The Brilliant Fighting Master
744 As Luck Would Have i
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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744 As Luck Would Have i

Han Zigao's heart sank when he had seen Jiang Chen's cold look.

Looking towards Lan again, he realized what had happened this day wasn't just a coincidence. It was a revenge against him.

No matter how he explained, the fact that he was with Yu Ling was his biggest flaw.

The current problem was what kind of end was waiting for him.

Should he run?

It was absolutely impossible in the Beiliang City.

He made a wise decision very quickly. Kneeling down before Lan, he said, "Lan, it's my fault. Please let go of me!"

"You came up to me. Do you remember?" Lan asked.

On pins and needles, Han Zigao was sweating heavily.

Not only had Lan been successful, but she had his life in her hands. And he was the one who had caused all these.

"Do whatever you want to do to him. Don't change your mind because of me."

Lan had intended to let Han Zigao stay alive. However, what he had said had totally disappointed her. She even felt a disdain for him.

Jiang Moliang looked towards Jiang Chen, wondering what he was going to say.

"You decide." Jiang Chen was worried about Lan. He went to chase her after speaking.

"Where is that Yu Ling?"

Jiang Moliang asked when he passed her.

"She didn't force this man to sell Lan to the Fairy Maiden Bar. She is peacockish, but she is not the one to blame." Jiang Chen had let Yu Ling go after making everything clear.

At the moment, Yu Ling was still expecting Jiang Chen to take her to the Jiangs' banquet. This could be regarded as her punishment.

"Miss Jiang!"

Han Zigao got to his feet. Showing a handsome smile, he said, "Please show some mercy on me. Please let me go."

Since Jiang Moliang was a woman, he was at ease. He was going to use his charm to save himself after Jiang Chen had left.

This was his strength. That was why he was quite confident.

However, the woman standing before him was Jiang Moliang.

Facing his charming smile, she was not only untouched, but also very cold.

"Miss Jiang?"

Han Zigao's smile was gone. Seized by a fear, he started to tremble.

Jiang Moliang was still silent. She reached for the handle of her sword.

Seeing her doing this, Han Zigao stepped back to escape out of instinct.

However, he froze after walking even less than ten steps. The blade of the sword was pierced through his heart and out his chest.

The pedestrians around were shocked, but since they had seen Jiang Moliang, they didn't overreact.

The black-armored guards walked over quickly. Jiang Moliang said to them, "Take the corpse away and clean the place."

On the other side, Jiang Chen came up to Lan, who was crying silently.

Without saying anything, he gave his handkerchief to her.

"Thank you, young master," Lan said gratefully.

"You are a good woman. Don't feel sad about it."

Jiang Chen said seriously, "What happened to Han Zigao happened to me, too. My father was captured. My family came down in the world. However, my fiancé wasn't as good-hearted as you."

"What did she do?" Lan was piqued with curiosity right away. She stopped crying.

"She broke off our engagement. And she tried more than once to kill me," Jiang Chen said.


Lan shrieked due to surprise. She asked, "What happened later?"

"I shot her dead with an arrow," Jiang Chen said calmly.

Lan was struck dumb. She was surprised, but it also seemed normal to her.

She even had anticipated Han Zigao's end. In fact, she felt better than she had imagined.

"Young Master Wind, there is something I want to tell you." After what had happened this day, Lan felt very grateful. She didn't want to hold back anything to him.

"What is it?"

"Miss Jiang..." Lan whispered into his ear.

It turned out that previously in the Treasure City, Jiang Chen had let Lan go, but Jiang Moliang took her back again.

Jiang Moliang told her to stay with Jiang Chen and keep an eye on him, especially when he was refining panaceas or deploying something special.

That was why Lan said she didn't want to go home and she wanted to stay with them.

And it was also the reason that she became an elite disciple.

"Aren't you afraid to be deprived of the identity of elite disciple if the Jiangs know you've told me about this?"

In fact, Jiang Chen had anticipated it. What surprised him was Lan had told him about it.

"Young master, you saved me. And you are such a good person. Miss Jiang is a good person, too. You are just seeing things from different points of view," Lan said.

"All right. I will pretend I know nothing about it. And you pretend you've never told me about it. Everything will just remain the same."

It aroused strong feeling in Jiang Chen that people could be so different. He was surprised that a person as kind as Lan was from the small desolate land. He wondered whether it was appropriate to say she had been spoiled by her parents.

For him, it was something beautiful.


On the other side, Yu Ling was making up after saying goodbye to Jiang Chen. She was waiting for Jiang Chen to pick her up in the afternoon.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. She thought it was Jiang Chen.

However, when she opened the door, she found it wasn't. She looked disappointed.

"Yu Ling, why this face? Are you so disappointed to see me?" It was a pretty woman in great shape standing out of the door. She pretended she was angry.


Yu Ling hugged her warmly. She said, "I'm sorry. It's such a surprise to see you here. I didn't know you would come."

"Who are you waiting for then? Where is Han Zigao?" the woman said out of curiosity. She wasn't really angry.

If Jiang Chen had seen her here, he would definitely sigh about how small the world was.

Shiya, Tang Shiya.

She joined the Eastern Sea Dragon Palace during the Great Competition of Three Realms.

Since the Sea King's Divine Ship of Yu Ling's family had many connections with the Eastern Sea Dragon Palace, the two women met by coincidence. They became very good friends immediately. Both wished they could have met earlier.

Certainly, it was Tang Shiya who tried to make friends with Yu Ling first.

She thought Yu Ling could help her open up a prospect and establish more connections in the Three Middle Realms. And in fact, the latter had helped her a lot indeed.

Without Yu Ling's help, she would in no way have arrived in the Eight Divinities Territory so quickly. She might be still practicing quietly in the sea.

Not until had she come to the Three Middle Realms did she find that as big as the Three Middle Realms was, the Constellation Palace, the Eastern Sea Dragon Palace and the Martial Arts Divine School were only three strong forces in the Ten Prefectures.

They were fantastic for the Three Lower Realms.

However, Tang Shiya knew there were also Nine Territories and eight Realms of Spirits.

The Eastern Sea Dragon Palace was only in the lower middle class.

As a result, Tang Shiya didn't feel her sect was where she belonged. She was just using it as a stepping stone.

Then, Yu Ling told her what had happened just now.

"Jiang Chen? Are you sure his name is Jiang Chen? What does he look like?" Tang Shiya reacted strongly to this name.

"Is there anything wrong?"

Yu Ling was puzzled. Then she described to Tang Shiya how Jiang Chen looked in the disguise of Young Master Wind.

He is wearing a spiritual suit? Then it's not him. Do they happen to have the same name? That's all?

Since Tang Shiya had been very close to Jiang Chen, she knew him pretty well.

However, she still couldn't feel at ease, since the Jiangs were also involved.


Tang Shiya told Yu Ling. Then, after walking out of the door, she shouted towards the street, "Young Master Jiang, could you come here?"

"Young Master Jiang?" Yu Ling was struck dumb. Somehow, she smiled, gazing at Tang Shiya.

"Why are you looking at me like this?" Tang Shiya said in a gentle voice.

"Great. I was wondering why it took you so long. So, it's because of this Young Master Jiang."


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