The Brilliant Fighting Master
750 Snatching the Alien Flame
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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750 Snatching the Alien Flame

After the Sky-Burning Evil Flame went to Jiang Chen's Holy Sea, its terrifying evil flames immediately went along his eight pulses and his nine holy pulses, and then spread to his whole body. Jiang Chen's body temperature gradually rose, and it seemed like he would start burning at any second. He couldn't afford to care about Jiang Yan, Jiang Moliang, or the others who were rushing over. He landed on the mountain ridge beneath him, which was still burning.

Even though the Sky-Burning Evil Flame submitted to him, its might was no small matter. The reason why Jiang Yan had managed to become its vessel was that his body was special. But even though this was the case, he could only use its Third Transformation's power. It was fortunate that Jiang Chen's Dragon and Phoenix bodies were both related to fire, thus he wasn't burned to ashes by it immediately.

As expected of an evil flame. Jiang Chen recalled how his father controlled the evil fire with ease, and even its Tenth Transformation was a cinch for him. Only now did he realize how amazing it was. Now, the Sky-Burning Evil Flame quieted after it spoke to him just one time. Jiang Chen had to depend upon himself to control the Sky-Burning Evil Flame.

"The Jiang family must have surely used a sealing technique to restrict the evil fire, and it's the reason why Jiang Yan lost control of it after using the Third Transformation," Jiang Chen said inwardly. He planned to use the same tactic. Controlling it step by step was the only correct path while dealing with a flame with energy great enough to destroy the world. Jiang Chen placed his hands before his chest and started quickly weaving hand signs.

Jiang Moliang had come over, and she furrowed her brows as she looked at Jiang Chen. All of a sudden, she thought about her own family member and looked for him everywhere, but in the end, she only found Jiang Yan's corpse.

The tall and upright Jiang Yan had already turned into a dried corpse, and his armor was now sliding off of him. After she carefully observed him, she discovered that he hadn't been killed by someone; it was just that his vitality had been snatched by the Sky-Burning Evil Flame when it left.

The Family Master will surely regret it now. An Alien Flame wasn't worth just 2,000,000,000, and even 100,000,000,000 wasn't enough to cover it. The Jiang family had planned to get another apex genius by cultivating the evil flame inside Jiang Yan's body. If Jiang Yan had managed to get control over the Sky-Burning Evil Flame in the future, his fighting prowess would have been extremely great.

However, Jiang Yan had died while Jiang Chen got the Sky-Burning Evil Flame. All of the Jiang family's members would be pained by such a loss, even Jiang Moliang.

Lan pointed at Jiang Chen's location as she shouted, "Look over there!"

When the other people looked, they witnessed the fiery evil flame soaring into the sky.

"This place is dangerous!" Jiang Moliang took Jiang Yan's corpse before she left with the other three women.

"Sister Moliang, will the young master be all right?" Lan couldn't set her mind at ease, and she still couldn't be of any help to him.

"It will depend on his luck." She really didn't know whether it would be considered a violation of the Blood Oath if Jiang Chen was killed by the Alien Flame, but like Lan, Jiang Moliang was also incapable of containing what was happening. She transmitted this news back to her family in a transmission mode used only for emergencies. Jiang Moliang knew clearly that such news would cause a great sensation in the Jiang family if it reached them.

"He collected the Alien Flame," Tang Shiya said suddenly.

They witnessed the Sky-Burning Evil Flame shrinking down, while the burning mountain and forest's flame were also absorbed into that area. In the twinkling of an eye, the flames disappeared and left behind just a charred land with rising smoke.

Jiang Chen, who had already changed into a new set of clothes, flew into the sky before rushing toward them.

"His power rose further on." Tang Shiya felt sad as she thought about this.

Jiang Moliang went over to him and asked, "How did you manage to snatch the Sky-Burning Evil Flame?" This was what she couldn't understand. It wasn't like the Jiang family hadn't considered extracting the Alien Flame from Jiang Yan's body, but they hadn't managed to do so. Yet Jiang Chen had managed to snatch the Alien Flame when it went out of control. How many secrets does this person hide? Jiang Moliang couldn't help but wonder.

"You won't believe it, even if I tell you." Jiang Chen just beat around the bush, even though he really didn't lie. If he informed them that the Alien Flame submitted to him by itself after he announced his status, they would just take him for a madman.

Now that he thought of it again, the flame spirit quieted completely after it said, "Greetings, Your Highness." Regardless of how Jiang Chen called it, it wouldn't respond. It was as if the flame spirit had disappeared completely. He even started suspecting he had misheard it. However, the Sky-Burning Evil Flame really had obeyed his order and entered his body.

Jiang Chen surmised that most of the flame spirit had disappeared along with the elapsing of such a long time, and it just used its last power to transmit those words to him. Jiang Chen was oblivious as to why it ended up falling into the Three Middle Realms, and he was also oblivious to his father's current situation. However, since his father lost the Sky-Burning Evil Flame, his power would deteriorate greatly, and it wouldn't manage to get back to its peak state again.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but become slightly pessimistic due to such circumstances. The Over Cloud Palace, which existed 500 years ago, had probably already disappeared. However, Jiang Chen could still faintly feel that something was awaiting him in the Sacred Zone, and he needed to go solve all of those mysteries.

At this moment, a group of black-armored guards, as well as several powerful aurae, approached them from the direction of Beiliang City. "You should all go back to Beiliang City without us," Jiang Moliang said to Lan and the other women. It wasn't appropriate for outsiders to witness what would occur afterward, as they might kill all the witnesses.

Tang Shiya and Yu Ling didn't hesitate and quickly flew away. This was especially the case for Yu Ling, as she was afraid that Jiang Chen would cause trouble for her. As for Lan, she wasn't willing to leave, and it was only when Jiang Chen and Jiang Moliang glared at her with their stern gazes that she finally left.

"You asked him all along to spare me, but you never asked me to spare him," Jiang Chen stated when he felt Jiang Moliang's reproachful gaze.

Jiang Moliang sneered coldly as she replied, "That's right, isn't? This isn't related to you at all."

Jiang Chen quieted and didn't say anything more. He turned his attention to the Jiang family's troops, who were coming over. The black-armored guards were Beiliang City's guards. Jiang Chen knew most of them, and it was also the case for the two Celestial Venerables.

However, the leaders of this group weren't the two Celestial Venerables but three gray-haired old men at the Celestial Venerable Realm. They all wore a solemn look, didn't utter a single word, and just went to receive Jiang Yan's corpse.

After they verified that the Sky-Burning Evil Flame in Jiang Yan's body had disappeared, they cast their gazes upon Jiang Chen. "Young Master Feng, please hand over the Sky-Burning Evil Flame." Sure enough, they made that request. It seemed reasonable and fair to them.

"If I release the Sky-Burning Evil Flame in my body, will your Jiang family be capable of subduing it?" Jiang Chen asked.

"It's none of your business." The three people didn't want to argue over it.

"What if I refuse?" Jiang Chen spoke coldly. He didn't feel like he had snatched the Sky-Burning Evil Flame from the Jiang family, but that he had just taken back his own family's possession. However, he couldn't state such an opinion.

"The Jiang family agreed to provide you with all its resources, but that doesn't include letting you kill our Jiang family's disciple and steal his Alien Flame." The three Celestial Venerables restrained themselves. If there wasn't a Blood Oath between them, they would have killed such a person many times.

"What if I refuse?" Jiang Chen didn't argue with them and expressed his decision. The sky descended into silence while a bone-chilling killing intent permeated it.

"We will then capture you and take back the Alien Flame. Moreover, we will probably take other objects from you as well. Is such an outcome to your satisfaction?"


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