The Brilliant Fighting Master
743 Acting Skill
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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743 Acting Skill

Even Jiang Moliang was eager to butter up the man before her, and he was so cold to Jiang Moliang.

Yu Ling would never let this rare chance go just because of Han Zigao.

Han Zigao could hardly believe he had been slapped. He turned red in anger.

His chest heaved up and down rapidly. His fists were tightly closed. He looked he would lose control any minute.

He was treated in such a humiliating way in the presence of so many people. As a man, Han Zigao couldn't swallow it.

However, Yu Ling just took him for granted. She met his eyes fearlessly.

In the end, it was Han Zigao who lowered his head.

"Miss Yu, you two are...?" Jiang Chen asked, pretending he was curious.

"He is just a pursuer of mine who wishes he can get me," Yu Ling said immediately.

Smiling, Jiang Chen said, "Well, then I have nothing to worry about. So, can I invite Miss Yu to visit the Jiangs with me as my plus one?"

"Can I?"

Yu Ling held her breath. With her background, it would have been impossible for her to get such a chance.

The respectable noble Jiangs were those she could only look up to.

If she could be a distinguished guest of the Jiangs, it would be something she could boast for the rest of her life.

"Of course."

Then Jiang Chen changed an expression. Throwing Han Zigao a glance, he said, "But you are the only one who has got invited."

"Young Master Jiang, don't worry. I'm not with him."

Then, glancing at Han Zigao, Yu Ling ordered, "You can go back now."

"Go back?"

Han Zigao didn't understand where else he could go, but he knew what Yu Ling had meant.

Gnashing his teeth, he left unhappily.

"Young Master Jiang, now no one will disturb us."

He hadn't gone very far when he heard Yu Ling say to Jiang Chen in a gentle tone.


Han Zigao swore silently. His face was so black that it looked he would swallow someone down.

He finally saw the true color of these young ladies from aristocratic families. They were hypocritical and libertine. She abandoned him so quickly just because she felt he was in her way.

And he had got nothing during these days. He had thought he would be rich and promising, but by then, it turned out to be a joke.


He thought of his fiancé, who was obedient and always did what he said.

However, he couldn't help but shake his head when he had realized what kind of situation Lan could be in at the moment.


Suddenly, Han Zigao saw a familiar figure. It was exactly the fiancé he had been thinking of.

He hadn't seen her for a month. She still looked pretty and youthful. She was even wearing an expensive spiritual suit, which brought a great change to her. He felt she had turned into a beautiful swan from an ugly duckling.

Was she sold to someone?

At this thought, Han Zigao walked up to her after hesitation.


All kinds of emotions welled up inside Lan as soon as she heard the voice of the person who used to be the closest to her, although she had given up hope long time ago.

She didn't forget what Young Master Wind and Jiang Moliang had told her. She pretended she was very surprised.

"Lan! I've finally found you! It has taken me such a great effort to look for you! Didn't I tell you to wait for me on that street?" Han Zigao's acting skill was astounding. He really looked he was about to cry because of the pleasant surprise.

If Lan hadn't seen him walking with Yu Ling, she would have believed him.

However, she still had to pretend that she didn't know that yet. She said, "Didn't you sell me to the Fairy Maiden Bar?"

"Fairy Maiden Bar? How is it possible?! I would never do such things to you. You ran away with me against your parents' will. I will never have the heart to do that to you," Han Zigao said emotionally, as if he had been wronged.

Lan burst into tears. She had never thought the man she had been in love with was such a terrible person. He was lying through his teeth.

"But you signed on the contract to sell me. It's your handwriting! I saw it." Lan wondered what he would say.

"The contract to sell you? My name? No way. Ah. Right! I remember I did sign my name on a piece of paper, but that paper was blank. I confirmed it when I paid the bill."

Han Zigao thought he was clever. He had no idea that Lan had already known everything.

He said, "The Fairy Maiden Bar must have lied to you to have you under control."

Lan would have believed him if she hadn't met Young Master Wind and Jiang Moliang.

Han Zigao thought she was crying so hard because of what he had said. He added, "Lan, let's get away from here. Let's go away with everything we have."

He put emphasis on "with everything we have".

He had had enough to be a pet of a young lady of an aristocratic family. He wanted to do something big.

"Lan, I won't look down on you. On the contrary, we'll punish those bad people. The fact you can come out alone means you've won trust of that man..."

"Hold on. What are you talking about?" Lan interrupted him since she felt weird.

"Wasn't you bought from the Fairy Maiden Bar by someone?" Han Zigao said. He was surprised.

Smiling bitterly, Lan said, "Yeah. So?"

Han Zigao didn't notice that Lan had been much colder, since his fiancé used to be extremely obedient to him.

"The person I love is you. As long as we are together, nothing else is important."

"Do you mean it?" Lan asked. There was disgust in her eyes.

"Of course, but we need money to live and to get out of here..."

"So, are you gonna take away the spiritual storage ware of the man who bought me?" Lan cut in.

"Lan? What's wrong with you? This is for both of us." Han Zigao finally sensed there was something wrong.

"I will not go away with you!" Lan said.

"Why? Are you...are you in love with your buyer? How could you be such a bitch?!" Han Zigao swore at her.


Lan slapped across his face. Her expression after the slap told it was obviously her first time to do something like that.

However, Lan didn't regret. Instead, she felt great.

"I will kill you!"

He didn't dare do anything to Yu Ling, but he was going to kill Lan, since in his eyes, he thought Lan belonged to him.

"How dare you."

Jiang Moliang showed up all of a sudden when he was going to attack Lan. She said, "Lan is an elite disciple of the Jiangs now. Just go ahead, if you are not afraid of the consequence."

Han Zigao was instantly struck dumb. He saw how Yu Ling had reacted when Jiang Moliang had showed up just now.

He also knew how powerful the Jiangs were. He would definitely be killed if he did anything disrespectful to them.

"Elite disciple?! Wasn't you...wasn't you bought to be a...?"

Gazing at Lan, Han Zigao could hardly believe it. Even if he slept with Yu Ling, the latter couldn't be comparable to an elite disciple of the Jiangs. Not to mention he didn't sleep with her.

"How is it possible?" he murmured, as if he had been struck by thunderbolt.

"Why isn't it possible?"

He heard a familiar voice. He looked up and saw Jiang Chen walking towards him.

"It's you who bought Lan?"

Han Zigao suddenly tumbled to everything.

No wonder Lan had become an elite disciple of the Jiangs. She certainly wouldn't go away with him, since by doing that, she would have to give up this Young Master Jiang, whom even the Jiangs had to show respect to.

"No. I only gave freedom back to Lan. I won't buy or sell anyone," Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.


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