The Brilliant Fighting Master
751 Jiang Wuchen
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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751 Jiang Wuchen

Upon hearing this, Jiang Moliang became worried. The status of those three Celestial Venerables in the Jiang family wasn't low. They once tried to advance into the Great Venerable Realm, but they failed when they faced the Tribulation Clouds. Moreover, since they were quite old, it was obvious that they would stay just in the Celestial Venerable Realm.

However, they were nearly at the peak of the Celestial Venerable Realm and were among the most powerful people in that realm. They were known as the Three Mountains. They were known as the Three Mountains because their names were Jiang Yishan, Jiang Beishan, and Jiang Dongshan. The "shan" in each of their names meant "mountain."

Jiang Moliang wasn't a match for any of them. Moreover, the critical point was that those three people would never bluff. It was especially the case for Jiang Beishan, who had spoken a moment ago. His face was filled with wrinkles, but his gaze was still as sharp as ever. In her mind, he was a quiet person who wouldn't deal with anything sloppily.

Another old man spoke. "The Blood Oath's fourteenth clause states that if you have done anything that will endanger the Jiang family or that will affect it greatly, the Jiang family will be allowed to take necessary countermeasures." They had come here prepared and didn't fear Jiang Chen using the Blood Oath as a shield.

Jiang Chen knew this clearly. Thus, his expression became slightly grim. "What do you plan to do?"

"Elder, it's Jiang Yan who was in the wrong first. So it's unknown whether the Blood Oath will harm us or not," Jiang Moliang spoke anxiously.

"Moliang, you allowed all of this to happen, yet now you are still speaking for him? Did you do right by the Jiang family with your actions?" Those three people's faces were unexpectedly filled with suspicion as they all looked at her.

Jiang Moliang was started, and she almost suffocated as she faced her family's distrustful gazes. "Hand over the Alien Flame." Jiang Moliang strived hard to keep her calm while she still tried to satisfy both sides.

"It's out of the question." Jiang Chen shook his head and looked at the three old men. He spoke in a mocking tone. "Is the Alien Flame more important to you than Jiang Zhe's life, or is the threat it will bring to you while in my possession too great?" He had accurately stated the Jiang family's point of view, thus it was obvious that he had considered this matter clearly.

"Jiang Yan stated that he wouldn't take your life before attacking you. The fact that the Alien Flame went out of control was also not up to him, yet you still snatched the flame and caused his death. Do you still have face to argue back?"

"This matter can be judged according to whether the Blood Oath took effect or not, and it isn't up to you all," Jiang Chen replied. The Blood Oath didn't flare out when he got the Alien Flame, thus it was obvious that he hadn't made any mistakes. If the Jiang family attacked him now, they would risk Jiang Zhe's death, yet it still seemed like those three people were willing to take such a risk. However, they would still just take back the Sky-Burning Evil Flame and wouldn't kill him.

"Since you are willing to take such risks, I will accompany you and play with you all." As Jiang Chen spoke, the Holy Sea in his body started bellowing, and evil flames erupted from his hands. He attacked in the same way as Jiang Yan had. He smacked his hands against each other and formed a divine dragon with evil flames. The dragon then pounced at Jiang Beishan.

"You managed to master using it to attack this quickly?" Jiang Beishan's look was grim. He wouldn't dare to be careless while facing such ferocious Alien Flames. He placed his hands in front of his chest, and formless power fluctuations spread out from them toward the fire dragon. When the fire dragon collided against them, he immediately suffered the warping power's brunt, but the evil flame still managed to spread to Jiang Beishan's surroundings.

Meanwhile, the other two Celestial Venerables charged at Jiang Chen from both sides. Even though they were so old, their speed wasn't slow. They managed to reach Jiang Chen in just the twinkling of an eye.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Lightning flickered on Jiang Chen's body, and he instantly disappeared from his former position. When he appeared once again, he had already distanced himself from them by more than 1,000 meters.

"Well?" It seemed like those two people were both surprised by the fact that a Spiritual Venerable like him was that fast.

"Is this a Holy Skill?" After Jiang Beishan extinguished the Alien Flame, he closed in on Jiang Chen. He said, "Lad, aren't you too greedy? You already have Holy Pulses, yet you still want to have an Alien Flame? There isn't any family's disciple in the Three Middle Realms who has both of them."

The Jiang family's people were attacking him just to get the Sky-Burning Evil Flame back, thus they might trigger the Blood Oath. However, they also might not trigger it.

Jiang Chen couldn't state the truth about the Sky-Burning Evil Flame, so he could only say, "Even your trifling Jiang family is qualified to possess the Sky-Burning Evil Flame?"

"Good, good!" An ominous glint flickered in Jiang Beishan's gaze. His speed drastically rose suddenly by several dozen times, and he quickly closed on him. When he thrust his fist at Jiang Chen, the latter used his Holy Skill again and evaded it. However, before Jiang Chen could gasp for breath, the other two Celestial Venerables came at him one after the other.

Jiang Chen's body flickered again and evaded one of their attacks, but the other still pursued him closely. His teleportation technique was already at its limit, and Jiang Chen couldn't evade them any longer.

"The first transformation!" At such a critical juncture, Jiang Chen thrust his fists at him consecutively. The Alien Flame struck the Celestial Venerable and forced him back.

"Amazing! He managed to learn how to use the first transformation this quickly." Admiration welled in Jiang Moliang's heart, but her face was still filled with worry. One mustn't be fooled by the fact that Jiang Chen was still safe and sound because he had already gone all out while trying to evade the Three Mountains Elders' casual attacks. Once the Three Mountains Elders started taking this seriously, the outcome would be unpredictable.

"Is the Alien Flame really more important than Jiang Zhe's life?" She was puzzled by this matter. The Alien Flame had already been in Jiang Yan's hands for many years, yet she had never seen it display any amazing effects. However, it wasn't like she didn't know how valuable an Alien Flame was, but the Sky-Burning Evil Flame was an uncontrollable flame. The benefits it would bring the Jiang family wouldn't make up for even a hundredth of the troubles it would bring them.

Jiang Moliang made a decision, held her sword, and joined the battle. She joined it to help Jiang Chen. "Three elders, the Family Master ordered me to give priority to the Blood Oath, thus I'm incapable of supporting your actions." After Jiang Moliang spoke, she transmitted her voice to Jiang Chen. "Quickly, leave. I will obstruct them."

Jiang Chen looked at her in bewilderment for a moment before he realized something. He didn't say anything but just used lightning and left.

"Don't leave." The Three Mountains Elders wouldn't allow it, but Jiang Moliang was blocking them and preventing them from going after him. "Jiang Moliang, you are really courting death."

Jiang Beishan was very much like what Jiang Moliang had heard about him and knew of him. He was firm and resolute, and he didn't hesitate at all as he started attacking her with all of his power. His palms' might was extremely terrifying.

"Beishan! What are you doing? She's Jiang Wuchen's daughter. Do you want to be spurned by the family?" Jiang Yishan and Jiang Dongshan quickly went over to stop him and asked him to not take any rash action.

"This is the Jiang family's domain, where can he even flee?" The two people spoke quickly when they saw that Jiang Beishan was still not willing to give up.

He snorted. "Even if it's Jiang Wuchen, so what? The Jiang family's hero? It's just nonsense!" Jiang Beishan lowered his arm and cursed angrily.

Jiang Moliang, whose face had been filled with hesitation a moment ago, looked over at him as anger appeared in her eyes.

"What are you looking at?" Jiang Beishan rolled his eyes. He already realized what he had ended up blurting out, and he slightly regretted it. However, he was quite irritated by Jiang Moliang's ice cold gaze. "Don't assume that your father is really worthy of admiration. Let me inform you..."

"Let it be and forget about it." When the other two people realized what he was just about to blurt out, they were scared greatly and quickly interrupted him.

"Elder, why don't you speak clearly? How is my father? He sacrificed his life to help the family get over its greatest crisis, so why are you speaking this rudely of him?" Jiang Moliang wouldn't allow anyone to be this disrespectful to her father, and it was especially the case if it was someone from the Jiang family.


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