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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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742 Han Zigao

It was a shop that sold battle suits, armors and things like these. Thanks to the fantastic design, men's clothes made men look majestic, while women's clothes made women look heroic and brave.

As a result, the shop was always full of customers.

Lan's fiancé and the woman beside him, ordinary-looking but with an elegant manner, were looking around in the shop.

These young ladies from aristocratic families just love shopping.

Han Zigao thought to himself.

The woman was tireless. Her eyes suddenly lit up. Taking down a red battle suit, she asked him, "How does the battle suit look on me?"

"It looks great."

Han Zigao had intentionally sized her up back and forth before he finally nodded.

He knew women pretty well. When they asked you how they looked like, they didn't really want your opinion. They just wanted you to appreciate their taste.

Han Zigao said involuntarily after checking the price of the battle suit, "The price is great, too."

A showy but impractical piece of clothes was as expensive as a spiritual weapon, not just any spiritual weapon, but one of a high class.

However, the woman didn't seem to care. She went into a fitting room, where holy awareness couldn't enter, with the clothes immediately.

Soon, she walked out in that battle suit.

It was a great battle suit indeed, but unfortunately, the woman wasn't pretty enough. Otherwise, people would be stunned.

Han Zigao couldn't help but think about his fiancée. She would look much better in this battle suit.

What a pity.

Han Zigao sold her to the Fairy Maiden Bar to show his resolution to the woman. And he had never seen her again after that.

That being said, although this woman he was with wasn't one of the prettiest, she was at least fair-skinned and slim.

If everything went on well, they might enter an intimate relationship.

"Miss, this Fire Finch Suit looks so noble on you. It's totally designed for you."

The proprietress of the shop came up to butter the woman up right away, since she knew the latter was rich enough to afford the battle suit.


The woman was also very satisfied with the battle suit. She nodded, and was going to tell the proprietress to wrap it up.

"Miss, if you decorate this Fire Finch Suit with six peacock feathers, they will make a perfect match."

The proprietress added.

Then she brought six peacock feathers, which looked especially beautiful after embellishment.

The woman was obviously persuaded, but she hesitated after knowing the six peacock feathers cost three times the price of the battle suit.

"What do you think?"

The woman asked Han Zigao when he had realized how tricky the situation was.

What made him feel difficult wasn't that he would have to pay for her, but the woman was quite indecisive, and she regretted a lot. There were too many things that she had regretted buying.

And with her identity, she surely wouldn't return anything she bought. In the end, she would just vent her anger on him.

That was why Han Zigao doubted whether the woman would regret.

He looked he was lost in thoughts. He would like to stall as much time as he could so that the woman would make the decision on her own.

The woman was waiting for his opinion. She looked more and more impatient, and finally flew into a rage.

"It will be these feathers' pleasure if miss you can wear them. Please take them as a present from me."

At this moment, Jiang Chen appeared as Young Master Wind. He had put on an expensive battle suit. And since he was always an elegant man, people would naturally assume he must be from a big and powerful family.

The proprietress was struck dumb. Then she nodded, and wrapped up the feathers and the battle suit together.

"Young master, I can't take them as a present. I'll give you the money."

The woman said in a reserved manner, although her eyes lit up as soon as she saw Jiang Chen. She was quite surprised.

"Miss, you don't want to give me the honor, do you?" Jiang Chen said.

The woman grinned. She had seen many rich young masters, but most of them were very rude and arrogant. There were few excellent ones, but unfortunately, she didn't catch their fancy.

Jiang Chen seemed to belong to the second category. And he had a sense of humor, too.

"Young master, you are?"

Han Zigao felt threatened. He walked to the woman's side unhappily.


Jiang Chen sized the man up, and found he was really handsome even at a closer look.

"Bring me my stuff."

The woman told him before Jiang Chen could respond.

Han Zigao was struck dumb. Gnashing his teeth, he walked to the counter unhappily.

"I'm Yu Ling. May I ask what young master's name is?" The woman's good manner proved she was from an aristocratic family indeed.

"Jiang Chen."

Jiang Chen?

Yu Ling read his name to herself. It sounded strange to her.

She was sure she had never heard of the Jiangs among the powerful forces in the Eight Divinities Territory.

Her smile involuntarily faded a little.

"Young Master Jiang! Why didn't you tell me that you were in the Beiliang City?"

At this moment, a beautiful voice came. Then Jiang Moliang showed up outside the shop. She had walked here briskly.

She said in a fake accusatory tone before Jiang Chen could speak, "I didn't know you were here until the black-armored guards had informed me of it. Why did you do this? Don't you like Moliang?"

Jiang Chen was quite surprised. Although this woman had doubted his plan, she was quite into her role.

"No, it's not like that. I just didn't want to bother you, since Miss Jiang you are always very busy," Jiang Chen said.

"Don't worry about it, Young Master Jiang! Please visit the Mansion of the Lord tonight. The Jiangs will entertain you warmly," Jiang Moliang said.

Jiang Chen nodded. Then something occurred to him. Pointing at Yu Ling, he said, "This is Miss Yu Ling."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Jiang..." Jiang Moliang looked at her, smiling politely.

"Miss Jiang!"

However, Yu Ling interrupted her excitedly. She said, "Who in the Eight Divinities Territory doesn't know Miss Jiang Moliang? I'm Yu Ling, from the Sea King's Divine Ship."


Jiang Moliang seemed not very interested in her. Looking at Jiang Chen again, she said, "Young Master Jiang, so, it's a deal?"

"Don't worry, Miss Jiang. I promise I will visit you."

In this way, Jiang Moliang left assuredly.

"I'm sorry."

Jiang Chen took a few steps forward. He said, "I didn't expect she would have got the news as soon as I arrived."

"It's nothing weird. This is Beiliang City. The whole city belongs to the Jiangs."

Watching Jiang Moliang walk away, Yu Ling could still hardly believe it. Looking at Jiang Chen with a bigger smile, she said, "Young Master Jiang, you... Are you close to the Jiang Family?"

She was breathing harder and her pupils dilated when she posed the question.

"Not really. The Jiang Family have been insisting that they will entertain me since they knew I would come here. I don't feel very free about it," Jiang Chen said helplessly.

He must be from the Realm of Spirits.

At this thought, Yu Ling flushed. Playing with her hair, she said, "I understand you. I don't like to be followed by many people, either."

"Really? Miss Yu, do you mind keeping me company?" Jiang Chen invited her warmly.


Yu Ling felt extremely excited when it occurred to her he had been treating Jiang Moliang in such a perfunctory manner, but was so warm to her. Her heart beat faster and faster.

"I'm sorry. She doesn't have the time."

Han Zigao walked over with a bag in his hand. He put his other arm around Yu Ling's waist.

Jiang Chen's smile froze on his face at this sight. He shook his head with pity.

"How dare you!"

Seeing Jiang Chen react in this way, Yu Ling became nervous. She even got angry. She pulled away from Han Zigao and gave him two slaps.

"Who do you think you are? Who allowed you to touch me?"

Yu Ling swore at him. Then she hurried to explain to Jiang Chen, "Young Master Jiang, it's not what it looks like. He is not my fiancé."


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