The Brilliant Fighting Master
747 The Heavenly Fault Doctrine Artifac
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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747 The Heavenly Fault Doctrine Artifac

"Sister Moliang, if I can lose control of myself because of him, I won't even come to the Beiliang City."

After confirming Jiang Chen would fight with him, Jiang Yan tried to make up for the disagreeable feeling he had caused Jiang Moliang by acting too tough.

The Jiangs' youngsters all held Jiang Moliang in high regard.

"Do what I said then," Jiang Moliang told him again not to kill Jiang Chen.

"Don't worry. I don't think his life can be compared to Jiang Zhe's," Jiang Yan said.

The arrogance in his tone put Jiang Moliang worried. She said, "Don't underestimate him. He is not an average guy."

She didn't care who would win. All she cared was the Alien Flame!

As the only Alien Flame the Jiangs had, it was irreproducible.

Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Yan didn't take her word seriously.

Then, Jiang Moliang stepped back to stay with the other women.

"Have you decided how to beg for my mercy later? As you know, my control over the Alien Flame isn't perfect. I can kill you," Jiang Yan said.

"I have never seen a man like you, in the same state as me, but acting so arrogantly before me," Jiang Chen said.

"Because others don't have the Alien Flame!"

As he spoke, Jiang Yan opened his arms. Emitted from his arms, the Sky-burning Evil Flame swam around his body.

The flame was so fierce and so strong that it was powerful enough to burn the sky.

The armor Jiang Yan was wearing also turned into a flame, which made him look like a god of fire.


Jiang Yan's attack wasn't showy at all. He opened his palms and put them together. With a loud clap, the evil flame turned into a holy dragon. The dragon dashed towards Jiang Chen.

He had the Alien Flame. Even his attacking method had nothing to do with martial arts. It was more similar to a holy method.

"Oh, man!"

Jiang Moliang exclaimed in anger. She was kind of worried.

Although Jiang Yan was only in the late stage of Spiritual Venerable, with the help of the Alien Flame, even she wasn't sure who would win if they started a fight.

It would depend on the situation. For example, if she threw over her sword before he emitted the Alien Flame.

The situation would be quite unfavorable for her if she waited until the Alien Flame had been prepared.

Jiang Yan was preparing the Alien Flame, but it seemed Jiang Chen had no idea of it. He didn't do anything to stop Jiang Yan.

Jiang Moliang would in no way warn Jiang Chen of the danger, since it was about the Alien Flame.

However, Jiang Yan wasn't a discreet man at all, which made her kind of regret.

Facing the Alien Flame, Jiang didn't try to dodge or escape. On the contrary, he took the initiative to confront it.

"What is he doing? Is he mad?"

Although Jiang Moliang did admit that Young Master Wind had many surprising ways to do things, she was still shocked by what she had seen.


Jiang Chen's body was devoured by the fire dragon. The Alien Flame was whirling madly with him being the center. The temperature soared to a dreadful degree immediately.

"Jiang Yan! Do you want to kill him?" Jiang Moliang shouted involuntarily.

There was no madness or happiness on Jiang Yan's face. Instead, he looked very serious. He shouted towards Jiang Moliang, "Sister Moliang, I think he is fine. He is dashing towards me! I can feel it!"


Jiang Moliang gazed at them. She did see something in the fire moving.

"Is he going to travel through the Alien Flame to attack Jiang Yan? Is he showing off?" Jiang Moliang didn't know what to say.

He could have dodged the attack of the Alien Flame, but he chose to travel through it. Was he trying to prove how great his defense was?

"First turn!"

All of a sudden, she heard Jiang Yan's voice. She turned pale immediately.

The method to control the Alien Flame was quite tricky. From the first turn to the ninth turn, they had different powers.

With Jiang Yan's skill, the Sky-burning Evil Flame would be out of his control after the third turn.

She had thought he wouldn't even have to resort to the first turn, since he should be able to win in his most ordinary status.

After the first turn, the evil flame wrapping Jiang Chen inside soared into the sky. It turned into a storm of evil flames instantly. The mere sight of the situation put people threatened.

It was impossible to imagine how Jiang Chen was inside it.


Jiang Moliang had to retreat until very far away with the others.

This fight didn't disturb any other people in the city, because Jiang Moliang didn't want to cause casualties among the onlookers.

Soon, about ten-odd seconds passed. For the man in the fire, it was out of question that each second was like a year for him.

"Why did he use such a stupid method?" Yu Ling said, confused.

Besides state and martial arts techniques, the intelligence also mattered a lot. Everyone knew that they should avoid their shortcomings and adopt their good points in a fight.

Some fighting geniuses would also keep developing themselves and making progresses through fighting.

However, Young Master Wind let the fire devour him when facing Jiang Yan, who had used the Alien Flame to attack him. It was really a stupid thing to do.

"No, it can't be a mistake he made," Tang Shiya said involuntarily.

Then she immediately sensed Jiang Moliang's skeptical look.

"I mean no one would be that stupid," Tang Shiya said right away.

Then she realized how unnecessary her remark was.

As expected, Jiang Moliang had started to look at her with distrust.

Fortunately, the fight entered a new phase at this moment, which attracted Jiang Moliang's attention.

She saw a glittering white light in the storm of the evil fire.

That light was so brilliant that it swallowed those swirling evil flames. Then it soared into the air.

"Why is that?!"

Those lethal evil flames suddenly became so fragile. Neither Jiang Moliang nor Jiang Yan could believe it.

However, a fact is a fact. It didn't take the two long to recognize that the light was the flash of a sword.

The cold radiance of sword cooled down the heat the evil flames had brought to this world.

Leading to the end of the sky, it suddenly turned sharp enough to be a blade.

"Watch out!" Jiang Moliang shouted loudly.

The sharp sword was struck down. The remaining Alien Flames all scattered. The blade was being pointed at Jiang Yan.

Jiang Yan turned pale. He knew how powerful this sword attack was. He took the evil flames back into his palms due to fear, and then threw them over again.

The Alien Flames exploded and spread out as soon as they made contact with the blade.

"Retreat more!"

Jiang Moliang retreated again with the other women.

The splashed flames rained down in the end.

They didn't look especially powerful, however, when they had fallen onto the ground, it turned into a sea of fire instantly, as if the ground was full of oil.

Fierce beasts escaped, roaring in pain, tromping on the earth. Numerous trees were hit off the ground.

The world had instantly fallen into chaos.

Those women immediately flew into the air, where was safe, to go on watching the fight.

They saw Jiang Chen holding the Heavenly Fault Sword.

"That sword..."

The sword caught those women's attention immediately. The charm of the Heavenly Fault Sword could be compared to any jewels, especially after it had become a Doctrine Artifact!

"Thank you for your Alien Flame!"

Jiang Yan was totally shocked. He exclaimed, "You took advantage of my Alien Flame to upgrade your sword to a Doctrine Artifact?!"

"So, this is how the Heavenly Fault Sword becomes a Doctrine Artifact. As the weapon most possible to become a Doctrine Artifact, it's worthy of its name. But how did he know about the Heavenly Fault Sword?" Jiang Moliang found it incredible, but at the same time, a lot of doubts arose in her.

Jiang Chen sensed a slight vibration in his palm. The Heavenly Fault Sword was excitedly chiming after becoming a Doctrine Artifact.

Father, have you seen it? I've successfully built a Doctrine Artifact!


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