The Brilliant Fighting Master
748 Fearless of the Alien Flame
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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748 Fearless of the Alien Flame

Raising the Heavenly Fault Sword highly, Jiang Chen cried out to himself. He was eager to tell his father about it.


A figure came up to Jiang Chen with the wave of fire while he was sighing silently.

"You are in the same state as me. You think you could stand here to fight with me if you didn't have the Alien Flame? You know what is more ridiculous? I'm not afraid of your Alien Flame at all!"

Jiang Chen wasn't afraid of any close combat. The diverse changes of the Heavenly Fault Sword in his hand put Jiang Yan, who had launched the attack, at disadvantage.

"Great sword method!"

As a sword user as well, Jiang Moliang was astounded by Jiang Chen's sword method right away.

She recalled what had happened in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute. It was said he completed two divine pieces of art, but both were destroyed by her clansmen.

Like many people, she didn't quite believe the hearsay.

She would probably believe it if it was only one divine piece of art, but he finished two at the same time? And he was such a young man. This young man had also spent lots of his time studying panaceas to become a Heaven Alchemist.

Many people thought Miss Tian Ling had helped Young Master Wind out of selfish motives.

As a result, even the Civil and Martial Arts Institute became less influential.

Back to the fight, Jiang Yan didn't intend to win Jiang Chen in martial arts techniques. However, the evil flames were endless when he had thrown his palm over. If his rival were not Jiang Chen, his rival would have cried his heart out. By comparison, Jiang Chen was brandishing his sword at ease.

He wasn't even wearing any battle suit or armor to protect himself. The ordinary clothes he had been wearing had even been burnt up by fire.

"Why aren't you scared of fire?" Jiang Yan asked him involuntarily.

"You want to know?"

Jiang Chen snorted. The Heavenly Fault Sword emitted endless flames, too. Although they were not as powerful as the evil flame, at least Jiang Chen could control them perfectly.

"Fire Sword Realm!"

Over there, Tang Shiya had been 100% sure that this man was Jiang Chen, although she had never seen the Heavenly Fault Sword.

"He used the Lightning Sword first in the fight with Mu Qitian..." Not until then did Jiang Moliang recall many things.

As soon as the Fire Sword Realm was started, Jiang Yan not only was at disadvantage, but also was losing.

"Second turn!"


Jiang Chen and Jiang Yan changed their movements almost at the same time. In this way, the fight in which the result was coming out was kind of suspended.

The color of the flames on Jiang Yan became even more mysterious when he had entered the second turn.

As to Jiang Chen, the reason that he took his sword back was simple. Since he had entered the Fire Sword Realm, his disguise had reached its limit. If he went on, his real face would show up.

Although it wouldn't cause too many differences, he didn't want to disclose his real identity at this moment.

He put the Heavenly Fault Sword aside.

Together with the Redcloud Sword, he had two Doctrine Artifacts by then!

However, he intended to win the victory bare-handed.

The electric arcs, which looked like some thin threads, jumped around him, making a slight sound.

When Jiang Yan was about to launch an attack, arm-thick electric arcs were jumping on Jiang Chen's body.

His black hair started to flutter madly. His muscles all bulged. His figure looked shapely and firm.

"Teleportation Method!"

Jiang Yan found Jiang Chen had disappeared before him when he looked ahead.


Even Celestial Venerable Mu Qitian couldn't catch up with Jiang Chen at this speed. Not to mention Jiang Yan.

"Divine Venerable Bathing in Fire!"

However, Mu Qitian didn't have any Alien Flame, so he couldn't have defended like Jiang Yan.

Jiang Yan waved his hands. The evil flames formed a few walls around him to protect him.


To Jiang Yan's surprise, Jiang Chen suddenly punched through the wall of fire and grabbed his shoulder single-handed to draw him out of there.

Jiang Yan was thrown away by a great power before he could resist.

"It's you who challenged me. Is this what you expected?"

What surprised Jiang Yan most was while he was still gliding in air out of control, Jiang Chen was moving together with him.

Punches armed with thunders rained on Jiang Yan when he was going to say something.


Jiang Yan couldn't stop screaming, but suddenly he gnashed his teeth to smother his screams. He said, "Don't forget one thing. I'm fighting with you on the precondition that I won't kill you!"

Then, his eyes turned into the same color of the evil flames.

Instantly, endless evil flames were emitted from his mouth, pointing at Jiang Chen.

The fire was like a basin of water. It was heavy and it was poured on Jiang Chen.

"That's not good!"

Seeing the fight in such a desperate situation, Jiang Moliang was very anxious.

Jiang Yan's mouth and throat looked like burnt up when he had exerted this movement, because it wasn't an average evil flame.

Jiang Yan's mouth was still smoking after he had emitted the last flame.


This time it was Jiang Chen who screamed in the fire. Holding his head, he looked extremely painful.


Tang Shiya could hardly believe it. Although she really hoped Jiang Chen would hit the skids, she thought him capable of anything from the bottom of her heart.

"All in all, it's the genuine fire of evil flames."

Jiang Moliang shook her head helplessly. If no miracle happened, Jiang Chen's face would be completely disfigured. He would never be able to show people his real face, since all of his skin and hair would be burnt up.

"Hahaha, you think you are capable of anything just because you killed a Celestial Venerable?"

Jiang Yan was very excited that he had turned the tide. Jiang Chen's end was quite satisfying for him.

Enjoying Jiang Chen's screams, he wasn't going to stop the fire until the last minute.

"Jiang Yan!" Jiang Moliang had to shout loudly, since she didn't want to see Jiang Chen die.

"Okay. Okay."

Against his will, Jiang Yan waved his hands, and the fire burning on Jiang Chen finally extinguished slowly.

Let's see what you look like now, Jiang Yan thought complacently.

Those women involuntarily turned. They didn't have the heart to look at Jiang Chen.


However, Jiang Yan was shocked, because nothing had happened to Jiang Chen. He wasn't disfigured as Jiang Yan expected.

Those women had turned only because he was naked!

"Why did you...?" Seeing him completely fine, Jiang Yan didn't understand why he had screamed.

"I was teasing you."

As Jiang Chen spoke, lightning flashed and thunders rumbled again. Those thunderbolts were covering his crucial parts.

Not until then did Jiang Moliang and the other women turn back to watch the fight.

"Why?! Why can't the Alien Flame hurt you? How is it possible that there is someone whom the Alien Flame can't hurt? Even though you've mastered the lore of fire, it shouldn't have been like this!"

Jiang Yan shouted. He couldn't believe what had happened.

Because he has the divine body, Tang Shiya thought to herself. She couldn't help but despise Jiang Yan's ignorance.

It took her a long time to get over Jiang Chen. She was planning to practice the second kalpa of the Kalpa of Threads of Love.

However, the reappearance of Jiang Chen and the gap between the man she had chosen and him reminded her of many histories between them. She knew it would be impossible for her to continue the practice of the second kalpa.

"It's not that the Alien Flame can't hurt me. If your evil flame were in the fifth turn, or even in the fourth turn, I wouldn't have been able to handle it. However, it was only in the second turn. Were you playing a kid game with me?"

Jiang Chen jumped up to him. He kicked on Jiang Yan's face.

The core of thunder in Jiang Chen was much weaker by then in comparison with what he had had in the fight with Mu Qitian. He hardly had any heaven thunders remaining.

However, Jiang Yan was only a Spiritual Venerable. It was enough to deal with him.


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