The Brilliant Fighting Master
752 Genuine Fire
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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752 Genuine Fire

Jiang Chen could use the Alien Flame to deal with the Celestial Venerables for a while, but it didn't mean that he could contend against them. He had already planned to escape, but he didn't expect that Jiang Moliang would intervene and help. Even though she stated that she was doing it just for Jiang Zhe, she still ended up helping him.

She won't end up receiving a really harsh punishment, Jiang Chen thought inwardly. He already noticed that Jiang Moliang had an esteemed status in the Jiang family. This wasn't just because she was a young Celestial Venerable, so there must have still been another reason for it.

Jiang Chen stopped after he had traveled for just a short while. He recalled that he was in the Jiang family's domain, and even if his speed was quicker, he still couldn't escape from them. From his past experience in the Jiang family, he could judge that they would send people after him after just a short while. I must quickly look for a solution. I mustn't let them take away the Alien Flame.

Even though people assumed that he had used extreme methods to snatch the Jiang family's Alien Flame, he would still protect the Sky-Burning Evil Flame because it was related to the events from 500 years ago.

"Evil fire! That's right, it's an evil fire." Jiang Chen rejoiced and had an idea. Since the Jiang family didn't send a Great Venerable, he still had an opportunity. Even though he wasn't a match for the Three Mountains Elders, he still had an Alien Flame with him.

"Chen'er, the Sky-Burning Evil Flame's superiority lies in the fact that no one knows its true upper limit. The stronger its evil nature, the greater its might, and its might is theoretically boundless. However, it still has a limit, and that limit is its owner. If he can't bear its evil nature, he will end up dead while the Alien Flame's might will also fade out." Many pieces of knowledge about the Sky-Burning Evil Flame told to him by his father emerged in his mind.

After a short while, he found a crucial point among them. "Each Alien Flame has a Genuine Fire. While the evil flame's Genuine Fire is different from the others, it was only after I reached the Tenth Transformation that I discovered how mystical it was. Let me show it to you." Jiang Chen could still feel his heart palpitating in fear even now when he recalled the destructive power released by his father. The Genuine Fire was an Alien Flame's purest source and origin, and it possessed astounding might.

The ball of flame spurted out from Jiang Yan's mouth was the Genuine Fire, but such weak Genuine Fire was really an insult to this flame that bore the name, "Sky-Burning Evil Flame."

His father's control and use of Genuine Fire reached an unrivaled level, and Jiang Chen had a deep impression of the sight of his father as he temporarily broke free of transformation's limit and released the Sky-Burning Evil Flame's complete power.

What was it called? Lotus or something of the like. It was a pity that the Palace Master at that time had just told him of it and explained how he achieved it, but he didn't really teach Jiang Chen how to do it. Jiang Chen knew most of the principles behind it, but he still didn't know anything at all about how could he achieve it.

Let's try it, Jiang Chen thought. The former path had been walked down by a human like him, and such a situation could also be considered a test of his capability. He landed on a barren mountain and started using the Sky-Burning Evil Flame in his body. Its terrifying temperature caused his clothes to start burning.

If he hadn't had a Divine Body formed by the fusion of a Celestial Phoenix's genuine blood and a Fiery Dragon's source, even his brows and hair might have been burned to ashes. However, all the hair on his body now was shining with a sparkling scarlet luster, and it seemed like there was a burning world in each strand of his hair. It was especially the case for the black hair on his head, which danced in the air and made him seem like a spirit.

The evil flame's Genuine Fire quickly appeared in his hand, and it started changing as Jiang Chen quickly weaved hand signs. The Genuine Fire's outward appearance started changing like a piece of ice that was carved into a lotus, and its outline was gradually becoming clearer. However, Jiang Chen's forehead was beaded with sweat now, and it was obvious that it was a strenuous task for him.

After a short while, a pained expression appeared on Jiang Chen's face, and the Genuine Fire dissipated. It was fortunate that he had chosen a barren mountain, or else he might have given rise to a large fire. However, it still seemed like the land surrounding him had started melting.

"It seems like my father was too optimistic. He had already mastered the Tenth Transformation, while I'm just at the First Transformation. It would be difficult to just disregard this and try achieving it," Jiang Chen spoke helplessly, however, he still didn't give up, and his gaze was still resolute.

He was incapable of making the World-Destroying Lotus like his father, but he still had another idea while trying to make the former. He held the Red Cloud Sword in his hand and used the Fire Sword Realm. The fire he used was obviously an Alien Flame. The Red Cloud Sword cried in excitement after it was engulfed by the Alien Flame. This sword with its attribute related to fire was fond of powerful flames.

Jiang Chen imbued it with his Alien Flame while he held the Heavenly Fault Sword with his other hand and used the Wind Sword Realm. "Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!" It turned out that Jiang Chen had planned to use the Sword Doctrine, which he was adept in, to display this Genuine Fire's greatest might.

When he raised his sword, its might caused the mountain to shake, and he could only leave it and fly into the sky. After he united the swords, wind and fire collided against each other, and they formed a fire tornado.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When the tornado reached the stone mountain beneath him, the mountain cracked open and started being pulverized. When the tornado dissipated, the stone mountain was unrecognizable.

"Even after I added those two Doctrine Artifacts to the Sky-Burning Alien Flame's regular might, I still didn't reach my father's level and didn't manage to break free of transformation's restriction." Jiang Chen was quite disappointed. Such power wasn't enough to deal with Celestial Venerables.

However, Jiang Chen was never afraid of failure, as it was a necessary process for accumulating enough experience. He immediately gave it a try again, and in the next hours, the pitiful land around him suffered and countless potholes were opened in it.

When it was approaching nightfall, a division of black-armored guards came to the vicinity to search it and ended up discovering Jiang Chen. But Jiang Chen had discovered them, too.

"Flee, quickly." They had just come there to scout Jiang Chen's location, and they didn't dare to fight with him. They turned around decisively and left. However, Jiang Chen suddenly appeared next to them like a ghost. He had practiced with his swords for half a day, and he was already near success.

"Why do you want to leave? Weren't you looking for me?" Jiang Chen said mockingly.

"Young Master Feng, you mustn't kill us. Don't forget the Blood Oath." This division of black-armored guards had suffered greatly when they faced Jiang Chen, thus they couldn't help but give in after they considered their current predicament.

"It's your Jiang family that is forcing my hand."

"Young Master Feng, what are you talking about? You killed Jiang Yan, yet the elders still didn't blame you and just asked you to return the Alien Flame. It's reasonable and fair," the division's leader spoke in a mocking tone.

"But I had a wager with Jiang Yan, and since I won, the Alien Flame belongs to me now," Jiang Chen said.

"Does it?" Those soldiers didn't know whether he was telling the truth or not. They hadn't been there at the time, and Jiang Chen didn't feel like explaining it to them.

He asked, "How's young miss Jiang Moliang now?"

Upon hearing this question, the soldiers looked at each other in dismay. They didn't know how should they reply.

Jiang Chen had a bad feeling about it, and he shouted, "Speak!"

A solder was scared by his gaze and blurted out, "She was killed!"

"What?" Jiang Chen was infuriated. Even though he wasn't really close to Jiang Moliang, he still found the Jiang family's actions too ruthless and heartless. "What rubbish are you spouting?"

The division leader slapped that soldier and looked at Jiang Chen as he said with a smile, "Young Master Feng, don't misunderstand. Young miss Jiang Moliang is still alive, but she suffered heavy punishment, and she will be killed tonight."

Jiang Chen raised his eyes and looked at the sky. The sun had almost disappeared on the horizon. "Hateful!" Jiang Chen didn't say anything further to them, and he rushed decisively to Beiliang City at full speed.


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