The Brilliant Fighting Master
746 Sky-burning Evil Flame
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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746 Sky-burning Evil Flame

Jiang Moliang said, "Will you listen to me if I try to stop you?"

Jiang Yan shook his head without thinking. He threw Jiang Chen a cold look.

"A five elements disciple of the Jiangs was killed, while the murderer is acting like a tyrant in the Jiangs. If things go on like this, the Jiangs will be turned into a laughingstock."

"It won't be like this forever," Jiang Moliang raised her voice to remind him.

Then she looked towards Jiang Chen.

She meant Jiang Chen would be killed by Jiang Zhe in the Title Battle.

Jiang Chen didn't look surprised by her.

Jiang Yan didn't speak. He stepped aside.

Yu Ling came forward since Tang Shiya had encouraged her with a look. She braced herself up to ignore Jiang Moliang's unkind look.

"Young Master Wind, why did you pull such a prank on me?!" she said in anger.

"Did I?"

Jiang Chen showed a bitter smile. He didn't try to argue.

"You lied to me. You said your name was Jiang Chen..." Yu Ling found she couldn't go on anymore.

She realized Jiang Chen had never told her where he was from. It was because of Jiang Moliang that she assumed he was at least a big shot from the Realm of Spirits.

In this way, it was totally justifiable for him to invite her to attend the Jiangs' banquet.

"It's too much!" Yu Ling said in anger.

Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen didn't speak.

"Sister Moliang, Yu Ling is a friend of mine. Even though I can't revenge my own brother, I have to do something for her!" Jiang Yan seized the timing to say. He sounded oppressive.

"Excuse me."

Sitting in a chair, Jiang Chen raised his hand. After attracting Jiang Yan's attention successfully, he said, "I'm the one you want to fight with, but why do you keep speaking to her?"

Jiang Moliang threw him a glance. There was an accusatory look in her charming eyes.

"You'll fight with me then?" Jiang Yan emitted an aggressive energy. It blew over like a hot wind.

The wooden chair Jiang Chen was sitting on were melted as soon as the hot wind whistled past.

However, Jiang Chen wasn't affected. He got to his feet. He said with a playful smile, "Are you strong?"

Jiang Chen! He is Jiang Chen!

Tang Shiya turned pale at this moment. She was almost sure the Young Master Wind before her was Jiang Chen.

No matter how one's look changed, the way he spoke and his character would stay the same.

She thought over how Young Master Wind had antagonized the Jiangs. It was indeed something that Jiang Chen would do.

In other words, only someone like Jiang Chen had the nerve to kill a disciple of the Jiangs, fearless of the Jiangs' power.

"Sister Moliang, you heard him?" Jiang Yan smiled. He looked from Jiang Chen to Jiang Moliang complacently.

"Go out of the city. Don't kill him." That was all Jiang Moliang said.


Flames were emitted from the heavy armor Jiang Yan was wearing, like magma flew under rocks.

"No rush."

Jiang Chen didn't move. Sizing him up, he said, "You came here conqueringly to tell me that you were gonna beat me half to death. And I accepted your challenge as you wished. Shouldn't I put forward a condition, too?"

"Go ahead." Jiang Yan frowned. He didn't like the way Jiang Chen spoke.

"Since I can use all resources of the Jiangs, I suppose it also includes the Alien Flame in you," Jiang Chen said.

"No way!"

Jiang Moliang realized what was on his mind right away. Giving him an angry stare, she said, "You want the Alien Flame?"

"I'm just making a request. Whether it will be accepted depends on the Jiangs and him. Anyway, it doesn't matter to me whether the blood oath will take effect," Jiang Chen said indifferently.

Considering Jiang Yan's character, Jiang Moliang said nervously, "Jiang Yan, I don't think you should fight with him."

Jiang Yan extended his hand right away to stop her from speaking. There was a mad look in his black eyes.

"You want my Alien Flame? Okay, but if you lose, you will cut something off you, either your hands or your feet!"

"His hands and his feet?"

The women on the scene reacted more strongly than any life-or-death matter they had heard about.

If it was self-mutilation, the blood oath wouldn't be violated. Even if he went on using the Jiangs' resources, they wouldn't have to worry about a disabled man.

Tang Shiya wanted to warn Jiang Yan that Jiang Chen was not stupid at all. If he agreed, he must be very confident.

However, she didn't dare.

Jiang Chen was in such a great trouble. If she disclosed the relation between them, she was afraid everything would be difficult for her in the Eight Divinities Territory.

Most importantly, she was afraid once others knew about the Kalpa of Threads of Love, she wouldn't be able to gain a footing not only in the Eight Divinities Territory, but also in the entire Three Middle Realms.

As a result, she pretended she knew nothing.

Suddenly, she perceived a sharp look staring at her.

She looked up and found it was Jiang Moliang.

What a dreadful woman.

Tang Shiya was shocked. She didn't think she had given herself away, but Jiang Moliang found something out anyway.

"Show me your Alien Flame before I say yes," Jiang Chen said.

"Why are you talking so much? What are you up to? Anyway, what can you do by stalling time? You are in the Beiliang City!" Jiang Yan was very unhappy with him since he had put forward too many conditions.

"If your Alien Flame doesn't have the origin, or it only has part of the origin, it won't be fair for me," Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

Jiang Yan managed to hold his temper, since Jiang Chen sounded that he knew the Alien Flame pretty well.

"So, you know the Alien Flame pretty well, huh? Check it out then."

Then Jiang Yan lifted a flickering flame.

It looked like a small lotus, but its power gave everyone in the yard a sense of an oppressive heat. They felt so hot that they had to keep stepping back.

However, Jiang Chen didn't. He even walked ahead a little bit, pleasantly surprised.

"It's the Sky-burning Evil Flame!"

He said. His voice trembled due to excitement. Tang Shiya was very surprised.

If it was really Jiang Chen, and as low-profiled as he was, he reacted so strongly, it meant the Sky-burning Evil Flame must be extremely wonderful.

Jiang Chen reacted in this way not only because of the Alien Flame, but also because the Sky-burning Evil Flame had once belonged to his father!

He had palpitations while feeling pleasantly surprised.

If the Alien Flame was in the Three Middle Realms, it meant his father who had once owned the Alien Flame had...

"You have a good eye. No wonder you want my Alien Flame," Jiang Yan said.

"How did you manage to control the fierce property of the evil flame? No, you don't have the control over it. You didn't find the Alien Flame, but it came to find you!"

Jiang Chen recalled what Jiang Moliang had told him. It was called evil flame because it wasn't easy to control it.

He is good.

Jiang Moliang thought involuntarily. This was a secret of the Jiangs.

As powerful as the Alien Flame was, how could it be passed to the Jiangs' disciples? Even if it was passed to them, it wouldn't be one of the five elements disciples who had it.

Jiang Yan was seized by the Sky-burning Evil Flame, and the Jiangs kept it a secret so that the outsiders would assume the Jiangs had the capability to give the Alien Flame to some qualified disciple as a practicing resource.

"Can we start the fight now?"

Jiang Yan closed his fists. The evil flame splashed through his fingers.

"Of course."

Jiang Chen didn't have to confirm whether the Alien Flame in him had the origin, because it wasn't something achievable for an average man to have the complete control over the Sky-burning Evil Flame and use it as a weapon.

Besides, if that happened, the owner should be able to control the evil flame in whatever way he wanted, and it wouldn't be out of control, as it could happen to Jiang Yan.

As Jiang Moliang requested, the two went to a wild place far from the Beiliang City.

It's my father's Alien Flame! I must take it back!


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