The Brilliant Fighting Master
749 Greetings, Your Highness
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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749 Greetings, Your Highness

This was why Jiang Chen had looked down all along on the person who had come to cause trouble for him. "Are all the Jiang family's Spiritual Venerable Realm geniuses like you?" Jiang Chen attacked him once again and didn't even leave him an opportunity to gasp for breath. In the end, he thrust his fist at him and beat Jiang Yan until he spouted blood.

It was at this moment that Jiang Moliang noticed the madness in Jiang Yan's eyes, and it scared her greatly. "Enough! Enough!" She quickly ran over to them. If she didn't hurry up, Jiang Yan would surely use the Third Transformation.

It was a pity she didn't make it in time. When she had just spanned half the distance, she witnessed an evil fire surging out of every single one of Jiang Yan's pores. Jiang Yan's whole body had turned into a fountain of fire.

"Awful!" At such a critical juncture, Jiang Moliang shouted at Jiang Chen, "Run away, quickly!" She ran toward Lan and the other women, and brought them with her as she quickly left. Lan and the others weren't aware of how grave this matter was, but they still retreated along with Jiang Moliang.


After a short while, they heard the sound of a loud explosion, as if the sky had just cracked open. Afterwards, the evil flames erupted like a volcano, and it seemed like they wanted to fill up the region's entire sky. Regardless of how high they were flying, they would still die if they didn't leave the flames' reach.

Even Jiang Moliang, who was a Celestial Venerable, was in such a state, let alone Tang Shiya and Yu Ling, as well as Lan, who was just in the Reaching Heaven Realm. Her protective energy barrier wasn't enough to block it, and even though she was quite far away from the evil flames, her clothes still started burning, and she became dazed due to the heat.

"Don't hold anything back," Jiang Moliang spoke solemnly while she hugged Lan and flew forward.

In the end, after the women went all out, they managed to reach a safe region. They turned to look back before even gasping for breath, and they witnessed the most terrifying scene of their lives. The sky had already become fuzzy, and the Sky-Burning Evil Flame still hadn't dissipated. Instead, its might was becoming more terrifying.

"Sister Moliang, will the young master be alright?" Lan was so anxious that she almost wept.

"He's done for, everything is done for." Jiang Moliang was dazed and beside herself. She regretted triggering a fight between them, even though if she had tried to prevent it, it would still have been useless.

"If Jiang Yan used the Third Transformation, his body's Sky-Burning Evil Flame will go out of control, and its might will even reach the Tenth Transformation's level. In such a state, Jiang Yan will lose consciousness, and he will be incapable of controlling the evil flame. However, he will still manage to survive because he's the vessel of the Alien Flame. But Young Master Feng, who is there..."

Jiang Chen had already stated that the third and fourth Transformation's Alien Flames could injure him, while even his Divine Body would be burned to ashes by a Tenth Transformation flame's might.

"The Alien Flame's might is still rising, so doesn't this mean that its might won't jump directly to the Tenth Transformation level but will gradually rise to it instead?" Tang Shiya asked suddenly.

"It's really like that." Jiang Moliang didn't know why she had asked such a question.

"It means then that he still has enough time." Tang Shiya didn't know whether she should be excited or disappointed.

"What do you mean? Can he still make anything while the flame's might is still rising? Do you know each other?" Jiang Moliang was already skeptical. The Jiang family was, in fact, aware of Jiang Chen's identity, and they knew that his true name was the "fake" name Jiang Chen, which he had used on this day.

The reason why the Jiang family never revealed it was because they wanted to snatch the Heavenly Fault Sword, but later on, the Elixir Association protected him, so revealing it had already become meaningless. However, the Jiang family still couldn't get any info about either Jiang Chen or Young Master Feng. It was like this person had appeared out of thin air in the Ancient Sword Sect.

According to what the Jiang family learned from Lil Fan, Jiang Chen fell from among the lightning in the sky, thus the Jiang family guessed that he probably came from the Three Upper Realms.

As for the Three Lower Realms? They didn't consider it because someone who could make two divine pieces of art, become a Heaven Alchemist, and still possess a Holy Skill wasn't someone whom even the Eight Great Spirit Zones could raise. So how was it possible for the Three Lower Realms to do so? The Jiang family never tried to investigate there, or else they would have gotten a great surprise.

Tang Shiya didn't admit it, but she still didn't deny it.

"Does it still matter who he is now? I feel like he should have already been burned to ashes," Yu Ling said suddenly.

Upon hearing her reminder, Jiang Moliang couldn't help but shake her head. If Jiang Chen died, Jiang Zhe would also die, and she would also pay the price for it and die.

"He won't die that easily." Unlike the people next to her, Tang Shiya felt like Jiang Chen was still alive, and he should even be in quite a good state. However, she was too confident in Jiang Chen, as he was currently in the sea of flames and in imminent danger.

"You really plan to kill me." Jiang Chen assumed that Jiang Yan wouldn't lose control of himself because he was still bound to Jiang Zhe, but who would have expected that this guy was this insane?

As he took a look at him, he discovered that Jiang Yan was already unconscious, and he couldn't control what was happening while his Sky-Burning Evil Flame's might was rising unceasingly.

Third Transformation, Fourth Transformation... It quickly reached the upper limit that Jiang Chen could bear. "Fire Spirit, as the Over Cloud Palace's Young Master, I order you to submit to me." Jiang Chen threw all caution to the wind. Since the Sky-Burning Evil Flame gave birth to a spirit, it probably still had a memory of this.

After he shouted out, he clearly felt that the Sky-Burning Evil Flame had stopped for a moment. "I order you in the name of my father, the Over Cloud Palace's Master, to submit to me," Jiang Chen shouted loudly. After he announced the status of the Palace Master, everything changed.

Lan pointed at the evil flame and shouted, "Look, there!"

When they looked over, they witnessed the Sky-Burning Evil Flame's surface churning unceasingly.

"Is this a normal occurrence?" Tang Shiya asked.

Jiang Moliang shook her head. The Sky-Burning Evil Flame wouldn't experience any changes before reaching the Tenth Transformation level.

Afterwards, the women's eyes narrowed as they witnessed the Sky-Burning Evil Flame shrinking down. After several seconds had passed, all the Sky-Burning Evil Flames had concentrated in one place. It was a place that Jiang Moliang wouldn't have imagined even in her dreams. The flames were in Jiang Chen's palm.

She could also see the Sky-Burning Evil Flame's Source shaking as it entered his body.

At the same time, a voice echoed in Jiang Chen's mind, "Greetings, Your Highness!"


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