filled with anger when he mentioned this matter. This was truly a matter that cultivators would never be able to forget in their whole life.

"My father wasn't such a person..." Jiang Moliang didn't believe that her father could do such a thing.

"You find it implausible? When I was just about to make a breakthrough, he ran into me and stated that it was still not an ideal time for attempting it and asked me to wait for a while. What intentions would a junior harbor while telling me that? Moreover, I really ended up failing among the Tribulation Clouds, and it's surely because of him." As he spoke, his face became twisted.

"Hahaha!" After hearing such a preposterous story, Jiang Moliang found it just laughable. Her father had warned him kindly, and in the end, it was confirmed that her father was right, but this person unexpectedly bore a grudge against him for this. It was really ironic.

"You should atone for your father's crime." After Jiang Beishan spoke, he took the other two people with him and left.

Jiang Yishan couldn't help but say, "Beishan, will you really kill her? Even if you hated him even more, you still won't get any benefit out of this." They were both Jiang Beishan's close friends and were aware of the matter that gnawed at his mind. Jiang Beishan would only dare to act without the slightest scruples in front of them.

"It will depend upon whether Young Master Feng comes to save her or not." Jiang Beishan continued, "If he comes back, it's obvious that those two people are colluding with each other, thus they must be both killed."

"What if he doesn't come?"

Jiang Beishan looked at the sky and said, "I will wave at you after a while, and if Young Master Feng still hasn't come by then, you should just obstruct me, and we will settle this matter by leaving it unsettled."

"Okay!" The two elders relaxed upon hearing such words.

The sky quickly turned dusky, and when it was nighttime, all of Beiliang City's people assembled at the plaza outside of the city lord's residence. They came there because they got the news that Jiang Moliang had colluded with Young Master Feng to steal the Sky-Burning Evil Flame and kill Jiang Yan, thus she would be executed publicly.

None of them could accept such news. If Jiang Zhe was considered their prince, then Jiang Moliang would be their princess. When they reached the plaza, they saw that Jiang Moliang was bound up. The Three Mountains Elders were expressionless and didn't allow anyone to plead for her. Many Jiang family's members panicked and wanted to stop them, but they still didn't know what should they do.

"According to what I heard from the black-armored guards, she really obstructed the Three Mountains Elders from chasing Young Master Feng."

"Young Master Feng disappeared with the Alien Flame, thus Jiang Moliang must assume responsibility for this."

There were people who believed what the Three Mountains Elders said.

"Shiya, how does it seem to you?" Yu Ling was also in the city.

"Even if they wanted to kill her, they still won't do it in public because of Jiang Moliang's popularity. The Three Mountains Elders want to use her to lure Jiang... Young Master Feng." When Tang Shiya was about to say his name, she had almost exposed his true identity.

"It's impossible for him to come back. He just fled with great difficulty, so why would he come back to throw his life away?" Yu Ling said.

"No, that guy will surely come back," Tang Shiya said solemnly. With her understanding of Jiang Chen, he would surely come back to save her, even if a hundred Celestial Venerables were in the city, let alone just five. This was all because he was Jiang Chen. She really didn't know whether she should disdain such actions or admire them.


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