The Brilliant Fighting Master
741 A Plan to Work Off the Anger
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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741 A Plan to Work Off the Anger


The chieftain of the Jiangs gave him the letter from Jiang Moliang.


Jiang Zhe said in a skeptical tone after only a few glances.

"It's written by Jiang Moliang in person."

Jiang Zhe nodded. He stopped questioning the authenticity of the content of the letter and went on reading.

After reading the whole letter, he seemed very shocked.

Showing a smile in the end, he said, "Interesting. It's really interesting."

"Is it?"

The Jiangs' chieftain knew his son better than anyone else. Not surprised at his son's reaction, he said, "But the folks are all worried. They are afraid when Young Master Wind becomes Celestial Venerable, you won't be a match for him. After all, the holy pulse and the holy method..."

"Father, even if Young Master Wind achieves my state, the late stage of Celestial Venerable, I still can crush him to death," Jiang Zhe said.


The Jiangs' chieftain showed a helpless bitter smile. He said, "Okay. But remember, don't kill him. Keep him alive, since he will be useful for us."

That will depend on him, if he begs for my mercy when he loses, Jiang Zhe thought to himself while smiling coldly.


On the other side, in the Beiliang City.

Jiang Chen finally stopped giving the black-armored guards troubles. The black-armored guards, who had thought Jiang Chen had added flavor to their lives, were overjoyed when they had got the news.

They were so happy they could go back to their mundane life. They would even like to shout at the sky express their excitement.

"What else do you need?"

Jiang Moliang came to ask Jiang Chen. She figured it was about time for him to use resources.

"I will let you know if I need anything. You don't have to come to ask me," Jiang Chen said.

However, he didn't know what he needed, either.

It wasn't his inspirations had dried up, but since he had made a great effort to consume all of the remaining power in the Holy Sea, it would take him some more time to recover.

If he started to use resources excessively to upgrade his state, his body would never have the chance to recover.

In that case, even if he managed to become Celestial Venerable by the start of the Title Battle, his strength wouldn't be able to keep pace with his state.

What he needed at the moment was to practice in a moderate manner for some time.

He wouldn't make too much effort to work on something, but he wouldn't slack off, either.

This was exactly what Jiang Moliang expected to see. She was only afraid that Jiang Chen would do something crazy again when he broke through to Celestial Venerable. It might be more than what she could handle.

In the past few days, Jiang Chen had spent one-tenth of two mega.

At this pace, the Jiangs would go bankrupt.

This day, Jiang Chen was pondering on the lore of wind in the yard Jiang Moliang had arranged for him in the way he wanted.

A maple leaf was falling in his yard. He picked up his Lightning Sword and brandished it following the track of the maple leaf.

The sword followed the wind, while the man followed the sword.

At first, the maple leaf just kept flying in the wind, but in the end, there was just no chance for it to fall.

Jiang Chen heard some footsteps coming when he had the feeling that he would comprehend something soon. He involuntarily frowned, and the maple leaf fell apart.

"What happened again?!" he said in anger, looking over unhappily.

Lan, who had trotted there, was completely struck dumb. She was in panic.

"Young master, I'm sorry," Lan said.

"It's fine. I thought it was that woman again..."

Before he could finish speaking, he saw Jiang Moliang walking over from behind Lan. Squinting and in a bad mood, she was waiting for Jiang Chen to finish what he was going to say.

Seeing Jiang Chen pretend nothing had happened, Jiang Moliang snorted. She said, "Lan's fiancé has arrived in the city."

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. Then he showed an interesting face.

Lan nodded. Putting the sword back into the sheath, Jiang Chen said, "What a coincidence. I'm curious to see what this man looks like."

"Young master... Could you not kill him? Give him a good lesson. That will be enough."

As if he had heard something he could hardly believe, Jiang Chen said unhappily, "I've never said I'm gonna kill him."

"Right. That's right."

Lan realized she had said something wrong, so she hurried to nod to agree with Jiang Chen.

Then, Jiang Chen and Jiang Moliang came to a bustling street in the city with Lan.


Lan pointed at a shop. She looked angry and sad.

Jiang Chen and Jiang Moliang saw a couple in the shop right away.

Both of them paid attention to the man.

Although what they saw was only a profile, Jiang Chen and Jiang Moliang realized immediately why Lan had run away with him.

It was a handsome man. His profile was already enough to drive women crazy. He wasn't tall or large, but a bit lean.

No wonder he had found a young lady from an aristocratic family in the Eight Divinities Territory to support him.

"I see, Lan. So that is your type?" Jiang Chen said.

At a loss, Lan lowered her head. She didn't know how to answer him.

"Talking won't help. Let me handle it." Jiang Moliang was going to walk up to the man right away.

Jiang Chen didn't doubt her sense of justice in this regard, but at the thought of her way to do things, he hurried to say, "What are you gonna do?"

"I'll disfigure the face first. Then I'll see what else to do," Jiang Moliang said.

"Which face are you going to disfigure?"

"Both of theirs," Jiang Moliang said, as if it was a natural thing to do. She was even puzzled that he had asked her such a question.

"You see?"

Pointing at her and looking at Lan, Jiang Chen said, "Vicious women like her are the ones you should watch out for."

"What do you propose then?" Jiang Moliang said unhappily.

"We will vent our anger on him. That's out of question."

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes. Looking at Jiang Moliang, he said, "You are famous, aren't you?"


"Just answer my question."

"Well, kind of," Jiang Moliang said.


Smiling mysteriously, Jiang Chen whispered into her ear.

"Really? Are you serious?"

Jiang Moliang was skeptical of the plan as soon as she heard about it. She threw Jiang Chen a glance.

However, she had to admit that if they really carried out the plan successfully, their anger would be completely vented.

"As long as you believe in yourself," Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Moliang knew why he said so. She said affirmatively after thinking, "I can play the role your plan requires. I'm just afraid your plan will turn us into clowns."

"That's definitely not gonna happen." Jiang Chen was very confident.

"Young master, young lady, what are you gonna do?" Lan asked, confused.

"Don't worry. We have a perfect plan. I'm sure you won't be disappointed," Jiang Chen said.

Lan looked like she could hardly believe them.

She had been staying with the two for some time, long enough for her to know their tempers.

It was an incredible thing that the two were still together.

Jiang Moliang killed all of the staff of the Fairy Maiden Bar, while Jiang Chen punched Mu Qitian to death.

The plan made by these two would be really merciful if not a single person died because of it.


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